Stability Putter Shaft Review

Join our new community on Patreon! – Putter head and even grip technology have become a very common part of most players’ bags, but what about the shaft in your putter? We tested the Stability Putter Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technologies to see if its’ low torque design improves putting performance measured on Quintic.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Magicmeatbag says:

Yea never enough putter videos imo. It’s the one club that if you don’t use it right can really screw up your scores and never gets enough attention imo. Just /2cents love you guys make these vids!

Howard Barker says:

A great video yet again it’s mind blowing what you can do with a putter shaft but $200 for a shaft to save possibly 3 to 4 shots a round is quite expensive!!

qnpmh says:

Excellent content as always!

Luis Repreza says:

Ian, you just answer a question about where the sweet spot is on my putter after I took it to my local golf shop for a small adjustment. Not completely satisfied with the adjustment process, but I’ve seen some improvement. I have some practice to do tomorrow. Thanks again guys !

Paul Wilsdon says:

Hi Guys, I wondered what you thought of the P2 grips compared with the Forward grip both seem to be trying to get the hand in a better position

Stein Fonell says:

Gearoholics love new gear … and it becomes a problem when you have top gear in the bag … what else to buy?

It is quite funny that you can by a new driver off the shelf but you find it expensive with a new putter shaft… and you are using the putter at least 18 times a round, every round at every course you play.
10 rounds a year is 180 strokes so math is easy – money spent ain’t bad.

45 USD for a box PRO-V1 and one ball in the woods and one ball in the water… no big deal…

Hahaha …

Justin Lee says:

when i cut a Standart(70degrees lie angle) 33inch putter down to 32inch length. does it make it flatter? or do i have to bend it if I want it to be 2 degrees flat at 68degrees. (Sam putt lab and Ping app tells me 68degrees (Orange dot) with my current 33inch 70degrees)

H B Spencer says:

Great video. I have been waiting for the putter vids to begin. Nice start! I recently had a putter fitting and was told I was basically using the worst putter I could be for my stroke. Switched to an Ardmore 2 and now I think everything is going in. It really has made a huge difference. I tell everyone who will listen they should get a putter fitting.

Mike Moore says:

Do you find the sweet spot on mallet putters to be just a little bit in the heel or just blade putters?

Chris Elerick says:

just bought one of these and already blown away by the feel and consistency. can’t wait to get some rounds in. thanks for this review! looking forward to being with you guys at the orlando sessions.

willie moss-walden says:

I got custom fitted for my putter at club champion. we did stroke arc, mallet vs. blade, toe hang, shaft bend, length, weight, grip, loft, and lie. I had a fantastic experience but there was not a single mention of shaft and honestly I didn’t even think to ask. I heard Ian mention trying a X7 shaft in the putter. is a putter shaft really the same as a standard iron shaft?! I went back and looked at my spec sheet they gave me and shaft isn’t even on it.

tucker35Ire says:

Is there any chance of seeing some club making, would love to see that putter being assembled.

Ron Filteau says:

Nice video I was wondering if I can purchase the shaft from you or do I have to send my putter in to you

Glenn Wisse says:

Actually a low torque shaft is not new. Google the HOG putter. Made by Dog leg right. They made a zero torque shaft years ago.

Joel Farris says:

The biggest question I have is why not cut the steel portion of the shaft as short as possible? This would put to use more of the expensive high modulus materials and get rid of as much of the soft, cheap steel. If stiffness is one of the biggest goals here it seems counter intuitive to leave any portion of steel.

mat tisdale says:

Hey guys, fantastic as always! Great to see another putting video! I have a odyssey V7 tank putter, I have great distance control but struggle with directional accuracy. Think this might help with that.

Ronald Young says:

This was an incredibly educational video for me! As an engineer I always love hearing about the technologies that are producing significantly improved results. It sounds like the vast majority of people today, including myself, are playing with stock shafts in their putters which allow for significantly more face deflection at impact resulting in larger dispersions and missed putts. This shaft will make the golfer a lot more responsible their missed putts. I am going to be looking into getting one of these stability shafts as soon as possible!

Reid Thompson says:

There is a school of thought that lighter putters are better for shaky hands bc you don’t need to grip the putter as hard. Thoughts?

Jake Horst says:

I would love to see a video with a center shafted putter

m says:

Have you tried Quintic vs gcquad putting?

