We visit the amazing club fitting facility The Kingdom at TaylorMade headquarters. Here we get our new Spider-X’s fitted using the state of the art GEARS System. Check out what spec’s they fit us for!


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Alex Barile says:

I have the spider tour black right now and it is by far my favorite putter to use. Coming from someone who has over 12 from multiple brands. The head cover is a great idea and I always want to switch up my head cover for my spider but it’s difficult to find one that fits right. Love the idea of TaylorMade releasing head covers for the spider line of putters. This video sold me on the spider x I just wish I could get it in a different color…. but like the song goes “you can’t always get what you want”

vince guest says:

“Like an infinity pool, flowing over the edge”…..Jesus, the smell of beardy guy’s bullshit is strong.

Paul Tierney says:

Video was great until the chap at the end turned it into a salesman pitch.

Philip Bennett says:

First ever putter fitting. Fitted for the Spider X last week, Copper SB with sight line. SAM putt lab showed me at 0.3 degrees closed at impact with the Spider X, from 2.9 degrees closed with my Scotty C, no wonder I holed nothing.

ollie hembrough says:

For some reason I can’t skip the ad… oh wait…

Joe Perez says:

I’m still a HUGE fan of the earlier, larger Spider putters, and never warmed up to the smaller “tour” models, but I must admit that I am now very interested in trying one of these.

TacoMonsterNick says:

I really want to get fitted for an entire set of clubs so that way if I hit a bad shot, I know it’s because I did something wrong instead of blaming the equipment.

Evan Radchenko says:

Starbucks new sponsor?

Mathew Tuomey says:

Great stuff guys and Trottie always insightful, the new wands look sick. Driver fitting and anything TM would be cool to see

Tigger Woods says:

Here’s a tip, Piers, don’t make a Starbucks the First coffee you ever have; You will never drink a second. They are crap.

Roy Farley says:

Stop talking while they putt dude.

bagdiil says:

Try a White Mocha Latte, Piers… it’s delicious and doesn’t taste too much like coffee! If you’re looking for an easy start.

Izeka 11 says:

Really good video too see how this sort of stuff and works and that it makes a big difference in ur game

nrodeolb says:

Nothing from Starbucks!

Sven Hallauer says:

Would love one of these with a custom cover.

Sam wakefield says:

Trottie ruined the vid twat

yerbuanosnhoj says:

Collegiate color schemes would be great!!

Michael Libert says:

Am I alone in thinking these spiders are monstrosities? Prefer the blade or anser style personally. However results speak for themselves ay?

k9feces says:

Hate to be “that guy” but I wish all putters were less expensive.

HKR Golf says:

Would have been a better video without the English salesman gatecrashing. Next time please tell him to FO to his own channel

Andy Carrington says:

Taylor made me and my golf set sold for beginners at a reasonable price to get people to where they can afford to play and possibly get lessons with affordable equipment. Just a thought!

Rodd Underwood says:

That was interesting

Craig Laver says:

What length putters do you both play?

Bijorn Yesterday says:

that trottie guy seems like a colossal knob

Paul Smith says:

ping anser no alinement mark, just square the face and listen for the cup sound! btw 32 hcap and never more than 2 putt! need more tee to green distance.

Kim Hannemann says:

Love your channel … but as far as stuff goes, I would like it co-branded with golfvlogsuk and #golfmates !

omuggsy says:

Can we get an ID on Trottie’s shirt/hoodie?

john clisby says:

Putter looks awesome and yes would like to see you fitted for a driver as I now have the M5

ChicagoHockey88 says:

Never had a coffee???!! Like ever?

Sodthong says:

How did Seve, Woods, Jack N, Watson and Player win all those majors without having a putter fitting lol. I realise you are just part of the TM corporate BS machine, and i realise people fall for it. I find it funny…

ajh21313 says:

You two have the worst putting strokes for being golf teaching professionals, kindly said.

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