EVNROLL Putters reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark tests this interesting idea from EVNROLL putters with its groove patten. See if the EVNROLL golf putters could help you hole more putts and lower your golf scores.


heckerj44 says:

Ping introduced tr in 2013, these products, which are identical technology, were introduced in 2015. k

kvgolfa says:

Great explanation!!

Jeremy Miller says:

I kind of like that “ting” sound on the one putter for some reason. It’s different than most putters I have tried….I guess I just like different

Garry Grant says:

Mark. Can you review Radius putters? British design, milled putters that are amazing. Under half the price evenroll want.

John Harmon says:

Thanks for the great review Mark! According to Mr. Rife and Co. , The two dots on top, while handy to verify a correct lie, can also assist with breakers. Align ball on toe-end dot for right-to-left breakers and heel-end dot for left-to-right breakers. Supposed to “encourage” the ball to stay on the high side of the line. (Like many weekend warriors, I miss on the low side most of the time.) I just got fitted into an ER2 and have not had enough on-course experience with it to absolutely declare that the groove technology will bring my total putts down. As you say, time will tell that story. While the promise of a more consistent roll played into my decision to drop my money down, the qualities I most admired were it’s fine balance, stable feel and classic aesthetics. If the grooves and alignment dots live up to the claims, icing on the cake! Thanks again, always enjoy your videos!

Ryan Morse says:

but do they stand up on their own?

Pete Kenny says:

lovely putters.. Once again mark very informative

Brian Linda says:

bogey1911 says:

Evnroll, awesome… Pearl Jam rocks! #nailedit

Jason Cartwright says:

What’s the cost?

Cornwall1888 says:

Did Rick Shiels 4 putt with his new evnroll? Dats embarrassing

Maybe that was filmed before the switch

Francis Larkin says:

Love the putter reviews in general Mark. Great work.

Mark S says:

well done review as expected from an Ambassador of the game. Mark can you maybe talk $ with some of these reviews?

John Ryu says:

Mark. love watching you all the time! Please do the new Scottie Futuras!

Andrew Mustard says:

Hasn’t Ping been doing this for ages with their trueroll putters?

Pete Kenny says:

Anyone know where I can go to get fitted for one these beauties they are cracking looking putters would love one

Follyfour says:

These putters look quality.I have recently bought a Boccieri heavy putter it is excellent, it rolls so well and easy to align wish I’d got one years ago.

Eric Hinds says:

all very well mark, but that hat very rickie

Lars Moltsen says:

Great reviews lately on the(for an average amateur) lesser known putter brands

Augie Wittig says:


David G says:

Just bought an Edel putter and during the fitting it was clear that I putted better with no line on top. Any insights on that Mark?

Kevin Stanley says:

Mark, appreciated your detailed explanation on the tech in the putter face. As you mentioned though, Ping released this tech a few years ago with their TR series (True Roll) putters. Grooves engineered exactly as the Rife EVNROLL. I have been using a Ping TR Cadence Anser with steel insert for three seasons now and would agree that I’ve been much more consistent distance wise on off center strikes. Maybe you could do a comparison of the Ping TR and the Rife EVNROLL so we can see how they fare against one another. Keep up the tremendous work. So many others have followed in your footsteps (your success!) but they don’t come close to your objectivity. You’re the first and the best!

Paul Bannister says:

Id of thought the principle of conservation of momentum would mean grooves would have no effect on speed of putt. Unless the grooves compress? Otherwise the front of cars would be covered in grooves?

Tom Edwards says:


Sodthong says:

Most good putters i know use age old flat sticks, i’m not buying it one little bit..

BT37 says:

I really want to test these putters out but you can’t find them anywhere!

Wyzyguy Wyzyguy says:

Nice vid.. please forward along the mallet to me… very sim look to a putter I used for 8 years..destroyed in horrible cart incident

kenneth miller says:

I bet $20 these still don’t hold a candle to a lie angle balanced putter from Directed Force putters Mark.

Malcolm Powder says:

Any physicists watching? I’d have thought that the surface area of the contact would have no effect on energy transfer. The energy transferred per unit of area would change but not the overall value.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

That red mallet looks so similar to the PING Ketsch. Somebody better a good lawyer on speed dial.

gareth birrell says:

Hi mark who was it that done your garden would love that…

Cace Smith says:

I had an opportunity to demo the EVNROLL putters this weekend and I was quite impressed. Very, very nice feel off the face and distance control was incredibly good. Hard to tell if the groove technology was working or not, but what I’ve seen from the brand’s testing videos it appears to legitimately work. All that said, the sticking point for me was the $329 price tag. WAY too high for this putter.

Will says:

Mark can I have one when you are finished testing them, you won’t need all 4. Cheers, Will

Chad Koselke says:

With live in Ohio, do you know how I could get fitted??

Sebastian Dykas says:

So Mark, would you play with this putter? What putter do you play and why?

88mikehoncho says:

I have the 5 hatchback and it makes a pretty good ting sound at impact but I don’t mind. It’s a really nice putter but I still miss all the time. It’s not the club it’s me for sure. Wish I would have got that #2 though.

Steve Brawner says:

If you want to putt better, chip it closer.

sparko2012 says:

Loving the new focus on putters!

Gruffalo Speed says:

Mark, ace review as always! Are these counter balanced putters??

Graham Broadfoot says:

Love watching this guy talking all things golf

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Look quite good!

C. Gagnon says:

lot of buzz around these, thanks Mark.

Matt Aamold says:

Interesting that you putted best with the . Like me, you don’t like that blade look as much; the ER2 looks right to me. Now to find a place/course to try one out at, hard to spend that money when they are not in the shops yet.

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