Does Slope Effect Your Golf Shots

Does Slope Effect Your Golf Shots. This is a test with my Bushnell Tour Slope range finder. See how good we are at using and judging slope with out the unit. This is a on course real time golf lesson that can help many golfers improve their game.

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Fernando R. says:

A pitty that this interesting topic was so poorly covered.
Would be great to take another shot on this issue, in a day without wind, compairing what bushnell says, with real shots results measured with a launch monitor.

spocktra50 says:

Pulled it Crossy 🙂

MrShanghai34 says:

Great video. There are a lot of electronic gadgets out there. Totally unrelated here, but are you going to the Master’s? Hats, flags and chairs….

gary donnelly says:

Ha ha #SkankMyDrive 🙂

Russ Silvester says:

Crossfield you redneck. Best of a bad bunch. !!!!!

zimbomarko says:

Aren’t dmd’s with slope function illegal?

dakota says:

It’s all right to be a redneck.

salrompao says:


Z Harney says:

Spf 5000

Vici Martynov says:

I dont really get it, and i dont actually like it. Measurement of slope is illegal and therefore against the spirit of golf. So I cant see any point using it in social games. You are supposed to choose clubs from experience, so get used to it. I dont really want more high tech in my game anyway, I am happy enough just measuring distance, anything else is down to me. If you enjoy doing that then do it, I dont care, but i hate it and have no intention of ever doing it 😉

DE4DSHOT says:

Mark, not to be a grammar Nazi but it is “Does Slope ‘Affect’ Your Golf Shots” XD Loved the vid though! Keep ’em coming

chris boulton says:

garmin G8 or scope?

Michael Mglogowski says:

Have you done a video Bushnell vs Leupold?

philNC35 says:

Gone all ‘Harry hill’ with that collar lol

Nibbs Family says:

Presumably (by basic trigonometry) the slope function must assume a particular landing angle of the ball.
But do shots from all your clubs land at the same angle? Do shots from different golfers land at the same angle?

sskhaliq says:

Enjoyed the video. For the record spelling is “Affect” 🙂

WoodyLongone says:

Tom hit a Hulky left with a spoone, Hey?

Adam Flynn says:

Toms 3 wood and women’s sanitary towels…2 things with wings that no man should be using 😛

Thanh Nguyen says:

team lobster out on the courses

myminx says:

Use Sunscreen that neck looks bloody red

notformebeaky says:


Matt Kaminski says:

How many paths has lockey hit?

chris says:

can we get more reviews of the slope rangefinder?

PkGam says:

I knew slope affected golf shots, I just came for the banter, ha ha! Nice shot with both with the driver and the tee Mark! 😉

But holy geez wear sunscreen! Not to worry you, but… skin cancer is pretty common with golfers that don’t wear it because of all the exposure. I’d rather that not happen.

SteelWarrior115 says:

holy sweet baby geezus. a little hit under the collar are we?

vZEBERDEEv says:

Not having that as a Mark win. Stiffed his shot, pure luck nothing more. Good win Matt! One to the Army, get in!!

damnjustassignmeone says:

Wow, amazing. That was a good one

sean craig says:

Europe has Mexoryl, the most effective sunscreen available, the FDA took 20+years to approve it for the USA.

Steve Timman says:

Affect. Not effect.

Dark Helmet says:

Before you guys even started guessing, after mark said 300 i guessed 164.

davefiver says:

Birdie with a tee! Absolute git! haha

Rod Rich says:

Wish you would continue to explore this concept. Up slope and different lengths/distances. I believe that slope has less effect on short clubs due to trajectory. Thx as always.

Alex Beare says:

Can’t work out if it’s a box of chrome softs or mark’s neck?

Deck Luck says:

@02:40 I didn’t know Mark was red neck. lol 🙂
Mark, brilliant shot.

Simon Taylor says:


carles palau says:

Driver, tee + tee for a birdie…
not bad

RangePRO Golf LLC says:

Would love to send you a code for RangePRO Slope app for iOS and Android to test.  All of the same info for under $10.  @rangeprogolf

MrBrewers24 says:

“I necked that a bit” ~ mark crossfield

yootoober49 says:

holy, red skin.

Stephen Jordan says:

Pathew Locke

1 Putt says:

Hahaha great Vid!

Jack Hugill says:

Surely the taller the flagstick that you are firing the laser at, then the less the slope will be because obviously the bushel cannot measure to the holes exact height

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