Mark Crossfield and the gang test the Bushnell range finders and GPS devices to find out really what they love hate and like about these golf devices. To play your best golf you need to hit the ball and have good distance control, these devices allow this skill to develop and for golfers to work and improve their golf skills. See what happens when we take a mixture of GPS and Range Finder Lasers to Ireland on our last golf tour.

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JR McMichael says:

Great video, as always! My question for the watch and clip on devices, how does that stand up against, say, GAMEGOLF? Are they much different? Are the Bushnell products more accurate than a phone app?

J-dog says:

My cart driving ability will send that neo flying ain’t no magnet strong enough!

Gazza Gee says:

I have a laser GPS and the Neo watch. Initially I used the range finder a lot, but as the watch (includes hazard for each hole) proved so accurate, I now use the watch all the time and maybe the Lazer GPS twice a round for shots I can’t see the bottom of the flag. The dual range finder is far too expensive for what it is.

Rob Biles says:

Love the Hybrid idea, being able to tag the flag with the finder and then work out where it is in relation to the front and back of the green or over a bunker or water is brilliant. Then again, as you say with your mum, do I really need to know anymore then where the front, centre and back of the green are. Am I that good. I know I’m not that rich.

extrachillisauce says:

Great review thanks for posting… one question with the bushnell hybrid… does it need to be kept out of the case in between shots for correct gps numbers to kick in quickly? when you put it into the case in between shots I’m assuming the gps cuts out and takes a bit of time for it it to kick back in again? I really like the idea of the hybrid but I am thinking this could be a problem and not ideal for pace of play? Thanks for any advice on this

Andrew Natt says:

Had a watch for 5 years and would get another, they are SO simple, quick look at your wrist and its done. VERY funny when I occasionally forget to take my watch and spend the round looking at a bare wrist! Great vid.

Glenn Wiebe says:

Did a little google and found that the Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch has a slope (“Plays Like”) feature. There you go, Coach, everything you would want on your wrist.

Adrian says:

i have a watch and laser – had them long time now – like the watch for quick check and from longer distances as you said doesn’t matter to me if flag is 161 yards away but better to know back edge so know won’t go long but when get closer to flag i like having laser to give more accurate distance – good review

John Chirico says:

Watch is awesome. Much better for beginners. Also counts shots if you wear it and records shot distances.

Jeff says:

very odd choices..they both said they were non-watch wearers but still chose the watch over the magnetic unit.

Geoff Winn says:

Nice rounded review bruh’s. I’ve not stopped using my Garmin vivoactive watch since buying it 3 or 4 years ago. I’d be lost without it now especially on a course I’ve never played before. Cheers guys

Paul Creighton says:

I have the watch and its fine good battery life on it the only complaints are you cant update it on bushnell igolf website plug ins out of date and when it comes to customer support you have more chance making contact with aliens.

Panerai Atheart says:

Not sure if you brought this up or not, but the Hybrid GPS also allows you to measure off every shot you make so you can know your true distance for every Wood and iron based on the current weather conditions of that day and not through a launch monitor that one perfect day with no breeze or slope or adrenaline kicking in.

Mark Honey says:

I use the free GameGolf app on my phone which connects to my £50 Pebble watch, front middle back works a treat.

Johan Klarin says:

I have the watch, and like it. But the HUGE problem comes when courses make changes to tee box positions – the readings can be well off vs a laser to the flag. Iv’e had it be off by over 10 yards.

Russell Fothergill says:

Sounds like gps with slope is the future.

Dustin Silva says:

Curious, have you ever used your iPhone for GPS, Mark? Ive used two apps which both have features the other doesnt, but, both are great in their own ways, IMO. “Golf Shot” is my favorite assistant for playing golf, but, “The Grint” is almost as great an assistant for playing, but includes a free USGA compliant handicap…I have much more to say about these apps, but something tells me they arent “legal” for Amateurs or Professionals to use….as Im just a semi serious hobby player. I also use my iWatch paired with iPhone…really useful IMO

Dan Fegan says:

Not the best review boys, wanted to know how accurate they are to each other, as in if one says 140 to the middle do the others say the same, plus you didn’t tell us prices, personally I wear a watch, easy and convenient

Howie Land says:

I wouldn’t mind my buddy using his rangefinder if he had distance control, but most of the time he slows us down to use the rangefinder and then hits his shot 20-30 yds short. He also has GPS, but insists on using the rangefinder because GPS isn’t as accurate. Sigh.

Youngsun Kim says:

gps works on all the golf courses in the world?

John Donnelly says:

The watch would be my choice I find them so easy to use and practical

Andy Dav says:

I have a Tom Tom GPS watch that cost me £115. It gives yardages to green front/centre/rear and hazards. This combined with my Golf Course’s Red/Yellow/White flag system works an absolute treat. Plus it’s never more than 1-2 yards out from my playing partner’s £300 Range Finder. So a no brainier really. In my opinion Range Finders only really give an advantage to very low handicappers who can pin point their wedge accuracy to within 1-2 yards otherwise a waste of money.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

I wear GPS at the mo, ha down it a few years now, requires replacement, I will be going Bushnell type thingy as the watches are great if your going for the green, however lack flexibility when you want to lay up short of or fly a hazard. I’m not good enough to worry about two yards but defo want to know if my 7 is gonna fly a bunker or I fancy I can lay up.

Kelly Woolerton says:

I swear by my Garmin G6 GPS, with touchscreen, hole map, shows all bunkers/hazards etc. plus has a significant range of additional features that I highly rate.

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