GOLF GADGET! Duo Trac Sensor Training Aid Review

This is a review for the duotrac 2.0
golf swing training device.

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Odis Griffin says:

I like the concept and the price. I think if they could include more motions instead of just focusing on the hip movement it would greatly improve the likelihood of me purchasing it. It would appear by building out the app some and adding some bands or straps they’d be right there with the other motion captures. The lowest 3 sensor motion capture I believe is at $849 price mark

danthemanwhocancan says:

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Alexander Macleod says:

Wouldn’t you get really lateral if you had your hips going towards target.

Billy Pun says:

I bought one on their official launch. Waited a yr for their delayed shipment and another yr for refund.

John Damschen says:

I used that getting the small of the back getting closer to the target as a swing thought on the range today and it really felt like I was getting in some good positions throughout the swing. It sounded strange when I first heard you say it but when I tried it out if felt really good. Thanks for the tip.

maeu59 says:

I see you have one sensor on the left hip and one in the back. My instructions have one on each hip. Maybe that’s why mine doesn’t work

golfninja says:

When you get to the top, think more of moving your left knee left thigh towards target, not your hips, you still get the amount of small hip bump move you need without the danger of a huge lateral hip slide which is just going to screw you as much as the spin out albeit in a different way.
So the left knee left thigh moves towards target which gives you the ‘squat’ type move you see in most really good golfers. Having done a ton of 3D research with ‘Gears’  the way the hips move during the backswing is the right hip rotates internally so feeling of turning ‘into’ the right hip socket.
Then that left knee left thigh move to target to trigger transition which enlarges the space between the 2 knees (the so called squat move)
But as this is happening the right leg right hip holds still momentarily.
Meaning in terms of the hip sockets both the left & right hip are then in external rotation to around halfway down in the downswing this external hip socket condition is getting the ‘hips’ to look to be more back to square or parallel to the target line.
Then coming into impact the left hip socket goes into internal rotation, so again, a feeling of turning ‘into’ the left hip socket as the left leg posts up, with the right hip also going into internal rotation through impact to be able to get through to the balanced finish position.
If I have written this well enough for you to understand and then be able to achieve it, I promise it will improve your swing a ton.

Paul Ohrenberger says:

I don’t think Bobby Lopez would advocate moving your hips toward the target in the downswing… promotes jumping on your left foot and going off-sides. Keep the reviews coming. Thanks.

jazzforJamie says:

Hi BBG. Nice gadget, still its a dontneedgadget for me, have check my videos on myself what you say: Never go over line on hips in swing, so Im glad I can spend euros on another gadget, ha ha!
Like to se all clips from You, keep on doin! //Johnny

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