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Melissa Tompkins says:

Looks a nice putter, but wouldn’t swap my scotty for anything.

christos adamopoulos says:

cool putt putt course

Johnny Hershberger says:

Hey Rick, if your not using the er2 anymore, I would like to try It! Thanks Johnny

Matt Potts says:

Isn’t that just a ping ketsch knock off…

bloatedman says:

brick on a stick

Cornwall1888 says:

I really want an evnroll but they are hard to find in the uk and I don’t like any of the heads so far

I like the half moon mallet, Scotty Del mar, odyssey #9 shape

They’re also expensive

Rhys Fletcher says:

Doesn’t Ping have face technology that is similar?

Brad Whiteside says:

Shiels at a mini golf course filming club reviews… Once again shows how inferior he is to Crossfield.

Lachie B says:

Anything with the PING Ketsch design is going to be good!

Nixon Gill says:

So can’t putt?

Ryan O'Connor says:

Are you reviewing this on a mini golf course lol

Zach Hart says:

4/5 putts holed with the spider isn’t in the bag? But u are using this one and went only 2/6. How come

The Junior Collector 24 says:

Did you look in the bottom of you golf bag for the markers? I’ve had things like that happen when sliding my putter back into the bag, a divot tool or maker will pop off and fall down inside my bag.

Ryan Thomas says:

Congratulations for trying Rick!! you’ll get it to sink next time
Nice putter for sure! I like it… can i have it ;P haha jk
By the way, the Nike gear you are sporting looks really cool!

Ashley Pease says:

Nice review. The video doesn’t look smooth. I think I saw that you got a new camera recently. Looks like you might have your shutter speed or frame rate out of sync.

Stephen DiBari says:

I have a custom built ER2 (3 deg. flat), haven’t played a round with it yet, but definitely see a difference when I putted with it at the PGA Superstore.  Purposely miss hit putts on the heel and the toe and they go the same distance as center hits. Love it.

Trenton Farris says:

Good review Rick. Enjoyed hearing about the Evnroll technology.

MyFoxworld says:

Rick did you get your hands on the Callaway sure out weage yet?


putting on artificial turf, no wonder your making lots

Josh Puckett says:

What happened to all the golf ball reviews/testing?

Brent Hobby says:

Owned this putter in Red and it was good indoors in testing but outside i became the worst putter I have ever seen, ZERO distance control w it. Quickly found a home on eBay. Gave her 5 rounds. Worst putting of my life. Now onto odyssey two ball the new one w micro hinge inserts. The Works… and all is well again. Avoid this model but try the others

Glen Ashton says:

Interested as why you chose to review a putter brand you game Rick? Would love to see a SC review or Odyssey,….unless you have them coming already? Thanks

Howie Land says:

I’d rather have the heavy weight in the heel and toe, not the middle.

Mike King says:

How did that 2nd long putt not go in?!

Kye Rowland says:

Thanks rick, love how you want the best for everyone by giving very helpful videos

Dylan Bagnall says:

Can you try a review on the bladed evnroles???

Jamie Purvis says:

Don’t like it Rick seems to sir awkwardly at address , toe hits

dbdors says:

I think they may have updated the marker magnet. I have an ER8 and the marker is a bit hard to get out because the magnet is so strong

Emil bråthe says:

Rick, here’s a video idea not seen on youtube. So this is a ball test in different types of temperatures. You could try hitting a golfball that has been sitting in 30° water and one thats been in 10° water. This is interesting to me because i live in Sweden and im already golfing in cold weather so i wanna know the difference between summer and Very early spring, and how that affects my distances.

TheGulbisfan says:

New camera looks awesome! Get a ND filter on it so the sky isn’t so over exposed.

Bought my ER2 because of your original review and I have legit dropped my handicap because of it. Never putted so well, can’t see myself going to any other putter other than Evnroll 🙂 !!!

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

I have an ER2. Great putter! Has brought down my per hole average from 2.2 to 1.9

Ewen Lindsay says:

what is the tiny logo on his t shirt

Nak Kang says:

Too bulky

2drsdan says:

Rick the Jihadi chin dressing is coming along nicely

Alan Parr says:

Is there a way to become a better reader of the greens? When you miss a putt Rick.., is it your read & pace or just a bad swing? I struggle with green reading Big Time. Help.., please..! Ty

K4crasher says:

Nice review, Rick. As to the longer putts, unless you had a monitor to show that you were hitting the balls at the same speed, its a job to know if its the putter or you?

George Austin says:

Hey rick! Can you test the ping karsten anser 5 putter please!

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