Wei Han Frank Lin says:

Need your to review Evenroll putters (i see few of them back there), i like to see how the shaft and the face technology would help off-center hits…

M L says:

whoa! check out your sweet putting lab!!!

Chris Viducich says:

Would be interesting to see a comparison between this shaft and the UST-Mamiya Frequency Filtered Putter Golf Shaft. Huge price difference but it also looks like there is a weight difference as well maybe.

willie moss-walden says:

I went to break through golf’s studio today in Dallas/Richardson. What a great group of people and holy moly that shop is AMAZING! and they have quintic! I took some pics that i may upload but I ultimately got the shaft. Thanks for the great video and information!

Wayne Mayo says:

It’s interesting you talk about loft of putters for fast and slow greens and you mentioned a maximum loft of 2 degrees, why do you think putter manufacturers are still selling putters with 3 – 4 degrees of loft ?

Duncan Kim says:

An interesting video, however, I am going to have to disagree that this type of shaft would make a putter a higher MOI putter.
The way I see is that it would only be so if you can hold the putter so tightly and rigidly that the only way the putter will twist is due to the shaft being twisted.
Let’s suppose you made the shaft torque so low that it is impossible for shaft to twist, then an off centre putt would make the putter ‘twist’ in your hand, grip itself (they are only made of a type of foam or rubber) or your wrist would twist instead.
From an engineer point of view, considering torque properties of ordinary steel putter shafts, how I am holding the putter (soft as we are advised to do so) etc, I think torque property of putter shaft is not so important.
Actually on the contrary, higher torque (soft) shaft would actually ‘dampen’ the effect of off centre putter twisting the putter in your hand or grip.

matt dipadua says:

I know it’s a Bobby crace but what model is it because I have the exact same stroke and I get it from playing hockey lol

Travis Goodspeed says:

What’s the forward grip? Is there a video on that?

Zack Oakes says:

Awesome video guys, Ian you mentioned that you played a X7 in your putter before. Did you make any other alterations to accommodate that type of shaft. And how would the X7 compare to say the Ctaper 130x, I would assume the ctaper might feel smoother and maybe absorb a bit more on impact.
Thanks again guys

jeff murata says:

thanks, that was really interesting. you guys make some of the best videos. they’re well-made, very informative with interesting topics. my only question is, don’t you guys sleep!! 🙂 you put out so much content, it seems like you wouldn’t have time for anything else. anyway, lucky for us, right? keep up the great work!!

dbdors says:

Why didnt you do a comparison with the same head and standard steel shaft?

matt dipadua says:

Sorry one last question when
You say 1 degree of loft is that strong or weak

Parnop Siripornpak says:

WOW! I never knew putter shaft even has any major technology in it. Very interesting and wanted try it.
I really wish Matt has the time to practice for tour. With Ian around, Matt has a better chance at it than many other.

Rodney Greenwell says:

Hi guys, does the fact that the shaft is part steel , part graphite still not make the shaft susceptible to to torque flex in the steel portion.

Branden Stich says:

Could you guys go over the steel fiber shafts that can be fitted in irons and utility style clubs. This video just reminded me of the blended construction of certain shafts. Thanks

David Cullen says:

When you guys do a Sessions in San Francisco feel free to make this your give away shaft and I’ll give you a Scotty

Christopher Pompilio says:

Ian…have you built super MOI putter with the Evnroll 9 with the stability shaft? How has that worked out?

Jeremy Karwoski says:

Would club champion have these as well? I’m in jersey and looking to completely redo my bag with my friend in the off-season. Never even though about the shaft of the putter.

whogg0521 says:

So good, had to watch again

Austin Lauer says:

Would you guys ever make another alignment mark on the putter to show the correct center of mass? Just curious as you said the center is more closer to the heel.

Paul Kielwasser says:

Guys, I think this video is a big miss. You never go to the same putter head with a different shaft to show the comparison. Great job talking about it, but in no way did you show an outcome and prove improvement.


Second thoughts…..putting is all very well,but we all know that it’s whacking the ball hard that’s sexy…..;)

Devin Wright says:

I LOVE THIS. Thank you for showing the swings and thoughts. So much amazing information here.

whogg0521 says:

This was incredibly interesting

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

any hism where to look for the grip used?

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