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Zach Hart says:

Does anyone recommend going to this putter if you have a arc to your stroke. I’ve struggled with my blade. Should I switch to a mallet

Nicholas Smith says:

I have the Dustin Johnson version. Best with SuperStroke Pistot GT Tour. Better with no line for me! Makes me focus a little more!

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

I still below your evnrol blade Rick

Jake Schreier says:

play the mini putt behind you in a video

Carpo McDivot says:

Toe up, heel up, 45-degree hangers, face-balance, omni-balance — who cares? The whole idea of “balancing” is made up by bench repair guys and has nothing to do with how a putter balances when held on its lie angle and length at address and swung back and thru a size and tempo and rhythm in a specific stroke-movement pattern.
What these twits are doing is “managing” the inertial properties of the putter head in the stroke FOR YOU because you are presumably not able to do it yourself. And these promises are always FALSE because these same people are not knowledgeable about what constitutes a good putting stroke — ANY stroke that sends the ball exactly where the putter face SLAB aims at address. The ideas these goofs are basing their fiddling upon about what happens when YOU swing a putter are always bad and incorrect ideas and always making matters worse for you — a BIG BOY — and all you ought to be doing — sending balls dead straight wherever the putter face has been aimed according to the “read” of the putt.
If you asked these folks simple questions about what the heck they think they are doing with these idiotic designs, you get completely stupid answers that have nothing to do with help[ing YOU swing any putter so it sends the ball dead straight. YOU can do that with ANY putter design managed with your grip pressure of hands connecting to handle. If you don’t know that, and believe them instead of me, let me be the first to say you are a sucker and they are going to separate you from your money, and do the same again in about a year with a NEW and IMPROVED design.
Forget these putter-design promises and get skill. Skill works with almost any putter, and especially unadorned simple putters, far better than this designer making your strokes for you according to the latest idiotic notions like “balancing schemes” or “torque balancing” or whatever these untrained, ignorant designers call their gimmicks.

James Copsey says:

Why didn’t this putter go in the bag?

Ethan Casteel Golf says:

This putter is almost the same cost as the 2016 Taylormade M2 Driver.

CJ Wright says:

Is it wrong that I get pleasure from seeing pros miss putts with this monstrosity of a putter?

Brandon Dodd says:

You should review the platinum spider putter. I am currently using it an I love it. It has the new super stroke pistol grip and it has one alignment line on the top of it.

Sean Chang says:

Just curious that….doesn’t ‘no alignment line on the putter’ bother you? I really want to buy the pure red model but no line on her back.

Adrian Canny says:

could just put a cross on ball so can line up direction and face

L. Gyger says:

I don’t know if I’m gonna hole a single putt with this… (Holes 3 in a row)
I personally it’s all about feel when you choose a putter. I personally don’t like to putt with this putter. I tested this one in a pro shop. It just doesn’t give me the confidence, because I always think I can’t control the pace that well even though the results were exactly the same. I just prefer a classical blade design. It’s all in your head. The putter looks amazing and that gives you confidence. You always play better with clubs that look good. That’s at least my experience 😉

Amateurgolfnut says:

Love your videos. Most of the Pro golfers line the ball up to target before putting so the sight line becomes less important. Would love to see you bag the putter.

Ryan Thomas says:

so impressed with all that I’m watching and hearing about the Spider… now i just need one… if it doesn’t go into your back @RickShielsGolf, then it will have to go into mine 😉 lol

raphael armando valor says:

I tried this putter and It is amazing!!! But the 300 bucks its just to much!

Joe Perez says:

I forgot to add that I agree with you that it “feels” a lot flatter than other putters I have (Scotty Camerons are usually 71 degrees).

Tom Moore says:

I might get one. what Do you think?

Sonny Ward says:

When you review clubs, would it be possible to do a rating board like Top Gear did when they tested cars?

Adrian Canny says:

i just bought this in black- love it was holing more putts instantly- dont mind the no sight line- and preferred the slightly thicker grip on black over red and for some reason holed more putts with black one than red which is odd
but definitely worth a try people

alan hurt says:

Better than Scotty Cameron ??????

Cayden Brown says:

Dustin Day lmao

Martin Baskott says:

That’s a keeper

sasquatchtour says:

How do you think this putters stands up to the EvnRoll Sir Schiels.

Keith Finley says:

did you regrip it?

Miguel Dabu says:

Got this putter after testing it at a local Golf Town store. I thought I was imagining the rate of putts I was holing from 5 feet. When I tried other putters, it was no the same. It was for real effective.

Ishan Ahuja says:

it is pretty nice because I have 10 of them have ha ha ha

LYCANSS777 says:

So like you Rick! You are the ultimate novelty junkie! 😉 I’ve seen you put more new clubs in your bag in two years than most pros in my lifetime! Oh, I’m so envious of you! Happy rounds mate!!

The Iron Foot says:

Add a line, get it in the bag

sparkdog44 says:

I tried the Tour black today. Never putted better. It’s in the bag. No sigthlines really does make you focus more. I love how it rolls off the face .

A Person says:

I went and tested this putter today at my local golf store. I’m not even kidding, it was the best putter that I’ve ever hit. I’m going to purchase one as soon as they get them back in stock.

Booze HARD says:

Stuck one of these up my ass and putted for a day. Absolutely unreal! The feel was great, really smooth back and forth action. Definitely recommend this putter.

Nick Mahowald says:

He at a mini golf course?

Paul Anderton says:

I could do with a new putter,but price is ridiculous,just wouldn’t pay that for a putter

Joe Perez says:

I have one as well, and agree with everything you say. I have small hands, and even *I* thought the grip was too small. It’s only available in 34″ and 35″, so I immediately had it shortened and inch and had a “midsize” grip installed. You seem to putt better with yours than I do with mine :-/

Greg Tickle says:

Awesome Putter and great review Rick. I have DJ’s Black Spider and my average puts per round has reduced since.

Nevins says:

This and the black is the same thing correct?

Andy Welsher says:

DJ’s version looks incredible with the black shaft and head, just can’t convince myself to have no sight line…

Chad Christopherson says:

The invisible line is in the middle of the putter Rick!

Tony Leigh says:

Rick, I think these putts sound less clicky than any of those new Scotty Camerons you just tested.

Dan Morse says:

rick seriously lol. I think I should come and confiscate all your other putters if that doesn’t go in the bag lol

Stephanie LY Wong says:

I got the red spider limited putter 3 months ago and it is awesome, My distance control for long putts definitely improved when using this putter.

Michael Dattilo says:

time to put it in the bag

tinpan alley says:

was there anybody who saw the title of this video and didn’t think rick was gonna put this in his bag? what a sucker LOL love you for it though rick id probably do the same if i were in your shoes

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