How to choose the right putter

I get people asking questions all the time about what the best putter is and which they should use. Hope this helps you all!



Please do a building the bag series!

Casey smith says:

The ones you never mention are the disc like a Discraft Magnet, DGA Titanic and Innova Hydra. I am not sure if the Legacy Clutch was out yet when you made your video. Those are putters that have the inner grove to them. I use 2 Magnet 173-175 grams, now in Jawbreaker longer putts and hazard putter labeled Approach disc and the other Putter for true putts. Both Jawbreaker Magnets have Sharpie of the Pro D ring To have them be the way they work best for me. I had a hard stiff Pro D Magnet from before 2005 and a softer hard Pro D Magnet from 2006, both 173-174 grams. I used those discs for years till August 2017 when the softer Hard one hit a tree and the whole disc warped to the point I could not use it. Still have the stiff hard Pro D Magnet as a hot summer day disc. I also use for up hill and down hill a putter the Lighting U-2 or Upshot #2 in Prostyle plastic. If one of the Jawbreaker Magnets most likely the Approach one gets too floppy then I might use that as my up hill and down hill putting and get a new Jawbreaker Magnet for my putter spot.

Trevor Greene says:

Always good brother…… We need to get out and throw!

vvav says:

The Aviar feels weird in my hand because it’s so hard. I’ve been playing around with some softer putters and having a much better time with them.

SpiderWaffle says:

Are you the SDSF pro shop in Kit Carson?

iamme725 says:

Very informative and helpful!

Chris Davies says:

I disagree about the distance they fly the same. For a spin putt, it is around 10 metres, but for a lob putt with low spin, discs start to vary once you reach just 7 metres.

gcoffey223 says:

Simple… get an atom in electron plastic…. your welcome

Chad Michael Carleton says:

Disc golf needs more educational videos.. Keep it up. Not sure if “all putters basically fly the same” though.

jlawhon says:

I like your videos and this was a very good one.  The good news about trying out different putters is that one will end up with plenty of them for practicing, and the one that works best will make itself apparent.  Right now I’m working with the Star Aviar P&A and the Nova, and will likely look more at the Aero because of this video.  Thanks again for posting this.

boomshocka1000 says:

here’s how to choose the perfect putter; go directly to the warden putters and get a classic soft. easy.

DGweekly says:

Hahaha fixed it. Thanks.

coraygc11 says:

I like a DD Judge paired with a Soft Discraft Roach

DGweekly says:

Any time youre out by me let me know. If im ever in your neck of the woods ill hit you p too.

DGweekly says:

Yep. Vibrams are really nice. Super durable too. They just dont quite have the glide I like so theyre not for me.

nitrorc17 says:

Cool, I can respect that! Thanks for the great channel and keep up the good work!

nitrorc17 says:

What about the lineup of putters from Vibram? Personally I love putting with the Vibram Sole. Have you checked out any of these?

brian dines says:

Nice explanation.

David Cecil says:

As soon as you decide you want to get better, the putter gets more and more important.  My preference is soft and stable – neutral – goes straight.  If I want it to go left, I will throw it that way.  I want the disc to hit some piece of pole and flat covers a wider area to hit the pole.  When I am warming up to play, I throw six discs & look to see which one is going in more often.  It may not be my favorite or old stand by.  Throw the one that is going in that day.  May save you a stroke or two which is especially good if you play tournaments.  Try them all.  Spin, angle of release, distance – each style works differently for each person.  There will be something that works better than the others.  It will find your game if you keep looking.

jeffthrow6892 says:

Yes, most of this is very true…..with putters it’s all about finding one that feels good in your hand that you can be comfortable with. One thing though, with say, Gateway putters (and some other brands as well) such as the Magic, they come in different flexibilities……, you can get a soft Magic, or a stiff Magic, or something in between, etc., etc….

Vojtech Rozsival says:

Good vid. Indeed the best putter is the one which “suites” you. There are differences ofc if you take e.g. Zone and Summit, but after all it is about the comfort lets say. I personally started with pro D Challengers and Magnets, then fell in love with Ridge which is great putting and altogether short game disc, (though some people do not like how flat it is – but that’s the point actually), which was one of the reasons as well why I moved to Sole for putting while still using the Ridge for approaches. And then came the Berg… It is definitely one of those you love it or … well… not…As it got quite unusual shape it just may not fit you. When I first touched it it has just grew in my hand. It fits just perfectly. (lucky me) And it’s slow…1 1 0 2 they say… K2 plastic for putting, K1 for approaches. end of story ;o) (And if you had the chance try the sidearm as well ;o) )

Main Man21 says:

Great advice for a novice like me, many thanks!

hurppi says:

A lot of talk and not much to share.
But hopefully someone gets some advice!

pigpuddle says:

Excellent advice. One of the most important things you said: confidence. Though some putters truly are better for folks than others, so much of putting is just letting your brain tell your body to act decisively in a certain way.

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