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Suburb A Knight says:

I use the yardage markers, if there are none, I use my free Golf pad cell phone app , it has gps yardages to the center of green, did I mention FREE

Bill Malec says:

I used GPS on the phone for a while. Often times it’s way off. Often times it’s not even remotely close. The only time it’s handy is when you’re blocked from seeing the pin and can’t use the range finder. Range finder is almost completely 100% correct all the time.

Tomadias55 says:

Speed is for wind to see how fast the flag is moving

HaulingYouTube says:

This kids, is cocaine.

GoCeltics734 says:

you really dont need anything more than a simple 50 buck Golf Buddy or Garmin front-middle-back GPS

Flashy Paws says:

i never use a range finder. i always just guess how far out i am. somehow i almost always come out pin high.
usually i’ll be playin with some random strangers, and i’ll guess the distance… i’ll say something like ‘looks like 174 with the pin back there like that.’ and some dude will whip out his range finder and say… “nah. its only 172.”
and then i usually say something like… ‘oh. thank you. i’ll take two yards off this six iron.’ and then i laugh.

J Frederick says:

for the money on that NIKON it better give you a slope reading!!

kremdelakrem says:

hey matt can you scan the edges of bunkers / water with the WoSport range finder or is it strictly for the flag sticks?

Swiss T says:

without actually measuring the targets its impossible to say which one was the most accurate. just saying like…

sean weidmann says:


Zach Hart says:

I have the Nikon but I got it for free basically

littlewag7 says:

This is idiotic.

“There’s a flag out there, I’m not sure how far, so let’s see which one is more accurate.”
“Yep, this one is accurate to that flag that is an unknown distance away”

mike maddalena says:

There is a version with slope for $20 more. I have it and it works great. I always test it against my buddies more expensive rangefinders and I get within a yard everytime. Cant beat it!

Marty M. says:

i use 18 birdies app, gps is pretty accurate

slappy0077 says:

Nice shirt, but I played junior golf with Travis brasher he’s a major league dick lol

Dean Lundquist says:

Is that the range at Olivas Links in Ventura? If it is, are the distances posted on the range kiosk close to what you shot in order to calibrate?

Josh Lynch says:

Honest review, great dude. Subbed.

Mic Mills says:

So Nikon is like a scottyCameron, just paying for the name.


WTF is wrong with this guy???

Ukulele Jay says:

Love watching you man! I learn a lot and this one I learned you can make me laugh my ass off. This was hilarious when it came to that red and black rangefinder.

MrShortGame says:

It’s possible it was recording in feet however it did say yards on the device. Plus I kept changing it from meters to yards. Took the red one out 3 different days and it was always off in different ways.

Big746 says:

Did he have to much coffee or is he always like this?

Gavin paglieri says:

Great vid looking at rangefinder s will decently take that one of the list

twmusicoustic says:

I use the Garmin Approach S20 watch and it is pretty close to my buddy’s Bushnell every time. For my skill level being off by 1 or 2 yards doesn’t make a difference

R A says:

like the video and info provided. Maybe try filming your videos next time w/o all the caffeine. lol jk Would love to see a comparison between the Nikon and the new Garmin Z80

Eric Domagala says:

I use the bushnell v4 and i have been shooting closer to pin than ever. I use it on the range a lot too. I used to just wing it and look at yardage markers now that i have range finder im more confident to attack

Patrick Ellison says:

Have a app cost 3.99 euro freecaddie pro for my mobile

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