Impact snap review

Impact snap review. Check out this review of a lesser know training aid that is designed for the more advanced golfers but would definitely benefit the beginner as well. The impact snap is a portable golf training aid that helps promote a forward shaft lean and bowed lead wrist at impact. The best ball strikers compress the ball so well because they lead the clubhead with their hands creating a ball then turf impact with the club still accelerating. That is how you create optimum spin and distance.
This device will train your hands and wrists to feel the correct position at impact and those positions should gradually seep in to your golf swing.


Scott Sanders says:

couple things I discovered from using my Impact Snap… if you implement the motions the device teaches with your club, the face of the club will be very closed at impact and the ball will go left. So at impact you need to have the following positions to off set a closed face at impact 1) a fair amount of lateral bend (secondary axis tilt) 2) your right elbow in front of your right hip and 3) a fair amount of right side bend. On chips, with the ball more back in your stance, it’s not necessary to implement those body moves since the ball is more back in your stance….

J. 4NASH says:

though it was for someone who releases their hands early and post to teach them how the correct position your hands need to be at impact and when to release the club? i think it would help out beginners lot more so they can get the feel of bow hands at impact.

GALA Tolik says:

i am trying this drill these days, as well as what called Hoogan release, damn it, i found i just could swing a pencil at the left wrist thru impact, too week with that kind of bowing the wrist. Any other secret that you did not pinpoint here?

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