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Rhys Owen says:

A few discussion points; if the face tech on Evnroll’s is so good, why did the ER-5 only finish 8th behind several putters with no face tech?

Also, is there a reason you don’t measure off proximity from the hole rather than number of putts to hole out? If a tester hits a 20 foot putt with 2 different putters, one lips out to 3 feet then misses the 3 foot putt (which all golfers do from time to time), then hits a really bad putt with the other to 8 feet but drains the 8 foot putt, doesn’t that skew the data slightly? In the real world, that 3 foot putt is going to be holed out a much higher percentage of the time as that 8 foot putt, but in the testing those 2 strokes show a vastly different result. Would proximity to the hole, especially on the longer putts, be a much better way to tell how good a putter is than number of putts to hole out?

Lastly, each putter tested has a different style of grip – surely that has to be a huge factor on the results? It would be interesting to see results using a standardised grip, and a second test comparing a standardised putter with different grips.

Tony Bazile says:

Video could have been 1/2 the length…..

Geeking Golf says:

Thank you to MyGolfSpy. I joined the forum about a year ago and now I dont make a decision on a golf club without first consulting the testing results and second without testing it myself. Golf clubs earn their way into my bag whereas years ago I just bought off looks or price. My scores have gone down due to your research and constant guidance. Keep up the great work.

Richard and Lucy Austin says:

You guys mentioned that the top putters were best for 50%, 60% of the test group. Was the entire test group covered by these 5 putters?

Also, how would the groups look if sorted by arc/stroke type? Would the top 5 for straight stroke be the same top 5 for strong arc?

Keith Finley says:

I’m surprised so few views. Great stuff

Bandit Baker says:

Thanks for a comprehensive Review Guys and it was no surprise that an Evnroll came out on top. I had a Putter fitting recently and got to try Evnroll Putters for the first time. Man they are GOOD! I was totally blown away with their performance, I don`t understand the technology , but can say with confidence that it works. I have been struggling with an old Nike Method Drone Belly Putter that I had cut down to 34.5″ and fitted it with a Wynne Black Widdow grip with a counter balance weight at the top. Anything over 3ft was a struggle and I always missed right and short!! After the fitting I have an ER2 35″ Putter fitted with a Forward Putter grip and counter balance in the shaft and I am holing Putts from 30ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My playing partners can`t believe the improvement in my Putting performance and neither can I! They are expensive, but worth every Penny!!!!!!

gamersprophecy says:

Will you be makeing a video for top five bladed putters as well as the online article?

Paul Bown says:

I remember I went for a putting fitting and it was a complete waste of time and money.
All they focused on was me hitting a putt about 6 foot into a hole, dead straight.
Now when I test putters I test them with breaking putts.
I know if I can make them then I am getting pace and line correct not just the alignment.

Keith Finley says:

I’ve got the Tyne H. Love it. Way better than Ketsch for me

Chris Morden says:

Man walks into a store that has these 5 putters and a putting green. What should he do to determine which is the best putter to buy?

Ian Mikutel says:

Love the video content, keep it coming! Question: In the spirit of “performance is all that matters” and “looks and feel don’t really matter”, I actually think you shouldn’t separate putters by “style” and simply put them all head-to-head and find the true best putters. For example, what performs better when you put the ER8 vs ER3?

Stephen DiBari says:

Bought the Tommy Armour from Golf Galaxy for $99.99 off their website. 35 in counter balanced model, doesnt have yhe blacked out shaft.
Suprised to see the WINN black grip was installed so crooked looked like a drunk guy installed it.

Drawbacks of buying online, doesnt matter since ill be installing a SuperStroke 2.0 Midslim Grip, cutting it down to 33 inches and flattening out the lie to 67 deg.

Love the feel off the face, still doesn’t feel as good as my Evnroll ER2

Randy Mahony says:

Have you guys ever tested the Kronos 0° putter?

Rob C says:

Really enjoyed that a lot. It was great to hear the subjective comments from Sam and Harry as to what they thought about the looks, feel and alignment of putters versus how they performed for them.

Glenn Burnett says:

Why 90% vs 95% which is the norm for statistical significance?

David Cowan says:

The Tommy Armour Impact tied for first out of performance and not just price point correct? It just happend to be a great value ?

Andrew Han says:

Are you guys going to conduct the brand survey this year? If you are, can you add, how many new purchases were directly related to the most wanted ranking. It seems like the most wanted is more of a validation or confirmation bias to most consumers/readers. Hence why you get emotional responses, good and bad.

Nate Steele says:

Picked up the ping g tyne h (which was recently discounted 50 dollars) and I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT! Keep up the good work guys!

kevinhueb says:

I’m curious why you chose the center shafted Scotty? It seems that the traditional option would have been a more apples to apples comparison. I would be interested to see how traditional vs. center shaft options perform for the majority of golfers.

paraconda94 says:

It’s amazing how people buy into the SC hype. As proved it’s not that great. But they do customize well

David Minick says:

How hard is it to test/fit a putter yourself? I have no place close that does putter fitting? And before you suggest the iping app, I’m not an iPhone guy.

David Cowan says:

I am a new golfer and watched you 2018 mallet review. Would you recommend the tommy armour over the evnroll?

Jorge Pinto says:

What are mizuno Drivers like to the others out there and also their balls too thanks

Mike Moore says:

This is a great video. Would love to have a similar video for each of the most wanted tests for 2018.

Matthew Taheri says:

I love your videos. I particularly enjoy how you go into just enough depth to help a newbie understand, but not so much that you bore experienced viewers.

Sweet Potato says:

Does the ER8 have any toe hang? Which Evnroll did Harry choose? I’ve an arc similar to his shown. Thx

Kim Nathan Inwon says:

I live it Williasburg and I want to be a tester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher LaFreniere says:

Would like to see a comparison of the Target brand golf shirts vs the $70 golf shirts.

Anthony Jones says:

I’m on my second Scotty in a few months. I like a short putter 33” but it feels to heavy to me with the short putts on fast greens. I know you can change the weights but not sure how much difference changing the weights will make. Might have to give the Evnroll a go.

Nate Steele says:

Do you guys ever compare the data for putting from previous years testing, cause I would think that there could be the chance that the batch of putters could get worse?

Golf stuff says:

I never understood how the results from this type of broad based survey translate into finding a putter for a particular individual. What is the relevance of the #1 putter on average for a hundred people to a guy who has a particular putting stroke?

Peter Carey says:

It’s the smaller grip that makes the Armour better.

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