The most expensive stock putter in the world gets taken for a test drive and i give my honest opinions on this piece of equipment and if its actually necessary?

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Kai Raxasack says:

Great video, it reminded me of the time I went to Golfsmith with my buddy looking for a new putter. We tried every putter that was available. 1 hour later, right before going home I’ve noticed a cheap $40 putter. It was a half mallet center shafted putter. Started putting at 3 ft and worked my way to 10ft. At the end of the day I end up buying that $40 putter. In case anyone was wondering, yea I had $400 and was willing to spend it on a Scotty Cameron. Again, great video and don’t be afraid of trying all the putter, don’t let name brand and high price determine your selection.

Louise gill says:

And the most ugliest putter

Patch Gallier says:

The M1 Heavy Putter at 900 grams will play just as well. They are on eBay for $20. No putter, regardless of price will work, if the user does not have a good stroke, and a good green reading sense. I think the “Go Daddy” guy is just having fun with these out landish prices.

A-Frame-Wedge says:

So you are basically saying no putter is better than any other, maybe you shouldn’t do reviews on putters as it seems a waste of your time and the viewers.

Waqar Ghulam says:

700 £ is kind of reasonable, there are putters on Rakuten that costs 1,000s of dollars.

gav bird says:

Obviously, you say obviously too much.

Alan Claveran says:

Check out NXO Putters

Alex Victorine says:

It’s all in the name. PXG.

Waqar Ghulam says:

Your title is “the most expensive putter in the world”, which it is not. Yes it is not worth the money I agree, considering no exceptional technology or materials or workmanship.

Baresi says:

“Does it get the ball in the hole more often?”

*Holes 10 putts out of 10*

“But what else can it do?”

I do agree with your overall point, but I’m not sure about your method.

fatlittleparasite says:

Dont give a shit what it costs, looks like something you’d find on the rack at Costco

Jan-Hendrik Coetzee says:

I’m sorry the kramski HPP 325 TP is 795 quid

Waqar Ghulam says:

Here is a putter that costs nearly $2000 as example.

matthewbrugger says:

Maybe the best putter review ever

E K says:

Callaway O works Marksman with S shaft for me. $210.00 and it works GREAT.

Phil Bartlett says:

Test the PXG Vs the Pyramid. My bet is the Pyramid will win at way less than 1/2 the price.

vince guest says:

Astronomical mark up from PXG.

Charlie McConalogue says:

Evnroll ER6 a Class putter

randy underwood says:


quantumbox says:

Well first of all, ‘thermoplastic elastomer’. This means fuck all.
Two types of plastic, thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermoplastic just means if you heat it up, it goes floppy and can be reshaped again, which is 99%+ of plastics in the world. Therefore means nothing.
Elastomer is just a plastic that is stretchy at room temperature. (All elastomers are thermoplastic by nature)

So dont be fooled by the total bullshit intelligence-insulting advertising, what they mean is: ‘it has a rubber face’

Joseph Hahn says:

I LOST it when you threw the headcover and it went it!

wtf GOLF Walk The Fairway says:

theres no way

Olly says:

Cleveland Huntington Beach is my gamed putter! Much prefer it to the expensive Scotty i used to have and a fraction of the price!

MrShanghai34 says:

Just bought a used Taylormade Ghost Spider. 40 bucks. Love it. It has a chrome shaft, but I took a long strip of black electrical tape and covered the sightline of the shaft. It works…. until I go to Tee Time and find another one. One thing…. PXG should have designed their own grip.

JC HD says:

Who else thinks he looks like Connor Murphy

MrAbrazor says:

Ah ah ah ! Excellent !

A Mf says:

PXG equipment ownership is a very exclusive club. You have to have less than 80 iq points to qualify.

liltubski says:

At the country club I work at, there’s a member with PXG 3-Pw and putter, I think it’s kinda dumb. Another guy has all of his clubs plated with 24k gold, but I guess if you’re filthy rich why not

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