Me and Greg take to the Practice putting green to see exactly who is better at putting and which putter we prefer between the cheap and expensive putter.

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aharte36 says:

And this is why I don’t pay big bucks for a PXG or Scotty Cameron putter

Pagan Posse says:

I am a +3 and use a Wilson Staff Augusta putter…it all in your head!

sduke39 says:

That mini-golf putter just needs a circle T on it and it’s worth a grand. Great fun guys.

Gregg Daniels says:

A putter is only as good as the meat swinging it!

SAS Golf says:

Thanks for watching guys! More of these king of challenges?

Jack Golfs says:

I subscribed <0/

Upgrayedd says:

No i would not give that one on the first. You have to earn those…and as Trevino said: “its not the arrows, it’s the Indian.”

A Paul McDonough says:

Guys, I just replaced a Titleist Bullseye “Wide Blade” (wider and slightly longer than a “Standard”, thus the Heaviest Head offered) that I bought in 1992, so 26 years in the bag.
Two weeks ago I bought a 2018 Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 (both putters are 34″).
I paid $50 US for the Bullseye (1992) and $350 US ($400 US Full Price). The Scotty had been purchased prior, then Returned under the Store’s 90 Day Satisfaction Policy, hence the $50 US Discount.
I had the Scotty’s Lie adjusted 2 degrees Flat and after 1 week I removed the Black Paint from the Sightline and added a Red Sight Dot on top, behind the face, with a Sharpie.
So far, I am pretty happy as I increasingly develop a better Feel for “The Speed” putting with the Scotty.
Fun to see Someone Else putting with a “Bullseye Variation”.

A-Frame-Wedge says:

On any given day you can putt with anything, plus there is always the honeymoon period. A good putter can use anything practically, it is the golfers with the suspect strokes that will be helped by a putter with some technology. Still it is the stroke and not the putter that is most important but whatever gives you the confidence to make more putts is what you should use.

edwin lambley says:

I use a old brass Golden Goose and it makes you focus. The feeling/sound is as good as it gets. Now are they good things? People use to take the P*** but when the putts dropped so did their faces and the comments LOL. So following this on, do blade irons MAKE you improve your ball striking???

Jason Balman says:

Should’ve used a proper branded golfers blade putter to compare with the pxg like an Odessy white hot or o works 2.0 to see if the price of the pxg is worth it…. right??

Dan Lieb says:

I stole my $180 Odyssey out of my wife’s bag. Does that mean it was a free putter?

Eamon Balaam says:


Try Thinking For a change says:

Need some close ups of the putter – head, sides, top etc.

E.L.Dorado says:

I bought a putter for $20 on ebay and I putt just as good with it as any other putter I have tried and I have tried many.

94jettameowpsst says:

Lmao thank you for this video.
I’ve used the same $3 garage sale putter for the past 4 years. Some days it works and others it doesn’t.
I’ve also used a scotty Newport that had the same results.
It’s all about brand recognition

Mitchell Blades Golf says:

haha you love them PXG 😉 love the challenges!

Barking_Mad says:

It’s not the arrows….

Stevo Is Lost says:

Put the pxg up against a Wilson Augusta

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