This is the first of a new type of video we’re going to be doing, reviewing training aids. Dan is an absolute training aid addict, if it’s out there he probably owns it.

In this video Dan looks at the DST Compressor which promises to get you into the perfect position at impact. Let’s have a look what Dan thinks…

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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Steve Olander says:

Very interesting series Dan. No matter the verdict of any of the aids you review, I find this informative and entertaining. Find myself looking forward to the next review.

Chip Ganger says:

Thanks Dan. Won’t bother with that then , do you or any of your subscribers know what Marc Warren reportedly used very recently to improve his ball striking? If you know which one it would be good to see your review of it.

Curtis Smith says:

I bought this 5 months ago… I hit it straighter and higher than my regular 8 iron. Now I have less money and more questions. Ha.

Michael Ticehurst says:

Interestingly pretty bad I would of thought – Take the head off it, sharpen the end to a point, and use it as a large Rotisserie skewer…..

MrBadassbuddha says:

his back swing didn’t look much different to me, have not got this product, so no preference , bit harsh Dan really

Russ Hutchinson says:

Hi Dan…would like to see a review on the impact snap training aid…seems to be the new thing here in the US

Vivito IsRight says:

I have this club and now I hit the ball higher ,longer and lot of compression. You saying it wrong, they don’t want you to have your hands forward on your clubs from now on, you start with your hand forward with this club because they want you to see and feel what impact is. Then after you groove this club,you then pick your 8iron and put the hands at address just a bit forward ,take a swing,and at impact ,have your hands forward like if you are hitting with the compressor. I believe this club can teach anyone to hit iron like a pro,why, because is easy to follow and if you don’t, you won’t hit the ball.This club will teach you to transfer your weight like a pro, this why most people can’t hit it like a pro.
I have no connection with the compressor company , if you see anyone with it,ask to try it, put white line at the hotel pointing at your nose,the hands will be way foward, thats how IMPACT LIKE A PRO FEELS LIKE.
And YES, This is the club that Henry Stenson practice with !! and Shawn Foley using to teach as well.

Christopher LaFreniere says:

I just sold mine, I developed too much lean.

Golf is truly happiness says:

is that the one henrik stenson is using?

whocareswins1 says:

Stenson and butch using them so It can’t be too bad if used with guidance

peter courtney says:

I bought the DST about 18 months ago when I saw Henrik Stenson warming up with it before a tour event, this was the the 8 iron DST with the bent shaft, and to be honest I felt the same way as Dan, it was messing with my one piece takeaway, but then my impact position is not flippy like 99% of amateurs, but when the DST is used for half shots and warming up before 18 holes it’s actually very very good, probably the best training club I have ever used, period !

I do suggest though to Dan and other very good players who are not guilty of flipping at impact to buy the DST 8 iron with the straight shaft (perhaps Dan can get his DST changed for the straight shaft, it was much easier for me to get my head around the DST with the straight shaft than the bent one) , so now I have two DST’s, and the bent one is permanently on loan 🙂

the DST with the bent shaft still gets used by friends and family who just will not accept. learn or train ( or just cannot understand the concept of not flipping at impact) – or more coorectly phrased as “keep the left wrist supinated at impact”

it’s not rocket science for heavens sake, but if you have never had the feel of this then that is where the DST can help – enormously, and much has been written about this simple observation since Ben Hogan clearly stated it 60 YEARS AGO

In his book — FIVE LESSONS : The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, Hogan said: “There is one position of such significant importance that it warrants close up study. This is the position of the left wrist and hand at the actual moment of impact.

“at impact the back of the left hand faces toward your target. The wrist bone is definitely raised. It points to the target and, at the moment the ball is contacted, it is out in front, nearer to the target than any part of the hand. When the left wrist is in this position, the left hand will not check or interrupt the speed with which your clubhead is traveling. There’s no danger either that the right hand will overpower the left and twist the club over. It can’t. As far as applying power goes, I wish that I had three right hands!

