Top 5 Putters of 2017

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Top 5 Putters of 2017 with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about some of the best putters of 2017 that could help you with your golf game and which ones you might want to try in your next custom fitting. Putting maybe the most under looked skill in golf with many not understanding that a different shape, sound and feel of a putter could help you improve your golf scores.


Alex Warr says:

Got fit for an Edel E-1 a month ago – best golf purchase I have ever made. Highly recommend it to anyone. At the fitting, we found I didn’t have a hard time aiming the putter, but it has helped me immensely with creating a constant strike and distance control. I’m making more long and short putts. Amazing stuff.

Carl Incledon says:

#MarkCrossfield Have you ever tried a Rife putter? Never hit a putter that rolls the ball as smoothly as a Rife. Unfortunately being a leftie I don’t have all the options available to right handers so haven’t found one I can game, but that said, they roll the ball so sweetly

Sodthong says:

Who sells Evnroll putters in the UK ?

ian redlinger says:

You definitely have a lot of confidence with that Taylormade! I love my evnroll ER-1 but am very interested in hearing more about edel putters, oddly enough I’ve never heard the whole process with Edelman before this video and after what you said I may just do it for the experience

J. 4NASH says:

had the red day spider tour putter. it’s was real good. first day with it at the practice greens the black face started to chip off the black paint. so i took it back and got them to order me a Newport M1. way better putter imo, but it’s all personal feel. didn’t like the odyssey new putters. the micro hinge face was weird for me. it springs off the face but it was skidding a ft and then roll. the standard loft is strong for me. maybe if i got one with 4.5° loft it would of done way better but i’m happy with my custom scotty and CT putters

MrMannydac says:

I recently changed putter, thinking it would help me, it didn’t!
I still sucked,
I then had a putting lesson with our pro and saw a massive improvement straight away.
I love my new putter.
I love it even more now i can use it properly!

andy h says:

Hi mark took your advice and had someone look at my putter stroke and been told I need a face balanced putter I’ve narrowed it down to two on price etc could you give me your thoughts between Odyssey White Hot RX 7 Putter and PING SIGMA G Tyne Platinum Putter thanks

Bo Lewis says:

Well done, Mark. Great selection.

Donny Wilcox says:

nice see a top putter vlog without the mention of a certain studio guy from California that most the golfing population could never afford ….

Em Fo says:

The Evnroll putter face is very similar to Ping True-Roll face. Look’s pretty nice!

Tom newton says:

Where did u get ur putting green from @markcrossfield

Alex White says:

Can u do a review on Toulon putters

Gregory Lynn says:

What about some feedback on your artificial putting green. Buying new house, this might save me forking out for landscaping, a one stop shop if you get my drift.

Solomon Li says:

The EVNROLL ER7 is in my bag currently. I absolutely love it. It has such a linear feel to me in terms of pace control. I’ve holed a lot more putts since I got mine. It’s definitely confidence building as a putter.

Howie Land says:

Great list, Mark! It’s amazing how much technology is going into putters these days and how much golfers are willing to pay for it. Is the technology lowering our scores? is my question.

ppeinado3 says:

ER2 is legit!

Todd Sincock says:

Big odyssey fan, but they should go back to the white hot face insert. Best feel ever and my #5 won’t leave my bag because of it…

hurdy18 says:

Mark if you are not going to be using the Spider, I’ll take it off your hands 😛

David G says:

Bought an Edelman and really liked the fitting process. At that price though I will never buy a new putter again probably

Strad 4321 says:

1980 Acushnet Bullseye Flange. More technology than is required to hole a putt. Better feel than any modern putter on the planet. Works with any type of stroke. I plan to be buried with mine.

