ODYSSEY STROKE LAB PUTTERS, reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark tests the new Callaway Odyssey putters with light middle shaft and counter balanced ideas to help you with your stroke. See what difference this could make to your golf game and if it could help you play some better golf.

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David Hunter says:

changed my Odyssey Tank for a Wilson 8802 last year after seeing your review with Dan. I feel offcentre shots, which I didn’t with the Tank; I I like the feel of the face more than the Tank which I found thuddy; and its GORGEOUS. I trust it

Chris Mayes says:

Went from ping Scottsdale to Scotty Newport 2 and putting speed and distance control improved massively

Dean Berry says:

Another quality and honest club review.strange ppl don’t care about putting as much as they do driving.easiest place to gain shots imo.certainly the part of golf that I practice the most and it shows when I’m not playing so great but still get round with a decent ish score.same putter for 10 years and only been playing 10 half

Greg White says:

2 putters in last 10 years. And I went and got fitted for the new one

Gary Anderson says:

I chcanged my putter in september to the spider tour black and its made a massive diffence to me. Using Accros my stats have improved and im holing more putts. Confidence is up. Much more than a new driver dis at the start of the year.

Jeff Collins says:

I’ve had 30 putters in the last 2 years (ebay!) But I was finally for for one a few months ago and the shift to the after fitting putter has meant 6 putts per round since. I think a fitting has more to do with putting success than switching to a new one.

Marc C says:

Went through a SAM lab fitting. Went in with a PING 8802 style putter. The system said I need a face balanced blade putter to match my stroke. Was surprised because I made 90% of my putts. I won’t give up my current putter, but will be on the lookout for a face balanced blade to try.

Matthew Croad says:

Ive had the same putter from day one bruh. It goes through spells of being brilliant and not so brilliant. Like my entire game really. Still love it though

Bjørn Helge Kjærnes says:

Bought a Odyssey O-works #7 last year. First new putter in 15 years…. Now I can’t complain and make excuses when I hit a bad put……

Chris Halling says:

I went back to an anser last year .. made a huge difference. Could be just the confidence of having something familiar in front of you?

Andy Worrall says:

Given that a putter is used on every single hole at least once (!!), and so approx 36 times per round, whereas a driver is used only likely a maximum of maybe 15 times per round, a putter in terms of cost per shot used (and likely saved) is a really valuable investment.

John Langley says:

Had my odyssey putter since 1999 still holing putts. It feels like a new putter when I put a super stroke grip on. Don’t think I’ll change it any time soon. Like the little spider one though.

bludevmike says:

I change my putter every round. Always use a fresh putter. Sometimes I switch my putter at the turn, just to make sure all the grooves and bumps are fresh and the shaft is extra fresh. It makes a huge difference.

Steve S says:

Putters/balls are the big elephant in the room. Driver? 15 shots/round. Putter? Good day 30 shots, bad day 45! Need to address this myself, as have moved from slick USGA greens to slower BROWNS with job move. Pro has helped me with a ball, but should I change the putter back to hot???

BigBlueMSP says:

I’ve had a Oddyssey 2 Ball for 10 years and it’s been ok to me. But I really like the looks of this one. Like you said Mark it looks just like the old Ram putter I used as a kid. I’m definitely going to have to give it a test when they hit the pro shop next month.

Richard McDonald says:

Just changed from a sigma anser to the evnroll er1. I don’t really see much difference in the roll but do notice the weight difference and that (I think) has given me more confidence. That could be placebo and a novelty as it’s new but it is making a difference on shorter nervy putts

I. Army says:

Gimmicks mark,
It’s a personal choice, a bad putter will putt bad with a £1000 putter

marco garcia says:

I intend to stick with my old putter, Tiger Woods changed his putter 2 years ago, but i see Tiger has gone back to using his old putter in 2019!! – different strokes for different folks!

Sandsty says:

Switched last year to Scotty CX-01

Jeff Toton says:

I would argue that changing putters could have a bigger effect than any other club in the bag. Putting is so dependent on visuals and feel. If alignment is an issue, changing from a blade to a mallet could help. Distance control, changing from a mallet to a blade might help. Any change in feel or look can awaken your senses in a good way.

Erik Korhonen says:

I own 2 8802s, a Odyssey #9 ht and an anser for my vintage set. Not a horrible putter and don’t have any issue switching between those 3 shapes, had a mallet for a week just couldn’t get past the looks

Gareth Wilson says:

Swapped a Toulon San Francisco for a Cameron & Crown Newport M2 in early 2017. I won’t be swapping again for many years.

Michael Magnussen says:

Fell in love with the new ping sigma 2 fetch putter after watching you play around with it. No ragrets best putter i have had.

Rwhunited says:


Mark says:

I’m using an Edel putter. Really get on well with it. Its only been in the bag about 15 months I’d say.

E Harrison says:

I changed mine a couple of years ago as the face came away from my Odyssey putter and they kindly sent me a new one for free. I think it appears to make a difference for 5 minutes as you like how sparkly it is but I’d be surprised if most people’s total putts went down as it’s easy to struggle from distance whilst adjusting to a new putter.

