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Why Buy Expensive Golf Putters AskGolfGuru, more Q&A golf videos from Mark Crossfield’s AskGolfGuru Q&A mobile app for iPhone, iPad and android devices. Mark is talking putting and putters. What is the best putter for your golf game and will more expensive putters help you play better golf. Playing to your golf handicap demands you hole putts and not 3 putt, will the more expensive putters allow you to do this. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s fun, easy to understand and follow golf videos.


ah goor says:

well  answered…

Colorado_koolaid says:

I’d agree that you don’t have to have the most expensive putter but all in all the putter is used the most on the course so why not invest in something that feels and looks good to you

Kyle Hooper says:

Look good, feel good, play good

xsilentbulletsx says:

if the putter feels proper, then it is. that is all there is too it. its about feel. 

Quentin Clerc says:

What is the classiest way to answer a question : play golf while you’re answering.
Thank you Mark i love your videos !

David Harrington says:

My putting was quite simply woeful. I tried pretty much every style, price range and balance of putter, changed grips, ball position, various stroke techniques, the lot. My least favored putter was almost on ebay several times ( a Cleveland classic face balanced mallet 34 inch). Then quite simply i gripped down on it to 32.5 or 33 inch made my grip completely neutral and now 3 putts are complete history and my pace is spot on. Green reading is a different matter. My advice to anyone is do not be dictated to by the 35 or 34 inch standard or by the physical location of the grip on your putter. Place your hands where they want to be and rock. Get that leading wrist out of the equation by shallowing the angle between the back of your leading hand and your forearm and I reckon that will save more strokes than any mega investment on a more expensive version of a fundamentally flawed putter design (i.e. its length for you). It cost £23 second hand. No chance of ditching it now. 

TherymasterWidnes says:

Arrogant in the extreme this fella!

sean craig says:

What about the opposite, if you can score with cheap equipment you’re awesome.

Owen Davies says:

expensive means, better feel, sound, more balanced. Performance is entirely up to the player. Bear in mind though the more comfortable you are with your putter the better it will perform for you; its purely psychological

dogsnuts01 says:

I own a £23 ram putter which I bought 3 years ago, my weekly 4 ball all use expensive putters, £150 plus,there is no better feeling than draining put after put and rubbing there nose’s in it. Groove a solid putting technique, forget about smashing 50 balls with the driver on the range. Putts are what win matches and break peoples hearts!

dizzychizzy says:

what a 2 year old question… fuck me!

Cody Magnusson says:

i would like to see a real world test with putters. i know if you deliver that head the same way the ball will go in the same place with say a robot. but when a person has certain tendencies does different putters and weight distribution or angle work better for some then others i would think so. would this be as important as the mental aspect of the feel and confidence with this putter i dont think so.

Fred Grimley says:

This has to be the worst place to ask such a silly question. You might as well go up to a car salesman and ask “I just got my tax return, do you think I need a new car?”

I mean, just look at his shop… it’s littered with advertising and brands. Does the person that sent the question honestly think this guy is gonna say “no, you really don’t need an expensive putter, you first should work on your putting technique and then try to find a reasonable cost used putter”?

Get real people.

brendos444 says:

So many thoughts come to my head when talking about putters and their cost. Firstly, yes I agree with a few commentators here – Scotty Cameron, great putters to be sure, are massively overpriced. The same could be said of Ping putters. Great milled face putters like the Cleveland Classic and the Wilson Infinite series are just as good for more than half the price. Secondly, there are some really expensive putters that look like any run-of-the-mill budget putters. Odyssey and Tailormade putters definitely fall into this category. They just look cheap, especially the TM putters with white paint finishes. They just look really cheap. As always, it’s a personal thing. Golfers tend to be a bit snobby and manufacturers play on this big time.

Harley says:

Just bought a new scotty cameron golo 5. Ive been using the same Odyssey Rosie 2 for years. Ive got to say, I really like the feel of this putter. Its night and day between it and the Rosie. I bought a Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #1 a few years back and even though it was expensive, the size and weight made me less confident. So with that being said, I feel like quality is great as long as the feel matches it. Just my 2 cents!

