The hanger can really help you if you have problems at the top of the back swing or if you can’t get the feel for the way you should pressure the shaft at impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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Howie Land says:

Thanks, Dan! I have a friend who would benefit enormously from using this device.

David Blow says:

Will you do a review of the orange whip trainer please


£70 without postage in the UK is scandalous. Chief pricing guy at Watson golf needs to be shot.

MrJoshthenosh says:

hi dan thanks for reviewing this, ive been following on facebook for a while and thought it looked really good, glad you think its great, i think ill wait for version 2 and get one

M M says:

where did you get the training aid from?

Ligerpride says:

Hi Dan, any European vendors do you know?

jpugolf says:

Hi Dan how about a review of the power package golf training aid. It’s a little like the swing guide but with 2 arms.

Joe Perez says:

This looks great. Based on your comments, I suspect a slight re-design will be in the works.

Dennis Smith says:

$69.99 for a bit of plastic probably take no more than $5 dollars to make why is it this price ???

slalomdude68 says:

Dan, how would you compare it to Gankas’s version?

Daniel Collins says:

Hey Dan, I’m in the US and was wondering if you had a link on where to purchase this aid, I searched Google and couldn’t find it. Thanks again and love all the content.

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