The Fat Guy Golf – Odyssey Putter Review

My new putter! You guys have been asking me to get a mallet putter so here it is. Bought this at Play it Again Sports for $50. Refused to spend $200 on a putter when I’m a bad golfer. Maybe if I could fix my stroke it would be worth it.

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acenace24 says:

Have you ever considered changing grip styles? I know some guys prefer a reverse grip (dominant hand above) so they can pin the club to their left (if you’re right handed) arm to reduce twisting the face. Others speak highly of a claw grip the the right hand for more control. I’ve even tried putting left handed (though I don’t do it during normal play) since I find it easier to control the club with my right hand at the top.

Regardless I did notice your reads were a bit better in this video. I have found that with more playing time the speed of my putts has been much more precise so even if I miss my line by a foot I still just have a tap-in to end the hole.

Andy Cyr says:

I couldn’t agree more with that previous comment your putter is not flat your percentage of hitting it in the middle of the face is pretty low that’s why you keep Towing it.

Nathan Stoner says:

A great drill is to set up a club horizontally over the top of the ball. When addressing the ball ensure there is only enough room for the putter to be half an inch from the club above. This will keep your putter in line through the stroke because if it isn’t than you will hit the club. This drill helped me a lot and I hope I explained it well enough. I love your videos and have been watching you for about two weeks. You are my favorite golf youtuber. Sorry that this is a long ass comment.

Richards Aquarium says:

just tey to keep the puttwr flat keep the stroke nice and smooth

mark Sushi says:

Glad to see youre putting better, conditions looked like it played a big factor in balls being short, grass looks pretty tall. Your toe is higher then the heel so either stand an inch close hut rather yet get the lie angle bent a lil flatter, also you need to copy brant snedekers putting stroke because you recoil after you hit the ball but also follow through a lil too much, if that makes sense.. either complete the following through with no recoil or pop the ball and recoil like snedeker. Either way keep practicing and keep on grinding

70 Kid says:

I really don’t think you’re that bad of a putter. Yes, you are hitting a lot of putts off the toe because of your outside-in putting stroke, so there is room for improvement. 34 putts for a relatively new golfer is pretty good. Think about it this way, if you hit every green in regulation you would have shot 2 under par. Based on your scores, it is pretty obvious that you need to work hard on your inside 100 yard game, especially within 20 yards of the green. You need to focus more on getting your pitches and chips closer to the hole than trying to make 25 foot putts. Good luck on your quest and keep posting videos.

Joseph Baldwin says:

You should also get a bigger grip like a superstroke one. I did and it really helped me with my consistency and helped me keep the putter stable through the stroke.

woody pilgrim says:

You have a slight flip of the wrist when you hit the ball that would cause you to hit it on the toe see if you can work on that

Ar3s_ says:

your longs putts are already better, but maybe u should ask to make it more flt for your position, your hands are very low, the putt isn’t // to the ground. nice vid 😀

Jake McGeary says:

Have you ever tried lefty low, it helped me with My putting game

Andrew Ramsay says:

YOU NEED TO CUT A HALF INCH OFF YOUR PUTTER, you’ll feel like you went from wearing handcuffs to being free (more room down there)

Christopher Belanger says:

Change nothing but lining up with the ball on the heel of your putter… its your swing stroke thats making you toe it…

Josh Street says:

John your putter needs to be more flat. Your not going to hole anything with an upright head. Also your stroke goes out to in. You need to stroke in to in. I dont think you can really review anything until you get down to single figure handicap

Titus Cooke says:

A drill that would help you hit in the center would be to put tees on either side of your putter and practice putting without hitting either of the tees. If the heel of your putter hits the tee closer to you then the ball will come of the toe.

Markc yuotuoub says:

I had this same putter,I finally got rid of it. I had no success with this exact putter

The Duke Of the Region says:

Keep on putting

Eric Hurt says:

Yeah man you need to bend it flat maybe 2 or 3 degrees. You shouldn’t have the toe that up on a mallet putter. After watching a few your set up is center but when you make your fallow through comes inside thus you hit Toe’y putts. You can easily see with all thoughs putts. Make for inconsistency Putts.

