Scotty Cameron Putter Education + Putter Fitting Tips


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hbyrdut says:

Some things that weren’t addressed are grip size, shape and adding weight. I would love to see how Titleist fits someone for a grip. I’ve been to Golfsmith and PGA tour Superstore and surprisingly they aren’t set up to fit for grips.

Mediocre Golfer says:

0.55 lol


nice stroke buddy try the future x5 or x7 do some more putter videos on technique and drills

Morty P says:

So we all need a scotty man to fit us,difficult if you live in europe imo

Arrowhead Art says:

The least amount of arc is my goal. It helps big time to have adjustability in lie angles, shaft angles, loft angles, lengths and grip shape options to really figure out what works, individually.

Alan Hesketh says:

I’m brand new, I’ve bought irons so far so I’m looking for a putter.
Do all/most shops provide a fitting service?

k Tomo says:

As a duffer, “eyes in side the ball”?

Chris Longley says:

Pete, do you prefer putters with an insert face…or a solid face? cheers

RayDon says:

Good vid – love the inclusion of photo inserts matching the commentary.

Chris Dennis says:

I personally use the newport 2.5 and I am a straight back straight thorough stroke , i put very well with it and really has great feel!

Paul Aveyard says:

hi guys, I’m looking to purchase a new putter in the very near future. most golfers dream is to have a scotty cameron putter and I’m looking to get one but I’m finishing it hard to find a good place to get fitted properly. I don’t want to use american golf as I feel they are not really good enough any body have suggestions I live in Leeds England cheers!.

Mark Blaydes says:

Just get it under your jacket and run! Great 3 efforts 🙂 The Titleist guy gets full marks, no nonsense great advice 🙂 cheers

John jsmit says:

What I like about you Peter , you allow the guy to talk , unlike others who bombard with questions then answer them for the guy they are busy interviewing , You have another subscriber , Unfortunately I bought a Scotty Newport 2 Before i saw this Vid , thinking i may of bought the wrong putter now 🙁

Paul O'Quinn says:

paul oquinn

Peter says:

Hi Peter I have found your shot game tips fantastic thank you. My chipping & pitching has renewed confidence. Do you have any videos on playing from the back of bunkers on the down slope?
Peter Frost – Dingley Village

Nattapat Mungmai says:

i used x7m

Neil Ashworth says:

Hey Peter, 

how tall are you? I’m 6’2″ and wondering about putter length appropriate for myself as I’m going ebay shopping.

AJ SUN says:

You’re a good man Peter!

Liam Mqn says:

would love to see an in depth on your putting grip pete

Rob Burton says:

Very good!

Peter Robinson says:

Cracking video again Pete about possibly the most important club in the bag. When fitting for a putter is it also a good idea to use the balls that you would normally use on the course. I have found in the past that I can tell from the sound off the face if I have hit a Pro V 1x or Pro V and the Pro V will come up short because of the sound. It cannot be down to the compression of the ball because I have just changed to the Callaway Chrome Soft and they sound the same as the Pro V x, are a tenner per dozen cheaper and I have not found any difference in my putting stats. Cheers Peter Robinson. 

MrBadassbuddha says:

great vid as always pete, you let the guy explain without interrupting. To me putting is about confidence , if you like what you look down on, you  feel your gonna make it . Whether its a £200 putter, or a bargain bucket hand me down. When’s the D15 driver review coming out sir, that’s what im waiting for. Cheers mate

1badduc996 says:

That was a good video, i personally think that putting is so much more individual than the full swing, from grips,posture,swing length arc etc. I had an unusual grip that i putted with with open shoulders for many years and was talked into a conventional double overlap with square stance etc. Im not nearly as good as I was. I am debating on whether to go back or stick with the modern conventional style. I really love the futura x standard length putter by the way

Will Watt says:

do you like the x5 or x5r better?


I can beat most people’s asses with a putter from Kmart.

Nikhil Gopal says:

This video helped so much to prove that the balance of my putter face makes a big difference at impact. At around 7:00 mins, you missed right after aiming left with that toe balanced thing, and I do the exact same thing. Great video.

D says:

Great video Pete, did titleist hook you up with those shoes and the jacket too?

Mike Diligent says:

Scottish game 😛 

Iain M says:

Hi peter. Great video again. I just wish they would put the toe flow degrees on their products as many of the retailers only stock a few models and generally you end up buying online. Further more im looking for a driving iron as I play a links course. I bought an adams pro dyh but the ball flight is too high. I currently use taylormade tp cb with the kbs tour reg shafts. Can u do a review of the taylormade udi v the rsi2 17 degree iron. Thanks

MrRicey155 says:

Great video never looked at a putter in that way before “putter fit” a must upgrade

Technical World says:

What is your height

Morty P says:

I got a limited edition scotty but very skinny black head,like it but bit unsuited to eye

stuffwithKYLE says:

I like Rory Mcilroys mallet putter

Beta Vulgaris says:

A putter’s a putter. It’s amazing how gullible golfers are when it comes to gear. If you’re shite at putting a £300 putter isn’t gonna make you hole more. A good putter will destroy the greens with a £15 Dunlop special.

Vici Martynov says:

Just can’t get my head around people putting and having a curved stroke – I watch the other ladies and I see the putter swinging around but, I just cant believe the ball will go straight – I have a face balanced Anser putter and my stroke is dead straight from start to finish, I just couldn’t imagine hitting it straight if i curved the path – still, I have no problems putting so if it aint broke…. 😉  

Tyler Nguyen says:

Thx it will help me out during high school thx Peter

Brandon Skabo says:

Gunna get a Newport with the black finish w/ white line. Can’t wait for it. Putting is a confidence type of thing for me and my confidence will be really high because of the type of putter and it looks awesome.

James Gooding says:

some nice Footjoy shoes and jacket there!

GrandmasterN says:

Could one not change the weight around (30 in toe 10 in heal for instance) to promote more or less toe hang or closing of the face?

Cacalari Bus says:

his eyes are not even close above the ball. 5inches away seems to me.. just noting.

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