Every good golfer has his left wrist in this supinating position at impact.

Every poor golfer does the exact reverse, he starts to pronate the left wrist so that the palm will be facing down.

In other words, Hogan did not want your arms and wrists pronating on the downswing (please please please only pronate on the backswing) , this is the feel that the DST can give every golfer who flips at impact, which is about 99% of all golfers.

Billy Commons says:

Very good review! Thanks for the insight. I do have the DST (not currently using) and the Orange Whip (which I have seen you use with a student), looking forward to more reviews, please take on all aspects of the game with the training aids, it would really help us out!!! Thanks again!

hbyrdut says:

I noticed a tour striker in your bag. Hopefully you have a review on that coming up.

Thom Bendtsen says:

I think you will like the tour striker

T OR says:

In one video dst say how pros use it as it amplifies flaws in club path so everything is exaggerated (if your out to in its much harder start it on line etc) have you looked at impact snap promoted by Hank Haney?

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Brilliant video, Dan.
Look forward to seeing your reviews of other training products.

Tapio Häkkinen says:

I have used that few months now. I noticed that it helps me identify when my hands are in good impact possition. If not ball will fly allover places. I use it so that I check wanted impact posotion by lines and then start swing in normal place. If ball flight is good it means that hands position in impact is correct. Not perfect training aid but it works (at least for me).

Jeff Monik says:

I found a video where Stenson was using one to warm up and I immediatly got an old wedge heated the shaft on the stove burner and put a good bend in it . I”m set.

MahanFan1 says:

Great stuff, Dan. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Impact Snap and Power Package. Keep up the good work.

sandwah9 says:

Jack Nicklaus, Moe Norman, Greg Norman, Rory McIlroy, Sam Snead (through forward press), Lee Trevino, Nick Faldo, Seve, Gary Player, Tom Watson, etc… all setup with or very near the intended impact position. Nicklaus called it a must in Golf My Way. I think this training aid may be the best ever invented.

Jeff Spear says:

Not every golf product should be gushed over by every reviewer, so Dan’s critical viewpoint is welcome. That said, I think his criticisms miss the point a bit. The DST is an impact trainer. It’s impossible to hit the ball well with the DST without getting the hands sufficiently ahead at impact. You’ll top or shank it otherwise.

Although the instructions do say to line up as Dan described, you certainly don’t need to. You can, just as with a regular club, set up as you like. That may make it more or less difficult to achieve the proper impact position, but that’s down to personal preference and ability.

Although Dan shows a student using the club, we don’t know if that student struggles with impact – e.g, flipping. And we didn’t see the ball flight. The fact is, you can hit normal clubs decently with poor impact positions. But the ball will misbehave badly with the DST if you don’t deliver the clubhead to the ball with the hands well forward. That type of feedback can be invaluable.

You shouldn’t use the DST exclusively, or even for long periods without interspersing your normal club – perhaps because, as Dan notes, its configuration and weighting might disturb your backswing rhythm.

Scratch Goals says:

I love my dst, but it is not an instant fix. I use it for every warm up session and it has honestly taken my ball striking to another level. I can see how some people wouldn’t like it because it does feel awkward, but give it some time, start slow, and it can make huge difference.

Tour Striker says:

You know what I think the DST did well by accident? I agree w you, I dislike the idea of an extreme forward pressed address, rubbish. The curved shaft does seem to get folks to shallow the club in transition because of the different weighty feel. That is a benefit. Not sure why I’m saying the positives, they are my competition:) Cheers, MC

jerry chiasson says:

Can you do a review on the orange whip I bought a version of it made by Hank Haney it was on sale for 50% off how could I resist I’ve seen lots of instructions videos on them but it’s all by people trying to sell them love to hear your thoughts and uses for it”…. I think mine has really helped me with my tempo, balance, lag, hip rotation, club speed…. Love to hear your thoughts great that you are reviewing these training aids love to hear a pros opinion not a sales person keep up the great work…..please and thank you

Stephen says:

Thankyou more please!

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