Bo3God4days says:

Please let me play with you

Life of Hunter and gentry says:

Hit the ball harder if your leaving them short

Shane Curlee says:

You have the perfect camera angle on your putts. Looks like on most putts you cut across the ball making it hard to have consistent contact. Much like your driver. Keep working at it

Mathew Zarate says:

Finally!!!! The two ball putter changed my golf game as well and it’s already changing yours.

IMO I think there is a few things you could adjust and it would be night and day better for you.
1 – work on getting that putter flat at address before swinging. You are reaching too far (lifted toe) which causes you to hit it off the toe. This leads to #2 – focus on making sure your eyes are directly over the ball at address. You might need to choke down. And finally #3 Stop being so handsy with the putter. Your right arm is too dominate. Pull Through the ball more with your left.

Best of luck and I know you will be breaking 90 consistently very soon.

gavin wales says:

Putting is deffo improving, but you have seem to be cutting across puts causing a pull or cutting the puts which may be why you leave them short

revz1373 says:

You need to stand closer to the ball on your putts, almost all your putts you pull inside and hit the toe.. also I believe a blade putter would be best for you cause you would really feel a toe shot and correct it

Jeremy Knight says:

When you address the ball, make sure to use your hands to keep the toe down. Your best putts came when the putter was sitting as it should. The biggest thing…practice. Make it a priority to spend time practicing your putting. It seems as if you are playing a lot of rounds. The best way to drop scores or get better in any one area is to spend time at the range or putting green. There is no substitute for repetitions. Maybe try substituting 1 round per week for a practice session? The gate drill would be perfect to help with your off center hits. Place two tees down, slightly wider than the width of the putter and hit putts through the gate.

Cody Taylor says:

I agree with the other Guy about the putter needing to be more flat,either that or take it and have it extended little bit,I myself am about the same handicap as You maybe a few shots better but not much,I usually shoot between a 39 and 41 depending on if it’s a course I’ve played it new ones are where the 41 to 43 usually come in but again about the putter I myself have had to get my Oddesy extended because I’m 6’2 and it helps me atleast so much to be more straight up to see my line of the putt much better,just trying to help here if I can but You make great contact with Your irons,now I’m talking about Your previous video,Fat Vs fit and part 2,I’ve watched Them all,keep making the videos though I enjoy Them and the ball tracer on the drives,LOVE IT MAN,KEEP IT UP.

Dylan Hathorn says:

It looks like you’re putting your weight on your heels. Put your weight on the balls of your feet, just like you’re hitting any other shot/ club on the course. By doing that your putter could lay flat on the ground like it’s supposed to

Spooky Golf says:

Keep improving man your doing great. The thing about golf it’s all between the ears. Awesome videos love em

Craig Orrell says:

Your green reading is much improved and the ball is generally on target, its just a question of pace. Just keep the hands quiet and rock the shoulders to prevent opening the face and keeping the putter on line. The classic clock drill is the go to for putting practice, the other one is to have 3 balls and try to putt them on the practice green to the same length which helps with pace constancy.

Ryan says:

Hi John, I hope you see this because this is truly whats wrong with your putting. Dont listen to these people telling you to buy this gadget or new grip. its not the putter or the greens or any accessory you need to putt better. Don’t throw anymore money at the problem! You need to fix your putting stroke. You are wiping the putter face across the ball. This effectively means you are “over the top” with your putting stroke. You won’t stop hitting the ball off the toe and leaving it short if you dont fix the path of your putting stroke.

Matthew Bourassa says:

Ping makes putters for people with arcs in their swing, I think this might be perfect for you. You absolutely have an arc to your putts. I use one myself, it’s a Scottsdale anser.

Brock Proctor says:

All your putts are off the toe

Tyler Heberer says:

Try a hockey stick. Could be your lucky charm!

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