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How To Choose A Putter Golf Swing Weekly Fix with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. In this weeks show Mark talks about the importance of choosing the correct putter for your game and how fitting can open up a lot more options for your putter. Enjoy this easy to watch video from Mark Crossfield with tips and advice to help improve, learn and hole more putts.

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TheMacdubhsithe says:

i like a straight shaft. i’m a right handed left eye dominant golfer. a kink obscures the golf for me…. food for thought for the left eye dominant guys

David Curtin says:

I have the same versa as you Mark, bought it because you putt well with it!

TheEpicPye says:

I hope there is room on that putting green to practice chipping Mark! haha

Jon Doe says:

I changed from a typical putter to a long handle (belly putter) but i dont anchor it and it massively helped my putting game. I can hit so much straighter than before. It just takes a while to get the distance control down.

Len Dog says:

I am playing the best golf of my life …all aspects.. except putting.. I can’t hole anything and it’s killing me! It takes a toll on the rest of your game because you start pressing to stick your irons so close you miss and short side yourself.. I always took the putter for granted assuming you can make putts with any putter.. quickly finding out that it’s not the case!

James Watterson says:

Bought the tm itsy bitsy limited edition last week. The wedding is on Saturday if anyone’s interested

Andrew Allan says:

Mark, I don’t mean to be critical of your encouragement of getting a putter fitting, but do you realise how difficult it is to get one? Many times I’ve tried to get a putter fitting when an OEM has visited my nearest driving range, but it is something that’s never offered. The OEMs aren’t going to change how they sell putters, the know that along with the driver, consumers are most likely to change these 2 clubs first when they get into a slump

Stephen Morgan says:

I played last week at Carnoustie and all week tee to green was great but putting was poor. My coach has become a Edel fitter and she is going to sort me out. Their opinion is that Titleist, odyssey or ping don’t actually fit – but guide you towards a putter. Saving hard for Edel.

James Watterson says:

I do like the way Mark calls them “ideas”. Shows that he is not saying “this is what you have to do or it is wrong”. He accepts that every golfer is different and different things work for different golfers

sub333 says:

Great video, Mark, thanks. But it’s “putter” not “pudder”…

rnagic says:

I like how you mentioned counter-balance factors. I recently changed to a grip with substantial girth and the weight has made a noticeable change in the weight distribution – the head feels much lighter.

Arnold Edmonds says:

Are u gonna give away putters cause you have loads

Paul Bannister says:

Certainly less maybe? Clears that up.

Alex howarth says:

good video

KW Golf daft says:

Thanks Mark for the information. What make is your putting surface??

sparko2012 says:

hi Mark, what’s the watch you are wearing?

Tom Blake says:

Blades, which I prefer, feel light for longer putts and the mallet, currently using Odyssey White Hot #9, is hard to control for the short, which is where I see room for improvement.
Ever hear of anyone using different putters for long and short putts?

Sultan Noori says:

Hey Mark, can you recommend some putting fitters? I like edel fitting system but not their putters.

Michael Ward says:

Odyssey 9 Versa all the way!

Michael Rolton says:

Thanks for the advice Mark. Could you do a video on your putting green? For example, is it artificial grass, what are the slopes, what’s maintenance like, how much, who can do this job and so on?

Rory Jones says:

so picking one off eBay cause it looked nice is not the way to go?

B Hull says:

Recently had a fitting for a Scotty – good experience, certainly worth doing!

i Mc says:

I think an Edel fitting is going to be my xmas prezzie to myself this year, hitting the ball unbelievably after a few lessons throughout the year but never break 30 putts when shooting regularly in the 70’s. Anyone done this & have advise?

Ken Phillips says:

Does the wife hoover it or do you?

Matthew Nunn says:

That cure putter is possibly the ugliest looking golf club I’ve ever seen. How could anyone putt with that!

Moritz Bünger says:

So Mark, after your Edel fitting, why didnt you go with an Edel putter?

Deck Luck says:

Oh my, you have a practice putting green in your backyard. That helps explain your excellent putting. Now, do you have enough room for a chipping area? 🙂 ( I can hear Lockey snickering.)


Have you got access to Ping’s research vault. As you know they have done studies on everything and its fascinating. Matching putter hang to stroke his more beneficial in there studies than not. Just watched you and Mayo chatting about Cavity back CG vs Blade CG in irons and relation to spin loft it has. Love it.

PkGam says:

Have difficulty with your lawn? Just build a synthetic putting green! Problem solved and short game improved! 😀

I never got fitted for a putter, I just picked the shape/weight that “felt” best to me and that holed the most putts. Which turned out to be an Odyssey White Steel 2-ball putter. I dunno if a fitting would really help me any more than just the trial and error testing I did because I can hole like 30 3 foot straight putts in a row and 15+ 6 foot putts in a row when I did drills on my home putting mat, so I think I just happened to get something that worked out well. Now breaking putts… that’s a different story. 😛

Michael Ward says:

Mark, what company did you use for the garden putting area?

Stephen Jordan says:

What about a cool headcover. Thats pretty important 🙂

Tiago Neves says:

..that thing looks like a polo mallet! Holy Cow!

Ian Flett says:

when people mention the putter has a nice weight. I believe it’s to do with swing weight. I’ve measured putters from a c7 weight up to e4…. I prefer a heavier swingweight in my putter. I know other people have said they don’t like it too heavy. all individual preferences. This is what Callaway and other brands have done in recent years with interchangeable weighting in the head and grip… change swingweight and it changes the feel of the putter.
great video also.

Lars Gamre says:

Question, I seem to have better distance control when ”putting” with my 56 wedge for some reason. And I am struggling with exactly distance control when putting with my 2ball putter. Is there a possibility that I am using a putter that might not suit me? I’ve actually never tried another putter for a period of time. If so, any tip on what kind of putter that can suit me?

BR Lars.

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