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Gavin Caygill says:

Spider should be #1 without any doubt! I sold my Spider start of yr and got a Scotty Newport 2 and I love it but they are very expensive. Evnroll meh

Joseph Rec says:

Funny how Evnroll is making everyone YouTube bloggers #1 list. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Keith Ven John says:

Go get fit. Best fitting for putters is Edel golf period.

Jose Enrique S says:

Rick! Have you tested the TOULON PUTTERS by ODYSSEY GOLF? Thanks

pavandeep sittre says:

How can putter be good. They are all based on look and feel. A Dunlop will perform just as good as a Scotty Cameron

Dre Wilkinson says:

Ping anser is the goat

Joseph Boone says:

DJ switched to the taylormade tp juno

Oliver Schröder says:

Evnroll is really the best!

TheUofAfan says:

You ranked these by buying into marketing hype. I mean that Taylormade China built crap over Edel, TP Mills & Scotty? Give me a break

Jon Garibaldi says:

Can you try a prophecy putter please

Joey Wirtes says:

DJ isn’t using it anymore

Sebastian ACTON says:

Is it just me or does his club selection seem bias because his best driver was the epic he put the Wilson irons at top 6 mac daddy forged were his best wedges and even roll putters were his best putters. Those clubs all happen to be in his bag

Riley Reynolds says:

Putters are totally feel based. I agree with many of ricks picks on the list his choice for Evnroll was his best feeling and roll for him (the man is a putting machine). Draining that first putt when you try a putter can win you over any price or status a putter may have. love seeing the top pick videos that rick puts out.


Ian B says:

He probably just uses all the stuff that he has rated at number 1 (in this and the other videos) and wants more free stuff from them so he ranks them number 1.

Nicholas Johnson says:

Technology from the future makes no sense. Of course it’s from the present or it would not be available to use. This marketing guff needs to be challenged and not just accepted.

Alex Frodyma says:

I play the evnroll er2 and it is awesome especially on straightening out the off center hits

al goatman says:

Come on Rick, I’m still waiting for you to demo the Bettinardi putter line. Is Bettinardi available to purchase in the UK?

Nak Kang says:

But the evenroll is to Tinky for me ! The need soft metal or a insert.

Guy Davey says:

Good to see an honest review, not just going with the high price easy option!! Good man.

Jonathan Green says:

Also Scotty Cameron Newport isn’t supposed to change the game, it’s a more classic less futuristic putter. You also didn’t test the Newport 2.5

Kevin Arnold says:

Bettinardi should be on this list. The spider craze is dying down after since DJ is no longer using it

Stephen Morgan says:

Love my black spider!

Brayden Strickland says:

Has anyone tried the edel putters? definitely worth trying. custom fit and with similar technology to the evenroll putters

John Derington says:

You would choose a putter that no one has even heard of at the top of your list…

Sam Ergs says:

Please answer… what is your beef with Titleist?
You know Scotty Cameron Select line should be T3….

J. 4NASH says:

last week i took the scotty M1 which i have and the Odyssey 3T putter side by side to see which one roll better. i could tell that the scotty came off the face fast then the 3T. and if it more feedback and feel out of the M1. i really was going to buy the 3T but i like the way the scotty m1 comes off the face and has a click to it. if i did get a odyssey micro hinged putter i would of gone with the 2ball putter. isn’t the future and select both use the same aluminum aircraft face but it’s just painted black. i did like the one JT has been using tho. wished scotty did off it in a solid milled face then the aluminum face. odyssey and scotty good putters and different feel but i’m glad i went with the M1 perfect the click

Joseph Madden says:

I swear to god if he puts evenroll first I’m unsubscribing

Simon J Boresi says:

No top flite soft feel?

John McCormick says:

Any Bettinardi putter reviews coming up?

Street11 says:

Wilson 8802 is bomb.

Ryan You says:

what on earth is going on over at Nike, big fan of your videos Rick but those Nike golf shoes are just brutal.

Peter Kotsiris says:

What about seemore putters i’ve been using Seemore putters for the past five years always great results

FamousOne77 says:

I have not tried any of the putters in the Evnroll line, but I do own a Rife Bermuda series, and I can attest it is the best putter I’ve ever owned by far and wide. That includes Ping Scottsdale, Ping Anser, Ray NCX, Nike Drone, Nike Method Core, and even a Scotty Cameron Studio Select. I’ve never tried the Spider Tour putter, but it certainly is very appealing with the red face against that black coated shaft. I don’t a have a ton of money to through around on the newest high end club every one is rolled out, and though some of the putters I mentioned earlier are quite pricy, I’ve always been able to find great deals on barely used golf clubs being the fact that I’m a lefty and there just aren’t a whole lot of us out there. I had a chance to trade my Rife in on Tour Spider and would’ve only cost me $75 out of pocket, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger because of how pin point I am with the Rife. Thanks for the vids Rick! Found your page about a year ago, and between you and Peter Finch, I go nowhere else for club reviews and tips! Love em!

Jordan Bovalina says:

its funny how now dj using tp putter, Rory using tp putter Jason Day using old white spider

Jesper Jansson says:

Almost every player you said are using the spider tour putter aren’t using it anymore.

Strad 4321 says:

1980 Acushnet Bullseye Flange model. Made of brass and better than any putter on your list in all categories. And I have tried every putter on your list thanks to the local PGA Tour Superstore. None even came close to knocking my gamer out of the bag. The biggest disappointments were the Cameron’s, but all on the list are guilty of relying on totally useless technology gimmicks to drive up the price point. I paid $40 for mine back in 1980, but a used one in good condition can be had for $30 from various sources. The next time you do a Golf Bidder challenge, you and Pete should both try one.

Mellenix says:

Would be great if you could do a group test vlog and see which ones they preferred too.

PieThrower says:


James Flynn says:


Adrian Canny says:

taylormade spider is best putter hands down

Brandon Rigg says:

The ER2 has been a welcomed member in my bag. More 1 putts and less 3 putts 🙂

TheSystem says:

*Paid by EVNROLL

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