SeeMore Putter Review

Here we have a look at the SeeMore putter which helped Zach Johnson to success during the 2015 British Open.

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R L says:

The best putts I’ve seen you sink.

John McCormick says:

Are these face-balanced?

Adriaan Willemse says:

I want that putter

jkaep says:

I think these putters are cool. The whole concept of knowing how the face is square is great.

Cassidy Noble says:

Subscribed. Specifically because the seemore fgp w/flatso 2.0 showed me what it means to have complete confidence in a putt. I do have to give you respect for choosing to review this putter when very few others have.

Nathan Cates says:

I use the Seemore SB1. Love it. Point and shoot. In the hole. Sometimes… It’s my fault when it doesn’t go in haha.

Chung Tsai says:

Great vlog. I use an old FGP and it looks basically the same. I have reduced from +45/round to steady below 40 now. It could be that it works for me as a beginner to reduce to a certain level only without taking lessons. I don’t care about how it look as long as it feels good and helps my putting.

Cj Banes says:

I typically use blade putters because I find myself grounding some of the mallet styles and they’re classic

TheGreatOne says:

Pete, you said kinda/kind of 8 times in less than 20 seconds!! Lol 1:38 onwards

Matthew Johnson says:

Great info

Daniel Harris says:

Hey Peter just subscribed, love the videos.

Have you ever tried a cure putter, if so what is your thoughts

robin paschen says:

hello pete! how big differnce is it between stiff and regular shaft on steel clubs?

KISMET. Arbee says:

I use this putter. I saw you playing with it in previous vids. Was waiting for a review.

Also, 9th.

cody newman says:

I’ve got a seemore and absolutely love it! Not the prettiest putter but man, she’s good!

Larson Fam says:

Either Petes a good putt, or that putter is doing pretty freaking good, those first three sinks were dead on and consistent. Not bad.

Mark Pearson says:

First 8 seconds: ‘Hi guys Peter Finch HERE DOWN with Andy Gorman at Whistle Golf Club at the Andy Gorman fitting studio DOWN HERE now we’ve already done lots of videos DOWN HERE’

Nice putters heredowndownheredownhereheredownheredownhereheredownhere.

Goodspeed says:

Why wouldn’t you use one of these? You rolled the ball so consistently and made almost everything…

James Hunter Golf says:

looks interesting. Following this series I have had my putter lengthened, going to try it on course today

Rider Martinez says:


Malcolm A. says:

Good vlog guys; very interesting tech-wise.
Really loving this series

Joshua Szypniewski says:


Caleb Davis says:

Very useful!

Trebor Eimaj says:

Gotta be honest, that putter is fugly. Love the vids tho Pete!

ESikora12 says:

I’ve got two different Giant models and absolutely love them. Like ones crazy big for the first few holes, now I couldn’t switch back. I’m always all over my line and regardless of where I strike on the face, the putt goes the same distance. Great putters

Dominic Shone says:

Can’t decide whether i like the look of them or not. The back and top is particularly ugly but the face is rather appealing. A bit like my ex, come to think of it…

mauijim78 says:

Hi Pete, really surprised did you game a version of these putters in your quest for das Open? You seemed to roll them well and they sound great wondering if you ditched TM putter you might be standing where Z. Johnson did 😛

ESikora12 says:

I tried a milled mallet version without really expecting to like it much. With alignment being my biggest struggle, I was pleasantly surprised by help this offered quite quickly after understanding the system. Very reasonable price and feel far exceeds expectations

Keith Finley says:

just got one. brilliant as you experienced here I think you should go get fit for one and test it vs the odyssey

BigBlueMSP says:

See More Putters made famous by Payne Stewart years ago…

Tim Carlson says:

thanks for the review. I use one and i love it. Helped with putting game immensely. I really didnt know that you were supposed to follow the head throughout the stroke or what the concept was. it just helped me set up correctly and i love the roll of it.

Cornwall1888 says:

Shame they’re all ugly

sportacus509 says:


Tom Hinsley says:

I got fitted two years ago for a seemore because I kept pulling my 3-4 foot putts. its brilliant the red dot makes you set up square everytime !!

joshua hand says:

Fan of em here

golfoholic87 says:

will you be putting one in the bag or staying with the spider blade?

Cian Lanigan says:

Would you be able to do a review into Edel at all Pete? I have the Brick and love it, would be interested to hear your thoughts on them

Tom Sweeney says:

Making a lot of putts with that Peter. Great review!

Lars Moltsen says:

only putter i can ever see myself use in a blade style, looks very stable

88mikehoncho says:

You gonna get one Pete?

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