PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels spent some time reviewing the NEW ODYSSEY O-WORKS PUTTERS whilst he was at the beautiful Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi


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Chad Ostby says:

Can you compare it’s tech to the EVNROLL Putter you use?

squib 31 says:

Engineering and marketing run amok, along with poor quality control judging by the paint job. These will be on clearance in a few months. I’ll stick with my 1990 Anser 5BZ.

Fred Cesare says:

0:52 The kid with the butler that stand all the way back must living in the life.

Rrant vision says:

Did you see the little kid in the back putting.

golfbuddy1969 says:

I just spent about an hour putting with these different models and could not believe how great they feel! And I thought I would struggle with speed control, but didn’t at all. Odyssey has made the best putter I have seen in 10-15 years. I just think, like most equipment, that they are 25% too much $$$.

J Roc says:

I’ve seen better looking putters at Walmart. Nice video though.

Donnie K says:

So are you gonna switch from the EVNRoll you recently put into the bag?

Gary Lewis says:

Fantastic feel off the face. Will definitely be trying the Tank # 7.

Timothy Simpson says:

The microhinge tech is such a scam.

F Lew says:

Rick, May be it’s just the camera angle of your iphone. However, I can’t help but notice that you putt with the toe pointing slightly upward in the down the line view.

Ben Ross says:

it’s not surprising that it feels soft because it’s similar to deep milling. that paint job is ok not great

James Gibson says:

Hey rick would love to know what your thoughts are between the new o works range and the evnroll range?

Billy Ward says:

You seem to put similar to me, in the way you seem to have better pace with the 2 ball putter, the bigger putters, whereas the more bladed putters seemed to be more aggressive with pace which is exactly what I do

Micka fmx says:

Will you put one in your bag ? 😉

Brent Hobby says:

They look great but I can’t see them in-seating the EvnRoll face technology

MrChittyChad says:

another video showed that the ball starts rolling 1 inch sooner than the white hot face and increases ball rpm by 75

Iain Douglas says:

Again as ever the tech sounds great but would be interesting to see some numbers on it to see if it does do what they say it does.


Looks good

Mark Fleming says:

Looking forward to getting #9 in February when they release them, great video Rick.

Matthew Rice says:

Hi Rick! I am looking to upgrade putters this year and have been waiting for this release (O-Works 1w)… I am also quite interested in the Evnroll ER2. How do you feel the face technologies compare? Also, for someone with tremors, would the extra weight of the ER2 be beneficial? Will the weights be user adjustable on the Odyssey? Thanks

Jamie Purvis says:

I was never a fan of odyssey putters , but recently purchased the backstryke version and got to say they are fabulous

Nak Kang says:

Rick i thing you’re putting weight back on again.

Robert Morley says:

Likes Red White Black, must be a Man U supporter.

viperr007 says:

The face on them looks like a cheese grater

Daniel Mosias says:

I have the R Line, the roll is very good

bottomowashington says:

Can we get robs opinions on a bunch of putters. I think that could be a great video.

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