Evnroll Putter Robot Test And Review

Golf Tip – evnroll putter robot test and review. Alistair Davies golf shares with you his review of the envroll putter using a robot and quintic ball roll software. Watch to see how it faired,

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mike smith says:

Could you try this test and compare against Ping TR to see what difference the groove tech has? I’m interested to see if there is much gearing difference.

Usee says:

Thank you very much!
This was a really professional putter test, with true informations.
I hope you will perform more of those tests, because they are pretty unique and really revealing.

I would like to see the CURE RX5 and the MLA tour classic putter also tested…

Zachary Milos says:

Will you be doing this test, but for the ER6 which I would assume is more forgiving than this model?

Simon Leach says:

I think if I were spending more than $400 on a putter, I would like the c of g to be exactly at the centre mark. To have to align off-centre (in this case nearer the heal) would be an anomaly I’d prefer not to have in my mind when putting. Nothing wrong with spending hundreds of $ on a putter – it is the club you use the most and get fitted for one.

Mike Anderson says:

Do they have any left handed putters?

sasquatchtour says:

I was just curious if you or the company that assisted with this test had comparative data on the difference between an evenroll putter vs a traditional blade putter like a Scotty Cameron as far as distance consistency on miss hits. Also, are most putters heel weight biased like the evenroll?

Jason Alcock says:

Thanks for the data rich test. Only it’s left me with a big question. Are the numbers better than any other manufacture?

Is roll distances as consistent with other similar weight and MOI putters? How does compare to a milled face or Ping TR technology?

I could not find another putter test video so have no point of reference.

Are other putters better centered?

Talmadge Fisher says:

Please do the test on a mallet version like the er6 to see where the center of no resistance is

Sven Hallauer says:

Thanks for the video, do you have a video that shows the same test with a standard Anser-style putter that doesn’t have grooves or has traditional grooves to provide an idea how much better this Evnroll tech is?

Dark Horse says:

This is sure how all club reviews should be done, zero conjecture, all fact. Brilliant job Alistair

Dapoggi says:

So what makes the Quintic system superior or better than some of the units that sell for a 1/4 of the price?

Wyzyguy Wyzyguy says:

That was a perfect review.. thanks for taking the time…

Terry Walsh says:

Surely, we should expect from the manufacturers that the cog is EXACTLY where the line on the putter indicates it is. Thanks for the videos

Derek Gzaskow says:

Link to the putting software? Id send u my axis 1 putter if u wanted/would test it

notformebeaky says:

I’m extremely intrigued by this.
I’ve just moved from a Yes to a Scotty and my putting has improved dramatically, if I could improve a further step with this, I’d be looking at getting to scratch in no time.

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