Harmonix Golf says:

Love to get your thoughts on the Harmonix Live-Head Putter

Grant Hutton says:

Sorry, don’t think this is relevant. The most important factor is technique . Surely a good coach would recommend someone spend £100 on a few lessons rather than encouraging handicap gofers to go out and buy a Scotty Cameron. Find a putter you are comfortable with & stick with it and practice. Changing putters is generally the act of a desperate golfer!

chrisSkylin3 says:

I used a $20 putter for years. Since getting back into the game, I forked out the cash for a Nike Method 001 and it is awesome. It gets the ball rolling instantly with no noticeable skid. I preferred it over the Scotty Cameron.

Matthew Rampersad says:

There needs to be a certain level of skill. But in terms of expensive putters vs cheap putters then I would say as “Mark” has said in the past buy the putter you can afford. But being fitted for a putter would be best. There are heel mounted putters, slanted heel mounted and center mounted putters. Depending on your putting stroke you need to find what fits and feels best for you. Then you need to try out different face types as well, I had a Yes C-grove faced putter, the sweet spot was very small on this putter so any mishits didn’t go the distance I wanted. My new Ghost Manta with an insert provides consistent/predictable distance but less feel off the face. Then you need to play with length as well, my buddy would do great with a short putter and I use a 35″ shaft. If you can’t be fitted go out and try as many putters as you can before they kick you out of the store. If you think about all of the putters you’ve used in the past you may already know certain aspects you like. Also think about lie, I have my putter set up 2 degrees flat for my stance. 

Dtyler171 says:

The best way to find a putter is to go to your local golf shop and demo every putter…but…*DO NOT* look at the price tag. That will mentally affect your decision. 

MrRp25 says:

Spend the money on some short game lessons and you should become a better putter without buying a new device.

Beta Vulgaris says:

Putters are the most overrated club in terms of equipment. It’s not like a driver with loft or irons with weighting and forgiveness and different head sizings and shaft flex etc. It’s essentially a flat-ish piece of metal. If you need a more expensive putter because your current one isn’t holing enough, it just means you’re shit at putting. Some mug will go spend 5 ton making SC rich though.

neps neok says:

google jim furyk $39 putter…he won $11 mil. on tour with that $39 putter. A wise man once told me people would buy a turd if it had the “scotty cameron” name on it. With that being said this game is played in your head. If by spending $500 on the exact same club Tiger/Speith use and it makes you as confident as them, then its worth every penny. BUT if you are already confident in yourself and do not need to compensate for anything…..a used $39 putter will do the trick. Guys its a chunk of metal attached to a skinnier piece of metal…the real tools are your hands and your mind..

Thamac15 says:

I really enjoy reading comments from internet warriors that criticize how others spend the money they earn. I’m sure you all spend a lot of money on something others consider overrated, expensive, and stupid. I’ll spend $400 on a Scotty, two actually, anytime I desire. If it makes me a better putter so be it, my first below par round was with a Scotty. My worst round as a 5 handicapper at 91 two months later was with a Scotty. See where I’m getting at folks? I could have shot a 71 with my dads Ping My Day that I grew up with for 18 years or with a Scotty. I could also shoot a 91 with an old cheap putter and with a expensive one. Stop criticizing others for spending money on a putter, look at yourself and reflect on the crap you overspend on.

Evan Erickson says:

In my opinion, the grip matters more than the putter. Invest in yourself and buy super stroke fat grips for all your putters and you will thank me.

9tonite says:

Thanks Mark, great videos by the way. I have always been a Ping man. I love the simplicity of the Ping Zing. I have an old bronze Anser with that slit in the bottom of the blade, I have an H blade (smaller version of the Zing), a J blade and my go-to flat stick right now is a Shea H mallet style putter.  And Like David I tend to grip down on the shaft, favoring about 33″ lengths, and a slightly flatter lie angle (orange is about right for me). 

luke reuter says:

great …very well said mark … so true …

Cody Magnusson says:

i would like to see a real world test with putters. i know if you deliver that head the same way the ball will go in the same place with say a robot. but when a person has certain tendencies does different putters and weight distribution or angle work better for some then others i would think so. would this be as important as the mental aspect of the feel and confidence with this putter i dont think so.

ConRon says:

I completely agree, I putt just fine with a $50 putter but I feel like subconsciously I feel better with a “premium” putter, so I’m willing to pay a little extra for that feeling.

Skill et says:

I have used the same putter for 22 years now for a similar reason. I feel more comfortable at the address and more confidant that I will drain it because I KNOW this stick.

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