PuttOUT Training Aid Review

The Putt OUT Training Aid is the ultimate golf putting tool for golfers wanting to improve their short game.

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Mark Sheehan says:

It’s addictive!

Todd Sparks says:

Lol looks like I need to get on a plane and come join you on the course!!! Too much snow here in Canada!!!

ESikora12 says:

The day I tried this thing in a shop near me I nearly went full Happy Gilmore on it after about 30 putts from 10 feet and not getting any to stick! They were sold out at the time but I will have one soon so I can be frustrated in my own home every day…and that guy making even two in a row, much less six in a row, is absolutely unreal!

Marc Wolfenden says:

Have had mine for nearly a year and very addictive trying to get the ball to stay in the hole . Yes your back , arms and everything else aches because you cannot give up . Three in a row is my best. Best putting thingy I own .

Ian Key says:

Its amaizing i love it even a few putts a night while watching tv its great. Really want the mat to go with it so that will be the next buy!!!!

Rich Slade GOLFSOUTHWEST says:

I have one and practice daily at home with a goal of getting one to hold in the hole from around 6 feet, I don’t stop until iv achieved it.

Michael Hake says:

wow just to think you were that close to the ocean and you didnt chuck the f***ing thing in!! as good a review as possible for such a hunk of shit! can you review that bit of bush next? haha in all seriousness still a great vid mate!

John Crompton says:

Hi Alex, bought one a couple of weeks ago and probably had 5 perfect putts in all that time! I love it though and it has improved my putting on the course.

the Dude says:

My puttout helped get me through the winter, big fan. Good stuff Alex.

Scott Blankenbaker says:

Great video Alex I want to get one of them to work on my putting

chris says:

I passed your video up a few times because of the thumb nail. I was thinking what is that, that looks like part of a lawn chair with the beach backdrop. I had no idea what putout was. Thinking about ordering one now.

J D says:

Another good one! Dog comment hilarious!

Twyer24 says:

In happy gilmore voice..is that goal regulation size or what?!?!

Michael Walsh says:

Loving your work

Anthony Jones says:

Any chance of doing a WITB?

Aden Roper says:

Definitely going to purchase one!! It’s a great tool for tournaments or just a normal round of golf that cam help you gauge how fast the greens are rolling.

J.T says:

Need something to do whilst the snow falls. atvb

John Templin says:

Yes please!!!!!

Domino Effect says:

I own one, and the mat. They’re awesome products and trainers. I’m more confident now with 4-5 foot putts as ever.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

You crack me up…..however, the biggest draw back for this type of thing is you hit a put and have to go and fetch it, hit it again, go fetch it, hit again, go fetch it……….best to use a false hole ( even easier to carry around) and learn to control the distance you hit it past. You can also use them on slopes, long putts – I don’t think you can with this contraption ……you’re welcome!

Robert Tudor says:

Eat your own head hahahaha …. How many putts did you make during the night ???

Sven Hallauer says:

I’ve got one, and it’s great.

Ligerpride says:

Just as an FYI, it’s snowing in this part of the world.

D Martins says:

LMAO, I’m still laughing.

GTFAN 99 says:

This looked like an advertisment for a reusable feminine hygiene product.

Daniel Mincher says:

Greatest golf aid EVER! Great review Al

danthemanwhocancan says:

Get 20 Puttouts lined up together across a green and hit drives at them 350 yards away. Call up Guinness and send them the tape…

Ken B says:

I have used mine now for 8 months. Love it and the best part is even if you don’t make the ‘perfect’ putt you at least get it into the hole. The longest I have done is 8 feet and two in a row from 2 foot.

Rhys Owen says:

Got one and love the absolute shit out of it!

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

I have try it in the shop. I have make in the hole one time. It’s difficult but also litel addictive.

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