Stop Slicing Using A Coat Hanger

PGA Golf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman analyse one of meandmygolf’s followers and demonstrate drills to help.


sinbad656 says:

I’m gonna look a right tit down the range tomorrow but if it sorts me out then happy days.

Misadventurer Dark Night says:

Can this drill be used on drivers and 3 woods as well?

Mike McLeod says:

Great video.  I fight this constantly.  Left wrist cupped/bent at top, club crossing the line.

I M says:

can’t wait to try this

Michael Green says:

Wow, I used this drill and took it to the driving range tonight. I picked up at least 15 yards witn my irons…..I finally realized that I was open at the top and therefore having to work very hard to square the club face in the downswing. Square at the top was a VERY different feeling and was uncomfortable at first but once I got it down, my ball flight and distance became more consistent. THANKS GUYS!!!!

Brian Osentoski says:

Hans and Franz at it again….Fixing symptoms without seeing the whole picture…

2 But says:

The MacGyvers of golf lessons water bottles,haggers, DuckTape…… Check check and check

Skyfish187 says:

You just saved me a $100 by not having to buy the Watson Hanger! This is why I love YouTube!

uluwatu77 says:

This has helped me more than any other video. I was not keeping my club head closed at the top of my backswing.

. says:

I have a cupped left wrist at the top of my golf swing, but I don’t slice or hook the ball. Also I don’t think I have a early release issue because if I did I wouldn’t be able hit my 7-iron 160 yards, thrus the early release losing power. Furthermore when I practised to bow my left wrist on the driving range I found it very hard to do so. Additionally I am 16, could this have anything to do with the problem in hand? A reply would be much appreciated. Thank you

doodlleus says:

does this hold for a driver too?

Festus Haggin says:

I played a round today and did pretty well! Everyone sure looked at me funny though playing with that coat hanger!

Steve says:

WOW WOW WOW!!!! !8() THis video is by far the best on improve my golf path instantaneously. My balls went straight and far with great ease. i just starting golfing last summer, inconsistency with my shots shooting straight was 3:10 on a good day. An immediate change with 8:10 straight shots and that’s with no proper instructor training. I’m a student learner of this tortuous game.

Andrew says:

I searched “abortion” and this video showed up…

Ian Shepherd says:

No thank you! I almost fixed the slice and am hitting the ball further with my hips and shoulders instead of swinging harder…you guys are awesome thank you so much! (Wish the online lessons were all free I think you guys would be one of the biggest hits if so but either way great channel and website!) thanks again guys!

Mil Sneler says:

Bla, bla,bala,bla. !0 days video about 1 minute of useful information.

Ian Shepherd says:

Who needs Rick shields! Lol (don’t tell him I said that) I’m across the pond anyway…good video guys

mitchell powell says:

will the coat hanger work with driving aswell? or irons only

Steven Ziegler says:

Seems like a good drill…but I’ve noticed that your left hand grip at 3:45 is literally all wrong. You’ve got your thumb running down the top of the shaft and the club is fully in the palm of your hand. This goes against everything I’ve ever read, seen, heard or been taught about the left hand grip. Is this only because of the drill and the need to hold the hanger in place? Or do you actually advocate using this seemingly improper left hand grip?

John Crocker says:

Kudo’s from across the “pond”! This is a great lesson and really has helped me visualize where I’ve been going wrong and what I need to change. Thanks guys!

lam bam says:

Sorry fellas, but I disagree with your analysis. Even with a closed club face he will have the same problem, I know from personal experience. Chris’ bigger issue is early extension or humping the goat. You can see clearly in the DTL iron swing at 0:46 that he loses his spine angle, his hips are thrusting forward and he is in a much more upright stance than address. The solution for me was correcting swing sequence. He should focus on keeping his left arm pinned to his body for longer, turning through the shot, slowing down and keeping his hands low. Hope my past goat humping can cure someone else’s, thanks.

TriptoyMN says:

I just started playing this year and by far the most infuriating things has been my hard, high slice. I’ve tried several different things and nothing helped until this video. You guys rock! Thank you so much.

dub K says:

A tip is to get something to cover up the mic from all the wind. It can get annoying or hard to hear when all the wind keep hitting the microphone. Really like the tips you are showing btw. Keep it up! 🙂

Patrick Perrin says:

Easy enough to find tool to use for the drill. Great advice!

Tom Wilkinson says:

I shot 75 gross (+4) today after practicing using the coat hanger tip. Never had a round of ball striking like it, and I’ve been playing for 30 years on and off. Many thanks.

Chester Micek says:

First of all, Pierce & Andy are good, in fact, they are on a par with Martin Chuck – a teaching pro who gives about the same amount of information, but sells a lot of custom gizmos including his TourStriker, 7-iron, training club. That said, I can not resist giving the following advice: try what many pros do at the top. They get there, and then, they flatten the left wrist while pushing up and in with the right forearm. That gives them a flat left wrist, a right wrist bent back on itself, and a right elbow pointing at the ground. That’s an ideal professional golfer’s position.
Next, they push back with the right shoulder as they pull forward with the right. Next, they preserve that position as they unwind their shoulders. Note that I did not say move the arms, elbows, forearms, or hands. I wrote “unwind the shoulders”. If you use the shoulders to unwind, while you keep your hands and wrists soft, you will be “cracking the whip” That’s why short, skinny, professional golfers can hit the ball 250 yards and more.
The sacred, Hogan hands position is held as the hands pass the zipper on men’s trousers. This is so important that you must insure it is happening by planting a magazine on an old driver shaft just opposite your crotch. You must hit the flat side of the magazine flush every time you swing. Now, is when the golf magic should happen: your wrists should in-cock opposite the middle of your left thigh. If that doesn’t stop your slice, you need in person, professional lessons. If that happens, don’t feel bad; because, the golf swing is one of the most complicated sequential motions in all of sport.

pablo romanò says:


Totalavulsion says:

I cup my balls

Ray Down South says:

Will that drill work with the driver?

IIIIRokzIIII says:

Will this still work if my hanger is a different colour to my golf outfit?


This should hopefully help me. Thanks guys!!

Todd Heugly says:

Oh my heck he is at a range that is 5 mins from my house in Utah. The facility is called Mulligans by the creek. Funny stuff.

AJ Meow says:

Wish it was still daylight here in Sydney, but I will try it in the range in the morning

Kaeler Bard says:

Really enjoyed this video. Really helped with my slice. Great job!

TheBunyip23 says:

this is the best drill ive seen it has helped my golf straight away and has got rid of my high slice and now I’m getting some good distance thanks

chebrneck says:

You need a microphone windsock to knock out the noise doing these outdoor shoots.

Declan O'C says:

I can’t get the hanger to press against my left arm do u know why

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