Watch PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels test the latest ODYSSEY TOE UP PUTTERS in #1 and #9. Rick filmed this video when he was staying at Terre Blanche in the south of France



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zeedub65 says:

You’re lined up 30 degrees left no wonder you can’t make anything

Randsurfer says:

I will try it because of the way you say “toe oop”.

lirren24 says:

Look at See More putters and there you have it..

Christopher Pund says:

Good review, Rick. Will you have a chance to review the Nike Origin putter?

Tucson Organics says:

Probably when they catch on, the USGA and R and A will ban it. Best not to change anything.

Jason Semmler says:

I actually made a comment on the Callaway channel about this new putter, and how I’m sick of seeing them pump out new gear every week. The company replied back with a very condescending remark so I called them out on it. We swapped replies back and forth a few more times about why I was so put off by their business model, and how there’s very little difference between their new gear, and what was put out several years ago. They never replied back to my last comment that I made about going to a local fitter with my Xhot driver, and seeing no improvement in any of the measureable parameters (tested several manufacturers…. not just Callaway) so I guess they don’t like to hear their gear is full of fluff and marketing lies. This putter (and all of the top manufacturer,s gear) is just another example of companies racing to have the newest toy on the shelf in the golf shops.

Robert Gordon says:

Yes I think the face appears closed

Stuart Millar says:

Was that a scotty at 45 seconds

joshua says:

@rickshiels. Now that you’ve had a putter lesson, would you do another review of these?

nigel Turner says:

i will still use my 10 year old Scotty Cameron newport

don blem says:

Would you say the face is open at all?

Scott Davis says:

I am so interested in these. I suffer from too much face rotation according to Sam Putt Lab. I feel like these will be great for me.

Steve Barnhurst says:

The look awful from here! Putting is always about confidence so if you set up thinking you’re going to miss left you probably will. Great and honest review as always. Nice to hear one that doesn’t end suggesting you should rush out and buy straight away.

Henry Hawk says:

Love the video as always, have to let you know though, these aren’t the first stroke balanced putters on the market. SeeMore Putters entire selling point is stroke balanced putters. They would be a great company for you to check out

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

I love Odyssey putters but they’re not doing anything for me, and yes do look very closed Rick ☹️☹️

andy evans says:

it should say camel and not up on that kinky cover

Edgar Cortez says:

Looks like their version of the directed force Reno that Bill Presse developed.

Brian D says:

They look closed to me as well. As I typically miss left, that wouldn’t help me at all. Well done, Rick.

Ben Zielke says:

very interesting, thinking about getting a X7M Scotty, have any thoughts …

The BBQ Jerk says:

Does the face look open?

Iwan Bourton says:

I have a Backstryke putter that I putt very well with but it is one ugly thing. I think just for it looking more conventional looks I’ll be getting one of these soon.

Kirk Bryan says:

the #1 and #9 are for arc style strokes….not SBST strokes. The toe up is supposed to help square the putter at the impact zone.

Santiago Canepa says:

Edel golf has been doing toe up putters for some time

Tony Rock says:

I like the putter review Rick. It’s nice for a change to go over a putter

Chris Pellatt says:

Also doesn’t help to try and get used to the putter with a inconsistent breaking left to right putt.

MrRicey155 says:

Life’s hard having to adjust your putter cover LOL

James Hunter Golf says:

although this would suit my putting style i think these putters are extremely ugly and I don’t think i could get away with that head cover

qudjy1 says:

That looks awful to me too. Nothing worse than a closed face club. no chance of liking it. no chance

Tony Atkinson says:

interesting Rick would like to see more and you being fitted for your ideal putter…

Sandy Tim says:

It may be the camera angle but your foot line seems to be left of target !

Ryan Delannoy says:

Rick, I’d like to see you do a review on the new Cleveland 2135 putters. Thanks.

sub333 says:

Interesting video, Rick, thanks

krusher74 says:


Jacob Poole says:

Rick does the face look closed?

Chris I says:

Well, good honest review but how about working a bit more at different distances? I can putt with my pitching wedge up that close! I’d like to see how it holds up putting from 40 feet, distance control and direction, you are likely to get a different read when you push the limits a bit more. Thanks for the review.

G Tank G says:

My club got some of these and I messed around with the and YES the face Does look closed for me but remember aim can be messed with be moving ball position. Also I’ve seen a lot of people with arc strokes move to edel torque balances putters. I don’t think it’s entirely for just straight back straight through putting strokes I think it’s mainly for stability through the stroke.

Adam Flynn says:

not for me..think it’s a putter for someone who has,tried everything and is still looking

nova68nova says:

I think they are for all putting strokes? Probably should have tried it without attempting to manipulate your natural stroke to SBST.

Matthew Thomas says:

He’s aligned to a different post code.

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