The Sure Set Review, GOLF training aid

This is a review of the sure set golf training aid I have been using a lot recently.

It actually is a little UNDER $100 at 99.95, I misspoke and said it was a little over.


Matt Logo says:

looks like it restricts the wrist from hinging properly

Cho co says:

i dont think i am coming to the us for another few years so skype me and i will teach you the Singularity of golf all the rest does not Matter ! Sounds like Physics ! The golf swing is only physics not biomechanics as you are been thought or mislead too !

Miles Dowsett says:

A fear of hitting Fat! That is me down to a T! The forward head move is a killer; flip city! You’re helping me greatly with this channel though 🙂

Cho co says:

Good warmup device ! Poor aid swing wise…

Mike Bailey says:

I was practicing this yesterday but duffed a lot of shots, something else going on in my swing.

Chabulus says:

Brendon, it looks like it causes the wrist to hinge/set up towards your head at address and impact, like if it was a real club the head would be at about the height of your belly button, is that true? If so is there a way to make it so the hands would be at a proper position at address and impact?

Scott Alexander says:

Looks great as a warm up device and as a reminder to keep those arms out. If you ever want to try out an Orange Whip, let me know.

Philip Martin says:

Try the DST compressor

Eka E says:

After reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and practicing the drills as I read, I went out and also shot a 73. Another accomplishment I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of Five to ten yards on the other Five holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all of the time. It wasn`t my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.

Dan DeLave says:

maybe there is a modification to allow it to attach to a real club?

John Robison says:

I love the concept of that one!!! Here’s a fun idea. Maybe?? You could loan your training aids to golfers struggling with the particular issue, with their assurance that they’ll commit to using it. Then come back in a few weeks to compare before and after swings. (Not volunteering, by the way. Just proposing the idea 😉

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