Scotty Cameron Circle-T – Tour Only Putter Review

Scotty Cameron Circle T Tour only putters are a beautiful thing… worth a fortune and one of the rarest items in golf. But do they perform as well as they look? In this video I have a Circle-T putter from an Ex PGA TOUR and European Tour player and put it to the test. As well as marvelling at its beauty, I put it to the test to see exactly how it feels, sounds, works and even smells!


Sean Uryu says:

I think the circle T putters are a very unique and custom deal. These players are fitted for them based on feel, sight, weight, and sound. Some people like a light mill for a clicker sound and others a deep mill for a lower pitched sound. Some like them with the gss insert like the super rat, or in a timeless design like the super rat 2 but it’s all based on preference of the player and that’s why there is a premium price for those as they are or can be very customized. I think whatever gives you the most confidence when you look down on it can make you stroke it better. If something doesn’t look or feel right then yeah it’s not perform that well or be very enjoyable. It’s the arrow not the archer but boy is it fun looking down at something that you love whether it be expensive or not. I personally have one and game it from time to time just like all my other putters. I have a super rat masterful and it is extremely soft and less forgiving on bad strokes but when I’m rolling them good there is nothing better. I tested full GSS and many other FTUO putters as I am in San Diego but I personally only fell in love with this one. To each his own and whatever makes you have the most fun! I’m rotating a ping and Bettinardi as well so I’m a huge fan boy. Great review tho

Tommie Thatcher says:

Another awesome vlog and a gorgeous looking club

Jordan says:

great video mate

Ed Mc says:

I will take my Odyssey 2 ball mallet over that anytime. I had two Scotty’s and liked the one a Squareback No.1 facebalanced like a mallet.

Jack Celal says:


Jake Riley says:

I’ve hit about 10 circle t’s and my coach has a 009 putter

Dylan James says:

I have a 2004 Scotty 1.5 studio select. It is also 1 hunk of blue raw carbon steel. I believe you may be right on the gss, but the blue raw carbon steel is standard on a few older versions. This might be the way to go for players that don’t have $3000. I believe they msrp for $250 online and Cameron will Re-shaft, re-grip, and Re-detail the putter for around $350.

It was my grandfathers putter who taught me the game. He passed a number of years ago and my unkle surprised me with the Re-finished putter.

The balance and feel is amazing with the putter. Highly recommended.

Jacob McCain says:

Definitely some interesting stamping on the topline and shoulders. I’ve seen in person many people write checks from 1500-25000 for Cameron putters so they definitely do bring top dollar. Head covers too. I’ve seen covers that would easily go for 3-5k. It’s a pretty fun hobby if you can afford it and meet a lot of really awesome people.

Joe C. says:

Well I guess Im wasting my time watching this since I just play recreational golf! My set is the golden bear from Costco back in 2007

Paul Bown says:

What’s the most you would spend on a putter James?

Nic Ted says:

James, there are people who buy the top designer clothes because they think they are the best and also with golf equipment. The prices you have quoted for these putters are a lot of money and if they can afford it because they think its the best why not. Will it make them better putters I think not, you can either put or you can’t put.

Keith Finley says:

2 Ball!!!!

Andy Roush says:

Putters to me are pure feel and comfort. It is not real scientific for me. I am not a great putter but that is because of lack of practice and poor green reading skills, not the putter. I see no reason to spend a ton of money on one. This is from a person that buys used clubs because my score depends on me not the equipment. I do have them fitted as I tend to deliver an upright club face.

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