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Are Golf Range Finders Worth The Money AskGolfGuru, more questions answered by Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark talks range finders and if they are worth the price tag they carry. Mark talks about how he uses them and why he uses them to help him play better golf.


MiniBlueDragon says:

Rangefinders are pretty much essential to those of us who lack binocular vision and can’t judge distances to an exact degree.

Simon Deacon golf says:

Well I think the old saying applies here really in that golf is a personal preference game so would say get what suits your game is the simple message in most of marks videos about equipment etc. range finders are a benefit and price wise if you think how much usage and shots it can save you on not under or over club selection then it’s small just remember to check if can be used in any tournaments or medals you play in but you can use them in practise rounds like many pga pros do to update yardage books mainly. It’s not cheating otherwise they be banned from all forms of golf.

1badduc996 says:

I disagree, i was out of the game for a while and nobody had lasers, you would walk around and find a yardage marker, then walk it off to your ball and the guess how far the pin was away from the middle. Now 5 seconds,point shoot done. Thats for serious golfers, guys that arent consistent and yardage doesnt matter, thats another story. I only use mine for 3/4 of my shots. Some people can get carried away and slow down play but I have not seen that where i play.

sergiorocks61 says:

I find i have dropped a few shots, 3-5 as well by not looking at exactly how far it is to the pin, rather what distance it is to the green and relying on my putting to lower my scores. Even chipping can sometimes have a rough day, but generally i am more relaxed hitting to a comfortable distance with a comfortable club into a favourable putting distance rather than attacking every pin at an awkward distance (128 m etc)

Hotdogxxxx says:

I use the Garmin Approach S3 GPS watch and I am absolutely loving it. It clearly helped my Play.

KLS_x says:

I believe they speed up play personally so your not stuck looking for sprinkler heads.

Johno F says:

I agree with you that they ‘can’t see around corners’. If I’m going to try a shot around a big bend, I’ll use plain common sense there is a fairway up there. I think they speed the game too. Many courses have few markers and pacing off yardage is pretty time consuming. Frankly, I almost need mine, it’s seems at my age my eyesight can play up some nasty tricks on me. Great video…I enjoy them all. Thanks Mark.

Matthew Rampersad says:

I agree with Mark. A range finder or GPS is invaluable if you know how far you hit your clubs. Or as Mark said in a previous video, you can use one to find out how far you hit each club. Chicken or the egg, which came first? Range finder or predictable distance control?

scotty195823 says:

I use a bushnell range finder and a GPS.  The GPS gives me a picture of the hole (especially on unfamiliar courses) and the range finder is invaluable for approach shots and par 3s where knowing the distance to the flag is imperative for me.  Don’t just toss them on the ground (Mr Crossfield you naughty man)  Its quite easy to know the emitter and receiver out of alignment. 

GOS says:

There are some free smartphone apps that do a reasonable job also. SkyDroid gives you front, middle and back green as well as some fairway markers on certain courses. It uses GPS so it’s accurate. It suites my game, although I could see how a REALLY good player such as Mark would need the exact yardage.

sam ross says:

I am trying to decide between a bushnell tour v3 or the golf buddy voice plus gps or the new callaway upro mx + gps. any suggestions i would be awesome if you could review them, thanks

Steven Bennett says:

i bought a longridge rangefinder off ebay for £60,i used it the other week for the first time and must say it helped me,the cousre i play on at laughterton have very little distance markers so it a big help.

Robin Baker says:

I would imagine a range finder is only any good if you actually know how far you hit each club. So many different variables including conditions etc. Cant believe it would make a lot of difference to a high handicapper like myself

Mark Fox says:

Laser range finders slow down play massively! At my club all the juniors have them and on every approach shot drive or what ever they have to get them out there bags line them up etc.

Jordan Park says:

Couldn’t recommend having a device that gives you yardage highly enough. My game has come on leaps and bounds since playing every round with a GPS range finder. Only gives front, middle and back of the green yardages but knowing exactly how far you need to hit the ball to get to those points certainly leaves you closer to the hole.

Stephen Blinkhorn says:

I use Golf Pad GPS android app; this is better than a range finder because I do not have to see what I’m aiming at to get a reading. This app also tracks all manner of statistics which will help improve your game, they certainly have mine.

Alma Borrow says:

“Armasight Advanced Modular Range Finder IALA00AMRF22001 w/ Free S&H

Ding-Wen Chen says:

I actually stop using smartphone GPS range finder after I start using a laser range finder. The reason is it is fast and precise. Nowadays, laser range finders are very accurate to measure the distance from trees or bunkers. So, I found it is easier and better. Find one if you can.

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

Bushnell tour v3 is great it help with the distance and club selection it doesn’t have slope but in a lot of golf tournaments slope range finders are illegal. So get one you won’t be sorry

Taylor Golf says:

are cheap range finders good items to start with for an intermediate player

Nikk says:

DONT PAY FOR THE EXPENSIVE RANGE FINDERS. Go to any outdoors store and head over to there hunting section. They have range finders usually 100 dollars cheeper and they go on sale all the time. Got mine for 110 from 240 (actually ended up being a hunting company Bushnell bought out). Super accurate and going strong for a year now. Had a sky cadie before and this is much better! Highly recommended

John jsmit says:

Due to laser technology, Rangefinders are dead accurate and precise , my questions is ……. How accurate and precise are voice GPS’s ?

Fraser130497 says:

I have a bushnell tour v3 and it is worth every penny if u play a lot of different courses u become dependent on it

Alex says:

I have a older Bushnell pro 1600. It is one of the best purchases for my golf game I have ever made

Dtyler171 says:

Been using a laser range finder for a couple years now…I was a 20 handicap when I bought it, and I’m a 3 handicap at the moment. I thought I couldn’t do without it, but today I played with GPS and actually played better. I didn’t overthink trying to hit it the exact yardage, and quite frankly, had closer proximity on many of my good shots. Additionally, it got me to hit the tier of the green that I wanted, as opposed to just trying to hit the yardage. Something about knowing the minimum and maximum distance I can hit it gives me huge confidence.

VibekillsU says:

I have a Nikon range finder too, I dropped my handicap by about 7 in just a couple of weeks, makes you feel more confident.

sergiorocks61 says:

the TourCaddie app on your iPhone is absolutely amazing. I’m a 7 handicapper 15 year old and every junior tournament you see juniors with them. As much as they speed up play, they are clunky and big, and to be fair, if leave them in your bag, you sometimes do forget them. the tourcaddie on your phone is frighteningly accurate. The way i play anyway i find distance to the CENTRE of the green, then take off 5 or 10 or add on depending whether pin is back or front. good video though.

Steven Tyers says:

At my club in sat comps I see people with handicap 25+ using these, although I’m not sure why because you need some sort of consistency for these to be useful at all. I still use the marks on the fairways and I’m off 5 hehe. If you play at the same club every week these are not really needed, you should have some idea of distances on your home course but playing away, or pennant golf or something these are great. Best thing about them is they speed up play imo.

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