Odyssey O-Works Putters

Odyssey O-Works Putters reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and Coach Lockey, PGA professionals. Mark and Matt take a closer look at the new micro hinge technology, giving their views on feel, looks and designs. Which putter could you benefit from out of the new O-Works from Odyssey.

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Ryan Amsler says:

If i have a titleist 905r, am i giving up yardage on my drives?

Jason Purk says:

Is Coach even a Pro ?

Golfholics says:

I really like the design but unfortunately I think the issue is not the putter but the putte…

Goodspeed says:

Mark, just take a black Sharpee and color in the back line….

Guenter Girkinger says:

The only reason i’m looking till to the end is the Chick in the back

Degenerate Golf Club says:

Love my #7, coming from a Bettinardi BB1. Great soft feel in the face, and the mallet has me making a more confident stroke. The alignment aids are a great tool for someone playing off 11. It’s a great club!

Rob Evans says:


James Gibson says:

Hi guys I had a brief go with all the different models including the tank version and did not find them soft enough. I saw the new design and felt the no7 was inspiring with the colours and square lines but left disappointed. Felt exactly as you guys did about the ping sigma as well not soft enough as you want or expect

Eelco Snijders says:

who else is looking at that lady in the back ground??? just that these two muppets are in view all the time…..talking putters…..

Cole Allison says:

he wanted his mate to miss and Mark needs to pickup his skirt so he can get close

Vibesaregood says:

Putter is SO soft off the face. Very Impressed!

Hoppy1973 says:

if Ann Summers made putters they wouldn’t look too different to these. #hingemyface

Logan Kelch says:

That 1W looks nice. Maybe you could send it to me so I can review that one?

BCColeman says:

would the hinges ever come loose or move or get dirt in them? would you be able to plier them off or move them if you bumped them.

Michael Rood says:

I don’t think the “you’ll get different weights to change how it’s balancing” is accurate. You don’t get weights when you buy it.

Norm Cummins says:

would like to see the director’s cut of this one.

mark k says:

mark.. great vids as usual man. I got an old dyna-mite putter off ebay with an old school round grip. I wanted it to practice with… but now I’ve found that I’m much better with the old dyna-mite than with my other conventional putters. just wanted to mention that.. and get your thoughts.

Steve Wright says:

Boys showing off in front of the girlie!!!

Paralytic says:

Who’s working the camera? He’s all over the place.

Keep it simple and keep it steady. Its not a music video bruh!

Llewellyn Swart says:

I need help please.. I have odyssey putter and I just want to know.. is odyssey made by callaway??

Michael Gilkes says:

Great reviews chaps. Funny how Odessy putters always hit the ball so close to the young lady practising next to you! Dats embarrassing!

Raymond Yadusky says:

I think the putter club is the most over commercialized club in the bag. The companies have to make money, so they dazzle us with different designs, colors, and technical terms to sell us overpriced putters so they can make a fortune.
I’m a high handicapper because I have trouble hitting the ball tee to green. Once I’m on the green, I’m as good as any scratch player. Its about reading the green, aim, speed, and a center strike.
Here is the good part. I use a putter I put together myself 10 years ago. It is a Dynacraft mallet with a standard grip.
I putt one handed because it takes my other hand out of the strike. When you throw darts do you use 2 hands? When you go bowling do you use 2 hands?
So when these companies come out with putters costing hundreds of dollars, I laugh. Give me an old fashioned bullseye putter any day of the week.

Adam Choi says:

Hi Mark, your review on Odyssey O-Works putters become too casual and all over the place.
Could you have more opinion on your personal preferences and testing from 5ft, 10ft, 20ft. So that it is easier to see which one might perform better in distance control , alignment, confidence inspiring. As a consumer, we need to have your professional opinion on products that can excel our game.
I’ve been following your Youtube Channel for over 2 years now, and learned heaps of things so please continue to upload valuable videos on Youtube. Thank you.

Cole Allison says:


Mr Kipling says:

That bird in the background the nearest the pin prize? If so, sign me up!

Chris I says:

Hinge my putter, thanks Odyssey, M and M. I have the Big Tee Versa with the silver insert. Love the feel and control but the insert face distorted and separated from the white plastic backing. It was replaced under warrantee but I am skeptical about some of the insert tech and how long it will hold up. I have to admit, I practice putting a lot and hit long lags but never took it to the driving range or did anything silly with it.

Julien Brière says:

I need some course vlogs

spocktra50 says:

Hey chaps it’s Totty Oclock.

allo cromeau says:

Great review………..notJust having fun hey??………..should have tested the 4 different imo………..

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