THE SWING COACH Review Training Aid

Review of the golf training aid “The Swing Coach”

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wwwTripper says:

How about in a net? They at least are three sided!!

Panu Rastas says:

I bought this one couple years ago. It was much cheaper and safer. I really liked.

les pakuza says:

The white alignment line on top of the club face indicates you are lining the face left, just saying, I think I have the same problem.

aram325302 says:

what is a training aid do you recommend

Mr Kipling says:

Obviously feeling charitable – 2 out of 5? May be a good tennis training aid though!

voyager8195 says:

Have you tried the pocketbunker training aid? It seems useful if you can practice bunker and flop shots from anywhere I bought one but its freezing here in England at the moment but could be good?

Carl Bunch says:

Buy a metal rod about 2 feet long, about as thick as rebar.
Take your grip, stance, backswing, and throw it into the ground about 6 inches in front of where your ball would be for iron shots.
If you release correctly the bar will impale into the ground.

voyager8195 says:

Safe environment is an airfield, safest place is right in front lol

Forney Johnson says:

This is definitely in the same vain as “throwing your club.” The first few times I tried to throw a club to a target, (flag in open field) it went so far left, I would have really hurt anyone standing in that direction.

This drill really helped me feel a proper release towards the target. I’ll bet if you just tried to release the whole training club it would fly straighter than just the ball. You basically have fancy slingshot.

BTW, the sound of the ball hitting the pro shop=priceless!!

Jacob Racquer says:

Thanks for sharing that Brendan. It looks like that thing works perfectly. It teaches tempo,positions and speed all in one. It gives you immediate feedback as well. Many people will shoot it down because that’s what people do(especially average people). We can always learn and progress in everything. I see serious potential in that device. May work amazingly and May be a piece of trash but don’t base your opinion on your opinion! lol…you don’t know what you don’t know. I got one will be trying that thing out. thanks again for all your work!

Darren Williams says:

Hits the pro shop, how funny is that!

Diego Diaz says:

Hey B ?? One of those damn balls just landed here in London.

Kris Bretz says:

have you ever tried the gforce training aid? its like the Orange whip but its an actual club you can hit balls with. i think you would love it

Jerry Ranson says:

The best training aid is the Mehlhorn Grass Whip without question

Foomba says:

Reminds me of the club throwing drill. It will go anywhere but down the fairway and is dangerous to bystanders.

Graeme McDougall says:

seems pretty crap to be honest

invisaman75 says:

BTW, I love the channel. I know it is hard work making all this happen.

Daniel Castillo says:

I enjoy the videos but the way you talk to people sometimes comes off harsh in a couple videos. Non the less I enjoy the content but you are not a good host. Slow down and make guest feel welcomed. Don’t completely smash someones opinion.

a2fitness says:

lol im pretty sure we all know that cringe feeling when you accidentally hit a  house (or pro shop in this case) with a golf ball!also Brendon please give us an update on your new grips with the thicker right hand im getting ready to give it a go as well!

jscott811 says:

Does that training aid come with its own insurance policy lol

Darren Muir says:

who the fuck would come up with something like that just goes to prove golfers will buy any old shit if they think it will improve there game there’s no magic secret to playing golf other than hitting balls every day and working on tempo

Jeremy Yoder says:


co Mulder says:

i just wondering does the setup off bal position for a14 degree driver the same as for 9’5 degree driver

Jay Silva says:

Think I just might leave this one alone.

invisaman75 says:

I looked at a few of the Swing Coach Club videos and they are “swinging” the club nice easy. I do agree, it should be warning that errant shots are easily exacerbated. I think in general if you practice at 50% of your power you will solve most swing problems and groove a better swing regardless of any training aid. Most training aids like this are geared towards swinging the club and not everyone releases the club ala “Freddy Couples”.

he110 says:

regardless if it works or not. the guy who made it is genius. hes going to make millions

voyager8195 says:

Just watched infomercial and they were focusing on slower swing and using it to track swing path ?

Kyle Smith says:

The best thing about that thing is allowing the use of the phrase “balls deep” without innuendo.

Carl Bunch says:

Take an old SW with a slick grip, have a training partner stand on your target line about 60-70yds away, take your stance and backswing, and throw the club to your partner.
Then he takes his stance and backswing, and throws it back.

You’ll be surprised how off-line your release initially is.

Adam Oser says:

Nice shots O’neill! Haha

voyager8195 says:

Ask Tony lutsak to have a go?

steven brown says:

The concept is good as you should feel as if your throwing your hands down the middle of the fairway……concept not quite matching reality there tho!

Carl Bunch says:

If you’re stuck inside, stuff a sock with other socks, take your grip, stance, backswing, and throw it into a door on your target line (for driver releases).
Throw it down onto the floor for iron releases.

Craig Moyer says:

Thoughts on the product now?

Jacob Racquer says:

I would have to do more research on that device but it appears that the ball releases from the contraption at the fastest part of your swing. So if that is the case then the assistant pro with you is too fast too early. This looks like it will teach you to get the arms past the hips(flamingo drill feel) and when to supinate(left arm rotation release… or right arm pronation release). Either way I think it can teach when and when not to be fast. Tons of potential if it works.

Jamsdh1 says:

Brendon, you kind of upset me. it seemed you were soft peddling around the fact that, that training aid is useless and dangerous. we friend on you guys for honest assessments. seemed like you were sponsoring them.

Jim Perko says:

Scotty Cameron had a similar training aid for putters called the Cameron Cube. It attached to the face of your putter and had a circle cut out for the ball on the bottom.

Robert Daugherty says:

Better to just throw some clubs to a target

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