Dan is an absolute training aid addict, if it’s out there he probably owns it.

In this video Dan looks at one of his absolute favourite training aids, the Swingyde. This lightweight, inexpensive piece of kit can do an awful lot to help your backswing…

If you’re interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrLL…

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yanggoya says:

Great stuff, Dan. It is really helpful. Could you do one for Zepp swing analyser, please?

Ashley Pease says:

Great video! I would like to see more of these training aid videos!

El_Sueco_Espanol says:

I have it and I like it. Could you alos do a video on the Golf In Sync training aid?

4ndy123 says:

Mine comes tomorrow!

James Coyle says:

Danno where can I get one of these. Hope your well pal, sad news about John. Take it easy mate. J

Helz Tumbleweedz / Clash of Clans says:

I’ve had one for over a year now and I love it. It really does work and you can hit balls with it on. Setting it up properly is key but it is totally worth purchasing and practicing with.

Tony Payne says:

I bought mine through Amazon and went for the original Australian version which comes with instructions and DVD.

Wayne Clarke says:

Going to order one well done Dan great video and explanation

gdlblues1 says:

Watch out guys…a lot of knockoffs..don’t know if they are good but I will not support knockoffs.
I’m buying the real one.

Charles Center says:

Got my Swingyde, thanks for the great explanation on how to set it up and use it. It is a tremendous way to check your takeaway and backswing.

Jorge Pinto says:

Great adding product and advice too everyone thanks I’m going to get one

Mike Reiter says:

great video dan

Mike Reiter says:

Not into training aids but I bought this one and like it….Dam it Dan I want your hair!

danny collins says:

How would it be affected by someone that bows or cups the wrist though? as we know these wrist conditions are not necessarily wrong

Richard Murphy says:

danny yer the best!!!!

David Blow says:

Good video, be good to hear of other training aids you find useful

SuperRayrobinson says:

Tiger woods wouldn’t be in sink with this product. He didn’t do too bad …

Marcellious walker jr says:

Dan, I have had this training aids for about a year now. I have never thought about using it until I saw this video. Thanks

Logan Callahan says:

I have a real issue with over swing and club closed at the top….do u suggest it would help with 1 or both of these issues? Thank You

Coby B says:

While I`m inside my house, I read these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and after completing it, I tried out the recommended exercises on the field. I couldn`t believe what a difference it made in my swing after Three decades of golfing. The drills have helped with small details I had never paid much attention to.

Duncan Macleod says:

Interesting enough for sure but less unnecessary waffling would reduce it by half and still be informative. Just saying..

Lance Reyes says:

Did you ever try the perfect connextion? And if you have what are your thoughts on it?

Gary Stromberg says:

What I really want to know is how long to keep it touching in the DOWNSWING

Mike Rain says:

Hi Dan, could you pls. also tell, where the Swingyde ideally
should end up in the follow through?

Michael Pasvantis says:

Excellent video Dan, I finally know how to properly use this training aid! Keep up the good work!

Jon says:

what drills can you do once you take the swingyde away? as I can imagine its more difficult to get the feeling without it

Russ Hutchinson says:

Hoping you do the impact snap as one of your videos

Nicholas Cincotta says:

Hi Dan, I have a fake one of these. It seems to be OK as the original is really pricey for a bit of plastic. Anyway my question is: are you meant to have the wrists set in the follow-through as it does in the backswing? When you hit the shot I noticed that the “C” comes inside your left forearm. Also, you said you line it up with the bottom groove and not the top line of the club head right? Just confirming!

Andre Shih says:

Dan, if you have a stronger grip on the left hand, does the swingyde position stay the same as what your described in the video?

Aussie Mike says:

On ebay the cheap ones from China – no reviews…….

Joe Pesce says:

Thanks Dan, just purchased

Anthony Bartolo says:

great training aid, i use it all the time.

Tim Kyle says:

Is this good for all the clubs? Driver, irons, etc.?

Carlos Melville says:

I have the Impact snap training aid which is brilliant, this aid looks well worth trying, thanks for the great videos.

Kevin Smith says:

Hi Dan, I just recently bought myself a swingyde as I had a tendency to take the club inside to quickly, what a difference I have noticed and a much better feel, like you say its either right or wrong, really liked it and watched your review before deciding to purchase one, thanks again.

Tim Cavey says:

Great video ordered one will let you know.Tiny Tim

Jeffrie Buchanan says:

great for stocking stuffing too!

martmanize says:

Hi Dan, purchased one over the Christmas period, struggled a little with keeping in connected on the follow through, but after a while, what a difference with strike, so solid, keep up the reviews, thanks, Martyn.

MrJoshthenosh says:

on this video im buying one i have a serious flat swing thanks dan!

Jeff Arris says:

Thanks Dan, I’ve got one somewhere, think I’ll give it a go during my next range session. Cheers

FlyingSolo77 says:

I bought a cheap one on Ebay for a little as a few bucks. It comes from China but I got it in a few weeks and is probably more cheaply built but it looks like it has the same shape and does the job.

Thanks for the help in how to set it up. Looks like I have a perfect on-plane backswing. If only we hit the ball on the backswing! I did notice that having the training aide on the down swing on the left arm *might* help in hitting with lag. Is there any other uses for this training aide besides helping with the backswing?

Gator198l says:

+1 on the Orange Whip

Eoghan Bradley says:

Could you review the Zepp 2 golf swing analyser please? Great video.

Paul K says:

Hi Dan does it help with casting the club on the downswing?

Kenneth Paylor says:

Dan love these videos on training aids. PLEASE keep them going. Two products that might be interesting are The Little One by PSP and the Speed Stik.

Yelnik McGwawa says:

Top man! Great help. Shortens slack, improves tempo, and compression. Cheers.

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