Rick Shiels tests the new NIKE METHOD ORIGIN PUTTER at St Annes Old Links golf club and talks about the technology, feel and performance. The NIKE METHOD ORIGIN PUTTER B2 | 01 putter is the putter of Rory McIlroy at the moment


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David Ciccoritti says:

B1 | 01 = PING Anser 2. B2 | 01 = PING Anser.

Gilbert Serna III says:

Rick, I have been struggling with my swing and I can’t help but notice your an excellent golf player. I would very much appreciate it if you did a golf analysis of your swing, so I could see what I could improve on.

Patrick Smith says:

You said Nike right this time! 😉 great review!

Will Hodges says:

You can send it to me if you hate it… Loved testing it

Zigeuner Bengel says:

im missing some boeing technology aerodynamic features to get rid of my high spinning slice wiht my putter

Laurent Scotta says:

Yes ! Go on with the putting vids, we all need to hole more putts !

Adam Williams says:

blade or mallet and why?

Nick Smith says:

what kind of golf ball do you play?

salvador Rosales says:

Ricky I couldn’t help but notice your shoes are you going to review the new UA shoes?

Tom Cooke says:

‘Almost like you were hitting plastic’… Considering the putter is filled with plastic I’d say that’s to be expected. I swear the word ‘technology’ just gets thrown about in golf these days.

Mark Curley says:


gary smith6 says:

Rick who would you recommend me to go see for a putter fitting.CHeers

Kris Benson says:

I want something simple! So we’ll fill it with resin with more towards the outside and less towards the middle, does that sound simple enough?

Phillip Lim says:

new scotty putters please

Thomas Parrott says:

the way he throws head covers around hurts my heart….

Mike Hopper says:

I gained 10 yards with the B2. This club WORKS!!

Roger Meneses says:

I have the Nike concept method putter. It has some weight to it. And the “concept” design is different, but I love it.

Michael Fleming says:

Nice review Rick. Perhaps some more reviews of putters?

01dirtmonkey says:

“What sort of putter do you want Rory?”
“Just make me a scotty Cameron”

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Of course they look smart. The design originates back to the legendary Anser 2 putter 🙂

Mike Lee says:

Great Review Rick! Please do some more putter reviews…I’d love to see you do one on the new Scottys if possible.

Ju's Outdoors says:

I would actually like to have a putter that gives me audio feedback when I hit it off center, it lets you know when you are making mistakes

Marek Zvoncek says:

looking forward to buy the B2-01 one..:-))

Golf Buddy says:

I play a Nike method Mod – looks a lot better than these

89Sod says:

So would a different sound on off centre hit putts not be a good thing? Surely it would make u work on hitting the middle of the putter more regularly

BTal2242 says:

Nike – “What do you want in a putter, Tiger?”
Tiger – “I want to win at Augusta”
Nike – “Tiger, it’s a putter not a time machine. What about you, Rory?”
Rory – “I want to win at Augusta too!”
Nike – “Again, it’s not a time machine. It can’t take you back to 2011, nor can it perform the Heimlich.”

Carson Brinkley says:

If you could please look at the CounterFlex grip and maybe do a review on it, that would be great!!

ESikora12 says:

I recently bagged a method matter with the RZN face and it has that clicky sound off the face as well. I’m actually going back to a milled putter because I can’t quite get used to the sound and feel of the method matter, even though I putt quite well with it. I was hoping these would be as solid as the original milled method putters, but sounds like that might not be the case…Toulon is the new brand I’m trying out. Ilya premium design and I can’t wait to experience the performance

Gilbert Serna III says:

Can you make a video addressing whether or not forged clubs are right for you?

Rafi Noordin says:

it’s expensive

Michael Barnd says:

rick shiels you’re a fairway finding, magician. i need to play a round one day with you mate!!

Timothy Buma says:

Rick have you ever thought about doing a putter fitting with Edel?

Jordan Hazell says:

Good vid

Mark Larado says:

did you keep the putter because it’s now vintage?

Adolfo Zayas says:

sounds like the TR tech from ping and Pure Roll tech from TMag

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Rick, you need a shiny new PING Anser, or something.  (perhaps with True-Roll technology)

inathaniel11 says:

One thing I did notice with this video is how far right your alignment was. Especially on longer putts. You really notice it in your course blogs.

David Boddy says:

I love the look of that B2, the rolling grooves are quite interesting to me as I use a RIFE IBF Tour Edition putter that has roll face technology -actual metal grooves across the face from toe to heel- and I think the roll face does work, very nicely, so it probably will for NIKE as well, I won’t be changing my putter but if I was I would give these new models serious consideration.

Andrew Han says:

Hey Rick, thanks for the review. I just tested both the Origin putters yesterday at my local golf shop and I actually like the feel and sound. My question or concern is the RZN durability? Granted it will not be struck at anything above a mph, but did any of the Nike reps mention wear of the RZN? I am looking at this and the new Scotty at the moment. Thanks again.

TXchadTX says:


Nate Moore says:

Thanks for reviewing these putters. I couldn’t wait for them to be released. Always appreciate your reviews.

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