Bushnell Tour v3 Jolt, Leupold PinCaddie 2, Nikon Coolshot 20 review

Comparison review of the top 3 entry level range finders! Great for the casual golfer!


ian campbell says:

cheers – great info

Keither 5150 says:

Just bought a Coolshot 20  via airmiles.ca

icu Rad says:

PPG, hey, did you try to read the ball distance after you tee off?? will any of them target the ball on the fairway if it’s clearly visible??. if so that means I can know how far I actually hit the ball with out having to walk to the ball and asking my gps .

Michael Bracy says:

The Bushmaster is quite a BIG scope. I like what I’m hearing about the Nikon, so I’ll probably shoot for that, thanks for the in-depth review.

Rees Jones says:

Brilliant video!

Neil Bonner says:

It’s not a “bushmaster”. It’s Bushnell…

Hannes Olsson says:

Not a single mention of how well they actually measure distance?

IceyFan AJ says:

Even though the Nikon is cheaper in price I find that ease of use is easier on the Bushnell v3. What I mean is that pushing the button on the top is better user friendly compared to the Nikon. The Nikon button is harder to press and you have to be accurate to find the button. The bushnell button is quite large and you push the button by feel. And you dont have to press as hard on the Bushnell. But, I do like that you you dont have release the button on Nikon to hit various targets. Most of the time I am just interested on the flag reading so I went ahead with the Bushnell because of the ease of use on button.

martybli says:

Great review and helped me make my mind up. Coolshot 20 for me. Thanks a lot.

misterscruffy1 says:

Great review, thanks.

icu Rad says:

sounds like Adam Scott. oh, 1 question, how would it go for someone who wears glasses???

Marc Knight says:

great review, cheers

Kewin Bertilsson says:

i got a coolshoot 20. great rangefinder

Thomas Willberg says:

Awesome review mate! Entry level was exactly what I was looking for. Your review really helped me making a decision. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

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