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Rodney Hickman says:

too hot of face for me . I can’t control distance very well

Joshua Cano says:

Bettinardi reviews coming?

Jeff Boomhauer says:

Uhh – Loo – Men – Umm

Roger Thompson says:

beautiful backdrop

jaesung83 says:

Rick! you still prefer your Taylormade Spider Tour putter don’t y’all! Lol

Patricio Montemayor says:

Hoping you would review the 7m .. but you didn’t -.- .. fy

Alan H says:

Was there plastic on bottom of 5W putter?

Steve Bland says:

what about the cr***y headcovers that fall off all the time

Victor Daniel Traverso says:

This puts in Argentina are 490 dolars, thats why a don’t buy one.

Dustin Sayre says:

them J’s!

Steven Hogan says:

Like you talking about the “confidence” that these putters give you.

Kev1 Golfreviews says:

ill pass on buying putters $150 or more. scotty’s are insanely expensive.

Kenny Mack says:


Adrian Canny says:

they sound very clicky and really dont like the look of the mb putter

Harry Byrne says:

bring the 6m out on next course vlog rick

Benjamin Heinzelmann says:

I like the new 5W.
Really had already great putts with this one.

Kev1 Golfreviews says:

i agree banjo. ive played with guys who paid 30 bucks for a putter and they are single handicaps

Strad 4321 says:

That 5MB is very reminiscent of some of the original Scotty Camerons back before he was famous. I remember those did have the 3 lines on top like the Zebra and I believe they were just a solid block of aluminum. They were also only $49 at the course pro shop. I tried a red one, but found nothing special about it. I have also tried the new Camerons and just don’t find anything special about them either. With all the “tech”, it’s like Rube Goldberg decided to design a putter.

BTW Rick, if you got one of those properly fitted, they would bend the lie 2-3 degrees flatter for you. And if you can get your hands on one, you would love the PING Women’s G Le Oslo Putter if you can get past the color. It is far superior in feel to the standard Ping Vault Oslo in part due to the midsize rubber grip. It comes standard in 33″, but I am sure Ping could do a 34″.

JAG sixtyfive says:

There’s that phrase again ‘Aircraft Aluminium’ Haha.

daniel reeve says:

and yet they will have a price on them that no one will pay for I’m betting 300 pound plus

Mark Rehfeld says:

gotta try the Toulon Indianapolis

We play golf says:

Hi Rick, I love your video’s. You inspire me with your golf video’s. We recently started our own YouTube channel “We Play Golf” with very short tips for beginner and advanced golfers. Let me know if you like it!

Nak Kang says:

The 6m is my favorite! The price is crazy

Peter Sung says:

I loved Scotty Cameron Select Newport. It is good to look at.

Davis is Baller says:

Is your putting green really slow? Because I have a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 with 10 weights and when I swing like how you were, I would just crush it off the green.

Willis M says:

You should do a review on the Wilson profile Xls golf club set I would really like to see it

tropicalpalmtree says:

Those long putts were absolute shit, a junior could see that line was totally wrong

Brennen Barney says:

What putter are you playing with these days?

DaFyy DaFzz says:

i got the m6 its soo nice

SuperGolfer56 says:

The best investment of any piece of golf equipment I have made. A scotty Cameron putter. A futura Knocked a couple of strokes of my scoring

Rhize says:

Bring the pitchfork back!

Jonathan Ruiz says:

just give it more break rick!!! come on haha

Chris Dubensky says:

Good vid Rick. Keep it up. Any chance on reviewing Bettinardi Putters?

LtostF says:

U really need to work on ur putting

Stephen Gaming says:

Rick can you see yourself trying any of these on the course and putting them in the bag?

Jacob Sever says:

34″ Scotty putters should be using 15g weights. 10g are in the stock 35″ length, and 20g are used in 33″.

Darick Richard says:

It’s funny I don’t like the new grips, I liked the rubber pistolero grip the most from the last few years.

Mark Crellian says:

didn’t hole near as many with the Futura line than the selects

Andrew Tardio says:

Thoughts on a standard grip?? Surely will be the same if not more consistent

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