Are Cheap Range Finders worth : Eyoyo Range Finder [review]

So the ultimate question is are cheap range finders really worth it ?
In this video I review the popular Eyoyo range finder that can be had at a fraction of the price of major brands.

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700 yd version –
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PKD OUT says:

Awesome Video!!

Slim Loghmari says:

Really great vid mate really like the way you go about explaining the products

luchi richardson says:

Hello there. The link you’ve put up for the range finder. Is that where you bought yours from? Because like you said I want to get one from a uk seller..

TechGaming45 says:

even with rim fires the max range is 300. very good vid.

U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target says:

woulda been nice to see a comparison with hawke . my lrf 400 is like more tha twice the price , stinks in fog and light rain . they do have a hunter version now but the lrf pertains to be for hunting so if a unit cn do the same for 65 quids , Only thing is lrf are indestractable . having dropped mine ran it over in an electric scooter . the only thing that broke the last one was leaving it out overnight on the coldest night of the year then bringin it in and fireing it up in a very warm room .

Andy Mason says:

bought one in camo works fine and accurate


Love the vid mate.

sumsar0125 says:

Hi mate, does it also measure in meters? Also, for golf, does it “lock” onto the pin, or do you have to keep it steady while measuring?

Matthew Sheppard says:

I bought one from the amazon link after watching your video. Not had a problem with it and is accurate up to 100 yards in my testing. Thanks and keep it up!

Bill Howie says:

Great review Steve. I have just bought one of these and it works a treat and at half the price of a Hawke Lrf 400. Great piece of kit

Freedom is Everything says:

Thanks mate, your review of this piece of kit is so good….. I’ve bought one ……. and its really good. I highly recommend. I have liked and commented accordingly. Thank you.

John Harrigan says:

Bought one very pleased it works well.

Jim Stone says:

What I immediately thought of when this guy started talking… Korg from Thor Ragnarok!

“I tried to start a revolution… but I didn’t print enough pamphlets so hardly anyone turned up. Except for my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate. As punishment, I was forced to be in here and become a gladiator.

Dillinger-63 says:

I just bought one on eBay and with the coupon, it was $67.00 and free shipping. I plan on using it with my air rifles. Thanks for the review.

harry c says:

HI Steve , Thank you for all your videos. as a newby they are brill. Please keep them coming . Harry


This is not expensive , I bought by ebay and good product.

Steve Allan says:

Don’t forget to sign up for our Facebook Group where you can discuss all of my reviews –

Philip Deighton says:

Hi Steve, Thanks for the insight, very clear and to the point. May I suggest you try pellet swagging (sizing) as this has made a massive difference to my shooting along with washing and lubing my pellets.

Robert Saberniak says:

thanks. i shoot rabbits, skunks, and oppossums with my gamos here in the states and nail them from a good distance. you got me thinking about buying one of these from pyramid air.

Mark H says:

Good video and good timing been looking at these.I notice yours has 2 lenses/windows whatever you want to call them,but some models have 3 any idea what the difference is?

Jamie F says:

Great review. Great info

Dunno says:

Can it tell you the distance in meters?

Lary Mayotte says:

thanks for the info!…..very helpful!

Roger Davies says:

Hey Steve great video. Am new to gunning and wonder if you can help me out. Have a weihrauch 110 with hawke scope.problem I have is..when I adjust scope to get clear picture it reads out at 25yds when I know, having measured distance with tape it’s actually 30yds. The scope is set at 8 times magnification which I don’t change and I have zeroed gun at 30yds .

Dean Edward says:

Evening mate I was wondering what you thought of the boblov le 032 rangefinder around the £115 mark up I read the review on it sounds pretty good

TheSecretAgentMole says:

Yup, looks like a clone of the Hawke LRF 400, Longridge Pinpoint Pro (my one) and as you state a myriad of other LRF units. Good advice!

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