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sean small says:

Newport 3 … loving it right now!

Scotty doesn'tKNOW says:

I’ll inbox you my address to send me one bud.

Charlie Diamond says:

I use a Scotty Cameron about 7 years old (my dads old putter) and I absolutely love the feeling of hitting it right in the center

Keith Finley says:

M1 in the bag!!

Denise Wilburn says:

Aluminum. Its not that hard to say!

cecilrhodes123 says:

Rick – you should try Bettinardi. You won’t regret it.

tpearce4741 says:

You should go back to the M1 and the 1st even roll putter you had. Wish you the best man

Mike Lee says:

Great Review Rick!

Christopher S says:

To be honest, I switched out the grip on my Select Newport 2 back to the black Golf Pride rubber grip. With the vibration dampening membrane and the larger, squishy Winn grip, the putts didn’t feel soft. They felt absolutely dead. I could not get any feedback from the putt and my distance control suffered. Since the switch, my control has improved greatly.

Stephen George says:

I agree Rick. Scotty hands down makes the best putters. I’m only 14 and I saved up all the money I could make for a year just to buy a M2 Select putter. It was well worth it and it’s been my best (and favorite) club ever since!

Ben Thompson says:

Beautifully crafted vid Rick! Great to see the increased production values. Ditto on the swing guide series

Sodthong says:

The ‘padding’ behind the face is just double sided tape. Its a marketing con…

Joe Fredricks says:

the staff bags in the background are sick

Bob A Booey says:

Just got my second Newport II, love the look, feel and new bigger grip.

David Boddy says:

Tried one about 6 months ago, wasn’t better than my putter, but it was very nice, very expensive, but not to pricey if I wanted it, I paid $300.00 AUS for my currant putter 4 years ago! The Cameron I tried was priced at not far off $500.00 AUS. You do pay a certain amount for the name, if I had fallen in love with it would I have paid that much? Yep sure would’ve.

Luke Haskew Golf says:

Could you PLEASE do a video on the putt putt course that’s behind you???

NL Gaming says:

Rick I see you wearing those clean Jordan golf shoes. Tryna to get me a pair. Rick rocking Jordan’s is awesome!

Richard Jewell says:

great quality on this video, really upped the production it seems without over doing it

Jose Izquierdo says:

Love them. Had them for the past 10 years

Charlie Diamond says:

In my opinion, Scotty Cameron make the ugliest mallet putters. Just look at 0:23 and you will see what I mean

strokerAce21 says:

Lovin’ the new Air Jordan shoes !

joh korn says:

are those nike golf shoes custom? if not where can i get them?

Bill Malec says:

Does that AlUminium face have a different sound? 🙂

Nate Ross says:


jscott811 says:

“Beautifully handcrafted”? You mean precision CNC milled.

Mrskah29 says:

Love my scotty, but always have my eye on Bettinardi putters. A bit heavier which seems to work better.

Fellborn says:


Chris Roman says:

This is not the first time Rick has done better with a mallet style putter on his reviews…….or am I wrong?

HLD_GOLF 01 says:

I’ve got the Newport M1

Hipolito Baltierrez says:

Newport 2 @5:33 … Love it!
Newport 3 @7:18 … Nice 🙂

Caolan Crawford says:

Anyone know what golf shoes rick is wearing? Nike what’s?

metamurph says:

All Pro V1x balls correct? They are “clickier” in general and this year’s or last year’s ball? Newport 3 — that is the foshizzle for me

JAG sixtyfive says:

It always makes me laugh when any company refers to a product as having ‘Aircraft Grade Aluminium’ or ‘Aluminum’ if you prefer! The phrase ‘Aircraft grade’ is just a buzzword used by marketing bods. Raw Aluminium as an element is a next to useless element on it’s own, due to high fatigue rates and rapid oxidization so for engineering it always has to be used as an alloy with other elements such as magnesium and silicon. Aluminium that is used in Aircraft can take many forms and is only the process used in it’s heat treatment that gives it it’s designation according to it’s uses needed within that industry. But for any company to use the phrase ‘Aircraft grade’ is a bit of a stretch at best. For real aircraft grade there are numerous elements in place to ensure proper processing, heat treatment etc, I’d be staggered if these putters have anything like the heat treatment processes that are required to refer to them as true Aircraft Grade, but that use of the phrase is as I said, just a marketing buzzword nowadays. And there endeth the chemistry lesson. Thank god I hear most of you say! Lol

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