Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters – You’ve NEVER seen a PUTTER review like this

It’s short and it’s sweet. Welcome to the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter range for 2019 with Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews.

Featuring a revolutionary concept in weight distribution, the Stroke Lab range incorporates a multi-material shaft which removes 40 grams of weight, allowing for Odyssey Golf to redistribute some of the discretionary weight in the head and grip.

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allo cromeau says:

at 2:40….that kangoroo looking tight!

Michael Walsh says:

Haha wobbly putter

Michael Munoz says:

Good seeing putters getting some face time….
What can you say about how it feels or performs, compared to the previous generation due to the different shaft? Curious to see if it’s worth an upgrade

Ryan Austin says:

There’s lots of reviewers but if I had to pick one to watch it would always be you. Amazing video and keep up the great work

Bandit Baker says:

Alex, I just cannot believe that you have less than 10K subscribers! What the hell is wrong with people, don’t they have a Funny Bone in their body?????!!!!!!!!!
Wow, Kangaroos and Snakes on the Green, the only wildlife we get on the course in Manchester is the occasional drunken Slapper and a few Doggers! Mind you some of them slappers are proper scary unless you’ve had a few Pints!

mattbrad5000 says:

This is why you’re so good Alex, great camerawork at the start, belly laughed for a few mins and then a serious review. Easily my favourite reviewer – Keep up the hard work!! (Ps I think you should change the handle to Alex Etches Golf or something!!)

Rene Forgues says:

Love the way you keep it fun! Keep up the good work !

Carl Meyn says:

you forgot the curve net shots. lol

Jerry Petersen says:

No review here!!! Just funny business

Miguel Garza says:

Always love your videos Alex. Mixing in the wildlife cracks me up every time. Those Kangaroos are a riot and the slippery one whoo. Whitetail and rattlers in my neck of the woods.

Brian Gill says:

All that tech… just to take our money… bet they are all just a flat face on the end of a stick.

michael hake says:

You didn’t review that one in the bag shaped as a Mack daddy!!

Travis Muguerza says:

Needed more Kangaroo

Randall Pennington says:

Are you sure you are not 7 foot tall? That looked like a kids putter length.

golf007sd2 says:

I was LMFAO when you started to use that wobbly thing….I totally lost it. Great job bud…love your style all the time!

volftsoon says:

You are gold sir!!!!

Rob Biles says:

Good thing you didn’t pick up that snake thinking it was the floppy putter.

Robin C says:

If you took my tee shots with that putter I’d be 30 yards further …..and a couple of shots better on my handicap…..
Am I jealous of your power???

The Average Golfer says:

Entertaining and informative, and you still hit it further than me off the tee

Gary Widdowson says:

Like the look round see if anyone seen it when you holed that 12-15 footer

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