Greg Norman’s secret is a training aid designed to make you retain the angle in the trail wrist through impact for forward shaft lean and supposedly better ball striking. Personally I find it uncomfortable on full swings and possibly dangerous but I do feel it has some value for chip and small pitch shots.
I don’t believe angles should ever be forced to be retained in the golf swing but rather just happen as a consequence of the correct body moves that precede it.


Ryan says:

One of the very few honest reviews. Thank you

kanzas anthony says:

Also Trevino at impact! 🙂

Johnny Apple Seed says:

“F’ing dangerous”….lol.

Besides, if Hogan actually had a secret I’m sure he wasn’t telling anyone…lol


You are a very ignorant guy and your attitude is disgusting ,you don’t have Norman’s trajectory to put your opinion in his level

Gino Cisneros2 says:

Clearly you don’t know how to hit a golf ball. If you think it’s dangerous! Ignorant is right don’t strap it so tight on forearm so you can set up more normal. I can hit every shot wearing this yes even using the bounce. Greg actually does it in a bunker what do you suppose he used? The bounce maybe. Your either a flipper or a holder bruh! Decide. What a bad review.

Charlie McClelland says:

What it does is builds muscle memory. This is a great aid for beginner golfers. There are many fine details that are difficult to achieve all at once, so by having an aid that forces your wrists into the proper position works for me, and allows me to focus on other parts of the swing until it feels natural.

jteddy11 says:

Good review, I am a new subscriber to your channel, i like your content. Heard about this thing and people talk about it, but now I know I want no part of it. Have you ever heard of Count Yogi, some say the best ball striker ever, a massive flipper of the golf ball (its more power, why not use it). I left you a note in your discussion tab, just in case you have not received a notification. Cheers

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