Scotty Cameron Newport Putters 2017

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Scotty Cameron Newport Putters reviewed and tested by PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark tests the Scotty Cameron Newport Select range of putters and talks about who might get the most from these expensive putters.


TheUofAfan says:

Great video

Steve Atkin says:

video should come with an age restriction….pure putter porn…

Ian Flett says:

got my putter for $10 from a second hand shop…. would i swap for a scotty…. reluctantly.. probably…but I’d have to chose it carefully.
i don’t believe they are worth it…. thousands of other brilliant putters out there.

Ben Coleman says:

Good vid MC. Select 3 for me. #topdrawer

dougal02 says:

I have 2 Scottys that I have cut down to 32 inches (a major sin to some I know )
Regards the swing weight I haven’t changed the weights they came fitted with but find them better than before for feel
My putting stats have improved since tweeking the length of them & getting used to the milled face
But then any putter face takes getting used to it’s just easier when your looking at something you like

ibass2 says:

Funny how you edit out the miss….it’s ok to miss mark your human , or are you 262

Ryan Jurgens says:

My goodness! Your backyard is worth a fortune in this video!!!

Scandic athlete says:

I think any top end putters are awesome! especially odyssey and ping! with the scotty cameron, i feel like they are wayyyyyy too overpriced compared to the actual performance. I know Jordan spieth uses it and is successful but i think ping or odyssey do a better job on what comes to price and performance compared to scotty cameron.

Thamac15 says:

I’m struggling trying to pick the Newport or Newport 2.

4plus4equalsmoo says:

“offering EVERY design” not for lefties!

Adam Wells says:

scotty cameron face design seems a lot like a remix of the odyssey insert design…then again bug eyes were on the scotty first! good to see scotty sent the full range…. titleist is trying to win you back #puttinggod

Strad 4321 says:

If the feel Scotty was going for is “rubbish”, he nailed it. Honestly, the last decent feeling Scottys were the 2010 California models.

Ryan Morris says:

Pretty sure ive seen pics where “the dampening system” below the insert is just tape…i have 3 older camerons, one a 2012 newport that i love, but ill play byron morgan all day every day#dh89#007

Tom Mccall says:

I have a Scotty Cameron newport two putter I bought in 1998 Tiger was playing with this exact model at the time and in fact won the masters using it do you still make it?

Roge Yeti says:

I love my Newport and yes it works for me

Martin Davies says:

Pure Putter Porn. Really Lovely.

Chris Bentley says:

thanks brah – just started gaming Newport 2 – we need more Westwood videos from ya!

CR Wing says:


If those are all scotty cameron putters you have just casually in your backyard…that’s $8k+ in putters lol giddy up!

Kyle Quinn says:

Hey mark. Can you let me know who made you backyard putting green.

Matt Gomez says:

Cheers Bruh! What do you think about the MyGolfSpy putter testing? The Scotty’s didn’t fair that well. I assume that it is one aspect of the putter consideration. For amateurs who aren’t consistent with where they strike the ball, I would think that getting a more consistent roll from something like Evnroll would be a more important factor than feel. Love the channel!

CG Mat says:

There is obviously a market for this price range as Ping, Bettinardi etc are all increasing prices to this level. Whatever works for you I suppose but it must hurt missing a 3 footer with a $300 putter!!

Douglas Prechtel says:

It seemed like it took a long time for the ball to get rolling compared to other putters

erskin2005 says:

So Mark, are we going to see you using that Newport 3 in some upcoming course clogs?

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