Jason Helman Golf – Perfect Release Training Aid Review

Here is just a brief video and explanation on a great new teaching aid that I use. Learn how to hit Solid Pitch & Chip Shots. Learn the Proper Takeaway. Stay on Plane all with the Perfect Release Training Aid. review by Jason Helman Golf


g scribling says:

When I first saw this I thought it was crap but after learning that angle retention is absolutely critical to the strike I absolutely agree that it would be a great training aid.

JasonHelmanGolf says:

Actually, it makes it easier for people to get in the right position as they have to “engage” properly. Making something too easy doesn’t provide feedback for efficient motor patterns.

If they have a long swing it will immediately let them know as they will lose the tension at the top, so quite the opposite.

And again incorrect with flippers. The purpose of the tension band is to keep tension and gain extension. If they don’t extend they lose tension and flip, scoop or chicken wing.

L Stephen Colby says:

So how does the device assist with the problem of “flippy wrists” at impact? It looks like it provides only visual feedback (as contrasted with feel) with the cord remaining taught.

JasonHelmanGolf says:

@LStephenColby if the wrists flip the cord goes limp and the tension is lost, the idea of leading with the hands and shaft lean still applies. If there’s a spine angle change it can also lose tension. The concept is to keep the resistance band taught throughout the bswing and stay connected until you reach exit at which we’re folding our arms and hands anyway. Hope this answers your question. I will post another vid.

larrybud says:

Seems to me like it would do the exact opposite of what it should. IMO, a training aid should force (or “nudge”) the student into the proper positions, not make it harder, which is what this does.

For example, if a student has an overly long loose swing, this device will encourage it by pulling the clubshaft down at the top of the swing.

Same goes with someone who flips it, it will make it easier to flip.

h0773ck3r says:

nice review…for a lefty ur swing doesnt look all that unnatural righty

JasonHelmanGolf says:

@h0773ck3r – I learned righty a long time ago when working in Europe they had no lefty demo’s, so to try new product I had to adapt.

Golf Progress says:

Great review and testimonial Jason, I really want to try this.

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