Garmin Z80 Rangefinder & GPS Review

The New Garmin Approach Z80: Golf GPS Laser Range Finder
offers the best of a Rangefinder and a GPS in one unit, without requiring the need to carry multiple units during a round.

The display on the rangefinder shows the usual distances with the press of a button, however, it also operates with an onscreen GPS map of the current hole, hazards and Playslike Distance to each pin that is accurate to 10″.

Read our Garmin Z80 Blog for more information –

Garmin Z80 Rangefinder Features:
– Golf Laser Rangefinder with GPS
– Full-colour 2D Courseview Mapping
– 41,000+ Preloaded Golf Courses
– Image Stabilisation
– Flag Finder
– Green View
– Laser Range Arc
– 6x Magnification
– Playslike Distance
– Pinpointer
– Displays Hazards

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Richard Rowe says:

RRP is $580

BeachBow says:

For $600 it should hit the ball for you too…

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

Gun it 157 yards hand me the wedge……hulk smash lol

chillaz3000 says:

Looks like Garmin just changed the game. It will be interesting to see what the other companies do in response to this

chris says:

Where have you been man. More reviews

alan nicoll says:

Callaway xr speed driver review would be great

Rob C says:

Really good review of this Alex. I ordered one last night and your review was pretty essential in making up my mind, seeing the distances to carry those quarry’s in the video gave a very good real life depiction of how it can be helpful! Thanks for all you do!

Chilcott Golf says:

Awesome fun reviews I like it a lot. Making golf less serious. great content.

James Robinson Golf says:

Great to see you back dude!

Carl Meyn says:

Dude, you trip me out. At the beginning of the video when you act surprised about the camera you set up being behind you. I spit my drink out.

Fore to Four Golf says:

given you can turn off the plays like feature, will it be legal for competition play like the Bushnell tour thingy?

Eric L says:

Haha super Mario bros

G.O.A.T_Gaming says:

currently it is 600 usd

richard deutschman says:

I bought this unit 2 months ago,work good for 3 weeks then the battery went dead after 6 holes. I called them they said I needed to download a new fix,I did it worked for 3 weeks ,then went after 7 holes,I down loaded the fix to fix l I will try it in the morning. The service department is a very poor operation.they need to test it before they sell it.

ZolaLegend25CFC says:

More videos u lazy sod!

Juan Camilo Trujillo Sierra says:

Maaaan! i was waiting for so looooong! finally ! you are just the best at reviewing! “it could be a birdie, or it could be a triple bogey” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Dean Kellard says:

What a beautiful golf course that looks,where is it ,great vlog as usual.

Michael Walsh says:

Looks great although guessing plays like distance wouldn’t be allowed in competition?
Gr8 video as always.

Carlos Perez says:

Definitely a nice range finder. I use a GPS device for the very reason you expressed when not able to view the flag but it does take a bit to update at times

Mark Kirk says:

Great review, I use a range finder, I find it more useful, in Italy you can use a range without a slope function in competitions

Thomas Eskew says:

Where the hell have you been!?!?!

Eric L says:

Well goodbye to my Nikon 80vr

millzdieta says:

$600 ouch

Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri says:

Any decent range finder will do.. Using a leupold.. Probably more than 5 years, got it at much cheaper value. Battery life is in the range of years… I get what garmin want to sell here but it’s redundant really. If you can’t see the pin, probably best to punch out to the fairway 😉

04hulatt says:

I need to get one bad!!!!!

Robin C says:

Lovely looking course…..looks a bit snakey……welcome back

hans hansson says:

This is nothing …..

Miguel Garza says:

Enjoyed the review Alex. Any chance of using it to record the winner? Head to head, M3 440 vs Rogue sub zero??

Michael Pasvantis says:

How is there nobody out on that gorgeous course?!?! Nice review, really cool product, nice combination of the two technologies. Back to work Etches!!!

Jay Chung says:

Good to have you back Alex. Entertaining yet highly informative video as always

Rob C says:

I saw the Bushnell combo unit at the PGA Show and thought it was ingenious. Already having a Garmin X40, i love the graphics of this unit. Will be looking for the availability of it.

Thanks Alex!

ThomasKlarskov says:

You had me at “gday guys” 🙂 love your videos. Always bring a smile on my face. You know if the range finder is “legal” in tournament play?

ChristopherKee says:

Nice Nice… but does it work in the USA? You should send it to me to find out =)

04hulatt says:

I use my cell phone for golf GPS bad thing about it you got to sit there for a minute until it reboots the numbers how far to the pen but this laser scope Garmin z80 no more waiting on numbers I can just get out of the golf cart point where I want to point and learn how to use it when I get one.

Phatt Daddy says:

and at just $600 I’m sure its a bargain.

golfmaniac007 says:

Who’s in the market for $600 golf rangefinder?

Rodney Mounsey says:

Yaback, where the hell have ya bin? Hey, we’re all but that’s ridiculous.nice to have you back.

Robert Tudor says:

What a thumbs down ….. who did that its an outrage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kenneth miller says:

Welcome back bro! Thought you left us!

Taylor Goble says:

Golf always comes down to the idiot with the stick

Robert Tudor says:

my favourite hole at JLP. plus lots of free balls in the quarry below !!!!! (yes i know youre not supposed to go down there) ….. 850 for the unit !!!! very xpnsv ill stick with my gps watch for now …

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