Aussie Taffia says:

all good putters but i love my white hot pro #7 and don’t think i’d change.. I changed my putting stoke to suit mallet putters and haven’t looked back..

csp6 says:

I bought a TaylorMade Ghost Spider S in 2013 – tested quite a few and it felt like I got a better consistency of strike out of it, so less variation, than the others I tried. I did/do find the line on the top helps me a lot too with giving me confidence I’m lined up correctly, but the look is better without it! I also liked the red/white but the all-black looks great too.

coolkix9 says:

Got fit for a Ping Sigma G Kushin putter….Love it. Been lowering my putting stats all season and have been winning some local matches.

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

I’m still using a Daddy Long legs 2.0 putter but recently bought a Odyssey toe up putter with a Fatso grip. I like the theory of the toe up idea. great review.

sparkdog44 says:

I put the Spider Tour Black in the bag today. Never putted better!

tatchy1001 says:

Have you tried Raa putters Mark? They are superb and just as customisable as the edel putters

Sydols OZ says:

These would be my choices also, Mark. Great minds, brah.

mickqwerty1967 says:

Really like the last couple of teaching blogs Mark, can you do one of driving straight?
Cheers Bruh

Nick Hough says:

Just bought a second hand ‘two ball’ after years of being a Taylor Made guy – wow, the weight, feel and alignment just feel SO good – stroking it great at the moment and can’t see me doing anything other than buying a newer ‘2ball’. They are literally ‘the dogs 2 balls’! 🙂 🙂

jaesung83 says:

I ordered my Taylormade Spider Tour putter in BLACK! just waiting at the moment. can’t wait to get it in my hands! #Taylormade #spidertourputter #black

Everything Everywhere says:

nice putting green

Simon Bisset says:

Have you tried the Cleveland tfi 2135 range? Recently got one and found it so easy to line up, as well as a nice feel off the face

Simon Beresford says:

I’ve had my Scotty for 12yrs n can’t part with it although I like the look of the Spider hmmmm….

matthew geraghty says:

wow. No scotty!  I would have bet money that you had one on there…I appreciate your reviews.  Honest and straightforward.

LetTheMuckBegin says:

Hey guys I’m starting a golf channel of my own just with some on the course videos and what not, I just posted an opinion video about the tiger woods dui I’d appreciate it if you guys would check it out! Keep up the great vids Mark

Disambiguateful says:

Really? Not one Scotty?

I know they are expensive but easily by far the greatest improvement to my game was getting a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2. Beautiful feel off the face.

Johan Linnebjerg Christensen says:

No Scotty’s? That shocked me a bit 🙂

Malte Brask Nielsen says:

I just find it funny how different people are, cause I think that the new O works Odyssey series actually feels soft! But you find them harder than previous models while I think they actually feel just as soft IF NOT softer than the previous model just Works.. I have the new O works in the “R-Line” Shape.. Just like yours #9 shape but a little longer backend but a round back just like yours.. 🙂 I LOVE THE EVNROLL Putter and espcially the ER2 model shape you have there in this video! Like Buttry soft feel bruh! And The Ping Sigma is also on my top 3 list! Not a big fan of the Spider or the normal very popular Scotty Camerons- they are actually too heavy and hard for my liking 🙂
Keep up the good work bruh! I too am a Callaway guy but thats because at my various fitting for driver and irons and putters It has always been Callaways products which I have preferred and gave me the best numbers and feeling.. Weird 🙂 Love from Malte here in Denmark!

TheUofAfan says:

How do you not have a Cameron in there? Those and Eden are in a leave if there own. I will say PING has a custom fitting or custom shop that’s very very nice too. The others are just off the rack and it’s up to you to fit your swing around that putter

Trevor Carlson says:

Still loving the Odyssey white hot 2 ball. Best feel I’ve had yet in that putter

Matthew Christiansen says:

Great video! Just got fitted for a Edel putter little over a week ago and it was a great experience. Bummer it takes 3-4 weeks, but can’t wait to put it in the bag.

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Well done.

Gee247 says:

Buy a new expensive putter. Love new putter therefore practice putting more and get better at putting. I know guys that never used to practice their putting then spent £150-£300 on a putter and now they practice putting 3 times a week they swear it’s the putter that’s improved their putting??

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