Bushnell Pro X2 & Hybrid Rangefinders

In this weeks episode, I review the new Bushnell PRO X2 and HYBRID golf rangefinders.

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Scott Hirschausen says:

Garmin z80 is your ultimate

Larry Corum says:

Great review! It was very thorough and you certainly went the extra mile, literally. My only question relates to the hybrid’s battery. Is it replaceable? If not, I’d be concerned about having a device that part of its functionality could be lost or significantly degraded in a few years…

Michael Pasvantis says:

It’s only cheating if you get caught…and you’re playing in a USGA or R&A sanctioned event. I’m gonna coat that Slope Edition in Vaseline, try and stop me!!!

Seriously tough call between the 2, I like the slope edition but nice to have gps option on blind shots.

A C says:

Can they pick up bunkers and other hazards?

benjamin fletcher says:

Randy, with the gps rangefinder does it tell you how far you’ve hit your last shot?

trlprk says:

I knew there was a reason I subbed to this channel, great stuff as always.

Tyler Fox says:

Have you ever played Chesapeake run golf club in north judson

Bjørn Helge Kjærnes says:

Great review. Would go for the Pro X2. Have the front and back gps numbers on my watch, and love the waterproof, durable look of the X2.

William Frogge says:

yo I need a range finder to be accurate at 400 yards for them monster drives I hit.. whoop whoop

Ballskills27 says:

Any more Beverly Hills course vlogs coming? Would be cool to see some challenges involved within the course vlog

Jonghurn Kim says:

Always enjoying your videos!!! I really hope this channel grow as big as petes and ricks. Also whats your thoughts on US open? No over easy episdoes like you used to do?

Tyler Egan says:

Bushnell stock just went through the roof! like Phil Mickelson crazy on the 13th hole …

Joe Bold says:

I am wondering about the front and back of the green measurement on the hybrid. Is it taking the angle you are attacking the green from (meaning, the green’s dimension are actually measured) or is it based of coming from the standard center of the fairway?

Will Held says:

Absolutely love this review. One of best review of range finder reviews I have ever seen.

Mitchel Lawrie says:

Bought a Bushnell 7-8 years ago (second hand) and I haven’t thought about parting with it since. It’s reliable, compact and easy to use (granted I haven’t checked the precise yardages it gives). I did for a while use a golf GPS (sky caddie or something like that) when a friend loaned it to me. Have to admit using it just made me like the rangefinder even more, although the rangefinder can have its draw backs like obstructed views or sometimes measuring to a hazard can be difficult. Overall though I don’t think either of these new products would tempt me to upgrade as I just don’t see the need if my old piece of kit works well. Great review though, very thorough!

Patrice Péloquin says:

very good review, i’m using Bushnell tour v4 wish is also an excellent product

mike shevlin says:

Nice info. So which RF would you buy?

John Monteagudo says:

I have the Bushnell they sell at Costco which has the slope tech but you have to change out the front. I love it but I think I’d rather have the new one so I can get front and back of the green. If I see a good deal on one I will probably pick it up and sell my old one on Craig’s list or something.

choppa147 says:

Holy Crap Randy! Heck of a review! Only wished you could have done a review on my wife about 3 months ago :):):) hope she doesn’t see this!!!!!!

Ibrahim Bawi says:

My old lady didn’t like this vid. I think she knows that I’m gonna get one 🙂

Dime605 says:

I love the Bushnell hybrid. I have it and I’m really glad I got it.

Matt Gomez says:

Ace only measures tree fiddy. Whoop whoop

Mark S says:

Great job Randy! Probably saved me $400. Now I can afford one of those sweet tree fifty shirts! WHOOP WHOOOOOOP

neh14222 says:

Not accurate! You took a few steps backwards off the green!

Billy Fairbank says:

lol Inebriation simulator was on point! You don’t get that important test on other channels! Take that aceholes!

Brad Heaton says:

Randy, your equipment reviews are simply some of the best on the net. Thanks again.

Kyle Tucker says:

watch out for that loch ness monster on the course. he saw the tree fiddy shirt, and came to ask for $1

Gilberto Ayala says:

You’re uh fargin acehole… Woop woop!

Kyle Walker says:

Biggest reason I went with the hybrid because some of the golf courses I play can’t always see the flag to use a laser range finder, which is when I’d need the gps to figure out which club to use. I had to have a gps watch and a laser range finder, now only need one. Now if only I could hit the green let alone the pin more often then not.

Glen Calvert says:

Fantastic review Randy, really appreciate the time and detail you took for this. Keep an eye out for the Garmin Approach Z80, based on Alex Etches review it looks like about everything you could ask for in one unit.

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