Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!

Will this putter make you more CONSISTENT?!
Rick Shiels tests the latest Odyssey REDBALL putter!


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Bailey A says:

Feel as soon or later the player skills going to be less and more technical dominant IMO

Ryan Moore says:

Interesting technology

John Donnelly says:

Looks a bit gimmicky for me

elliott jones says:

These kind of putters should be passed as a training aid rather than being able to use them in competitive play

Zachary Scott says:

Rickk! I love the content you put on your channel and really helps me improve my game and motivate me to become a better golfer. I’ve been watching his videos for a long time and he has influenced me to try and start my own channel. If you could help me out and share any tips that would be greatly appreciated! Also if you could help my channel out a little and subscribe that would be awesome.

DJRenegade Gaming says:

I currently do not use a putter. I started watching your channel along with Peters in order to get some knowledge before I look at potentially starting a new hobby in golf!!
Keep up the amazing videos, I feel like I have learned so much already 😀

Bill Reynolds says:

No thanks, I’ll keep my Scotty

Brutal RC says:

Also take note the lower ring around the red dot is white and the top ring is black. These two points can also be used to center the face.
Looking down on the putter the giant white u-shape can be used to help you square your putter

Jason Moser says:

How’s this legal… Tech has gotten outta control


Its kind of funny but the putter is the one club I have struggled with forever. No matter the distance I dont look at the ball, I look at the hole. I have struggled to find a putter that suited my style of putting, the “instinct” putting. I used the 8802 putter for over a year and off centered strikes killed me, So i used the cure putter for several months about 40-50 rounds, better but not great, then I saw the red ball in the store, couldnt hole anything with it. picked up my friends spider and could not miss with it. The one putter I have hated the look of and never touched it since they came out just because I didnt like the looks, is the one putter I cant miss with. said all that to say this, is you are having putting woes and you dont like the looks of the red ball, give it a shot, it may just be your spider. Great video and great review. Thanks Rick.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What putter do you currently use and why do you like it?

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Luke Vance says:

I found this putter in a golf shop and it felt good but rick is correct in saying that you need to be very far off. Also, even you can see the entire red ball, you could have the putter be way toe up and just have your head way back

Morgan Carver says:

I use a taloun columbus and love it! it’s weighed really well and forgiving on off center hits

Brian Monk says:

Like the price, think it’s hideous looking

S G says:

Oh Michelle Wie bent over!! What was the review again???

action figure says:

Does anyone know if these can be demoed yet at your local store?

NoodleVokster says:

I don’t have a putter yet… It’s on my buy list!

Kevin Kulle says:

This is exactly what the average golfer needs before striking a putt, another thought running through your head other than speed and read. *sigh* Go to the putting green, do some drills, find confidence in your stroke, and bring it to the course. This this SCREAMS “leave this putt short”. Thinking about 20 things before putting the ball.

Robin Neibert says:

What actually works is that U shaped alignment aid.

Ollie McClafferty says:

Can u do a video on the SeeMore putters please rick

Jammin6796 says:

another 300 dollar gimmick

rorrisong says:

Nike method matter. I love the blade design and can’t see myself ever using another style despite game improvements

Ryan Horner says:

My old Wilson visor putter has the same “see through” alignment line

Lennard Pan says:

Nice review Rick.
I use the Tommy Armour mid mallet putter. Its all black finish and black insert feels great. And half the price of the leading name brand putters.

McSkiman says:

If they made a red ball and 2 ball hybrid, where the first ball has a red ball in it, i would buy that the day it came out

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