As for the often stated view that you use your putter more than any other club so should be happy spending more on it, I’m afraid that I just do not agree. Technology in putters just does not make anywhere near the difference that technology with, say, drivers makes over a given period. A driver from 10 years ago will not perform as well as one today, not just in terms of distance but in forgiveness and how much it can be custom fitted to the player. However, a putter from 10 years ago will work just as well as one today as there has been very little, if any, changes.

Ashley Jones says:

I last changed my putter 2 years ago. After playing with a ping answer for a few years and trying various amounts of putters I bought a scotty Cameron Newport notchback. Best thing I’ve ever done. Apart from working on my stroke and changing the grip to a norrower grip for feel other putters do not interest me. If I was to consider a new putter I would never get rid of this putter and have it as part of a collection to change between when needed. Great video as always brah

Pete Hedrick says:

I change putters when they run out of birdies

Spencer Cooper says:

I changed my putter this past fall. First putter change in 14 years. I went from the Ping G5i Craz-E to the SC Futura 5w. It had a much better feel and still gave me the extra stability I preferred over a blade, but in a much more mature, buttoned-up form. Aside from preferring the optics, I had developed a little more of an arc in my stroke compared to a straight back and through motion, so this aided that with a very slight toe hang. I DO find myself holing more mid-range putts with it.

As for the cost — well, a “premium putter” seems much more worth a 400 USD cost when you realize they won’t need frequent replacing, and you use them on practically every hole, unlike a $500 driver.

Brad S. says:

I still play the Odyssey DF 550 Series from 1998 and I still break 80 easily with it. I’m NOT changing!!!! It is not worth the money to keep changing.

Jonathan Kasberg says:

Have two Scotty’s my main one and one for when my main one misbehaves. I find consistency in putters helps me.

Malcolm J Edge says:

Its all about the stroke. When I practice I hit a putt with a different putter every stroke. I change because it helps me concentrate. On course I tend to stick to same one.

Paul Myers says:

According to Dave Pelz, you use your putter for 46% percent of your game, and even more if you three putt occasionally. As the saying goes, you drive for show and putt for the dough. See your PGA professional about the right putter because there is a lot of rocket science behind the right putter and making it work right. Even something as trivial as having the grip lined up improperly with the face can cause you many a heartache. If you get fitted with your irons, why wouldn’t you get fitted with your putter?

Richard Rowe says:

Nice hat Grandpa Mark. Off to the Bowls Club next are we? Callaway do good putters however have had my Scotty Newport 2 for a couple of years. Love it so much they’ll probably bury me with it. :))

Steve Berens says:

Some crap on about how much they paid for a new driver when they skimp out spending on probably the most important, most used club in your bag, the putter

Ash Hadler says:

I have a Taylormade Monte Carlo, it’s about 3-4 years old. I love the shape, weight and I have 27-32 putts a round with it. I love the look and feel of the odyssey 7 but I haven’t purchased one because I doubt it will make me putt any better.

Liam Smith says:

This weekend I’ll play my first round with my scotty Cameron, I never planned on changing from my Odyssey white hot 9 however I got a good deal,

Sodthong says:

Did you mention the 33% price increase on last years models ? Worth noting that many tour pro’s are swapping out the microhinge and using the old white hot face ….

Tyler Love says:

I have a zebra putter in the basement! Lovely. I think like a driver, a change of putter can be more about the mental aspect rather than any actual tangible changes to what the ball does when you hit it. Nice review!

Thomas McGregor says:

I’m still playing with a £7 Donnay Pro Series 4 putter I got 17 years ago. Has always been the most consistent(ly good) part of my game so have been loathe to change it (that and the fact I don’t like change!). Am starting to come around to the idea though.

Always rent clubs when I’ve played golf abroad so have gamed a few different putters but nothing gives me as much confidence as my own one (which isn’t surprising).

AndyHay1985 says:

Give me a Scotty any day of the week.

bensutton180 says:

Changed last year from Odyssey CS to Newport 2 as my stroke had changed. Massive difference, gone from standing over 5ft knowing it was missing to knowing I’m going to hole it (not that I always do lol). Think a new putter improves psychology more than anything else. Reckon saved 3 to 4 shots per round

singleta says:

I’d like to challenge the thinking behind the comment about “The putter is the most used club in the bag, therefore…”. Yes, statistically it is the most used club but I’m willing to bet that at least 10 of those shots are from 2 feet or less and you could probably use your driver/hybrid/long iron to hole out just as well from 2ft and your $300 custom fitted putter will have the same make % as the $5 bargain bin one. So how many of those 26-36 putts in the round are shots where the expensive fitted putter has a significantly higher strokes gained value versus a bargain bin one?

For me the question then is: how much am I willing to pay to shoot 1-2 strokes lower in the round (if the difference is even that big)? Of course if you just like tinkering and buying different putters for the fun of it then none of this argument is relevant 🙂

Neil Dixon says:

Changed a month ago to an oddessey versa o works no7. Getting a much better roll than my white ice no.1 putter. Had that for 6 years and serves me well but this has improved my roll. I’m a reasonably good putter so don’t change putters often

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