Rick Shiels reviews the latest EVNROLL PUTTER at the new short game area at Prairie Sports Village. Rick also explains why he put this putter straight in the bag!


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James Lowndes says:

Have a putting match against pete

notformebeaky says:

I’m really keen to test one of these, but they are pretty rare in the UK right now.

Gary Plunkett says:

Just ordered one!

Chad Koselke says:

Did you get fitted for that Rick?


I put this put her in the bag as well ER2 guerin fit me, it was awesome

Johnny Hershberger says:

Hey Rick, if your not using that er2 anymore I would like to try it!

Andy Pullan says:

I recently had a putter fitting a royal lytham and ended up with the ER1 model. What can i say apart from amazing. The roll this putter gets straight from the strike is perfect. Simply love it. Had it in the bag for 3 weeks now and already seeing my putting improving. Yesterday had 29 putts in a round for the first time.

Weight, feel and grip perfect.

Cheers for the thumbs up on twitter before the purchase Rick

Solvi Hrafn says:

Great review, this putter is in my bag. I love it.

Made2Golf TV says:

Check out our new golf channel , course vlogs and other content from junior golfers

Malcolm A. says:

Nice putter and review
That short game area looks really good.
For future putter reviews maybe play a few holes on the short area; one ball only and see what your score is?
Then do it again later – bit of a skills challange as it were

motogpfanuk says:

Would like to see some Sam putt lab details on your stroke and how each putter affected this stroke or not. Great vids mate

ConRon says:

The face groves look similar to the ones on my ping cadence true roll putter.

Timothy Simpson says:

Review a new Bobby Grace.

Charlie Littlewood says:

Mini golf challenge vs Pete

david robertson says:

That putter is almost identical to the “YES Donna” that I currently use.

Samuel Stecker says:

Rick, I have the ER1 in my bag for about  month now.  Cannot say enough good things about it.  BTW, was custom fit for it.  Looking forward to seeing you again this year at the PGA Show in Orlando,

Llewellyn Griffith says:

Hi Rick, definitely more data especially for putters

Talmadge Fisher says:

I would like to see more data and proof of the ability this product is claimed to be capable of. I bought a scotty Cameron with great thoughts about it and kept missing putts. Went back to my odyssey saber tooth and started having more consistent rolls and distance calculating. Maybe even a comparison of this putter to others

David Boddy says:

Looks like it’s taken a bit of a beating in 3 months Rick!

Noland Ryan says:

I prefer my rossa center shafted putter… that one looks good and has remarkable touch though

Peter Scuba says:

I’d like to see stats to prove it would be an even roll

Jeff Brennan says:

I just bought the ER1 model (blade) and I have to agree its the best putter I have ever owned. I also lost the ball marker after playing 1 round of golf.

Dom Rosney says:

It’s a grip, not a handle. You’re from the north west of Engalnd.

Spencer Wong says:

What I would love to know about putters is how to choose the right one – would love to get an Evnroll putter but at those prices, I need to know which one works and I have no way to try them remotely.

Ren May says:

I would love to see a review on the Directed Force putter. Using “lie angle balance” and a unique grip.

Nick Halstead says:

You and Pete should play the putt putt

joshmorg says:

You should give the Directed Force putter a review!

joseph burgin says:

I’m in love with the Spider! but that looks like it has really nice smooth feel to it.

Matthew Christiansen says:

Rick – Have you heard if they are considering releasing lefty versions of their putter line in 2017?

SuperFassst says:

I want to see a mini putt match!

David O'Brien says:

Cheaper putters that still look good in the 50-80 as unfortunately we can’t all afford scotty Cameron or odyssey

Ken Attaway says:

Don’t need a lot of data on a putter…I think look and feel are more important than stats..I have watched Rick putt much better with this putter…

Nano DReyes says:

I just got the ER5 and the feel is amazing! My wife bought it as a bday gift! I did compare with scotty c&c x5r and bettinardi inovai 3.0. I’ve upgrade to an Odyssey metal X7. The ER5 is the closest upgrade to an metal X7. Currently out-of-stock online and I’m sure a lot of people are waiting for it.

Jacob Borow says:

Please do ping vault putters review

Magic Juan says:

I really won’t to try one of these putters but I cannot find them anywhere!

MANversusGRAVITY says:

Two things I don’t like about these putters:
1. The feel at impact is very hollow imho
2. They put gray paint in between the face grooves which starts chipping almost immediately

Peter Goldberg says:

have got the ER7 .love it!

Strad 4321 says:

Rick, If you ever get the chance, you could compare this to the Bettinardi Queen Bee 6. Very similar type putter and very good across the face.

Tour Striker says:

It’s a great putter. I’ve had one in my bag for a little over a year now and really like it. It’s the best putter I’ve even owned.

Rango says:

Like a Scotty Newport 2 Notchback or the even the Newport 2 M2 (small mallet?)

brodie0987 says:

Hey Rick, can you do a video on the differences between styles of putters? Bladed putter vs mallet putter, and how they are suited to different stroke types and such. love the vids!

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