Edel Putters

Edel Putters reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark tests the Edel putters with his new custom fit torque balanced Edel. See what all the fuss is about with the Edel putter range and it’s amazing custom fit process.

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Cody Magnusson says:

How about a comparision with new wedges sm6 m7 rtx3. . liking these putt videos. loving the edel putters too. definitely one im considering .

brookead says:

My Edel putter is the single best club I have in my bag. It gave me so much confidence when I started to get better aim, better face angle at delivery and critically, MUCH better pace control, with the counter balance weight and the anti-vibration device which is the thing they move up and down the shaft to get it under your dominant hand (there’s no real value in moving the weight itself, it’s all force x distance so you can just use a different weight to account for where it is, in the butt of the club.)

The line up lines took us ages to get right but once we did, holy crap is it ever easy to aim! I have one line in the centre on the top (which apparently causes the hands to be more forward so the putter doesn’t have too much loft for most people.) My fitting took almost 2 hours and it was, as you say, utterly fascinating. He didn’t even make a point of going into shaft length and lie, although he certainly did fit for those. He just eyed me up and got that right… That’s basically the only stuff other putter fittings even cover!

Break + Aim + Face at Impact + Pace = 0 is allegedly the equation for holing a putt.

As someone who could read a green reasonably well (use aim point express now) but could never aim where they thought they were, couldn’t deliver the face square to that line and had the worst pace control anyone has ever seen… this putter was an absolute god send!

Look forward to seeing some of this baby in upcoming vlogs. 🙂

Cassidy Noble says:

You kept your putter closer to the ground on the putts you drained, hence why I feel it dropped. Dave Stockton in his book “Unconscious Putting” talks about this being one of the most important keys to consistent putting (Keeping the putter as close to the ground back and through). He also heavily advocates the one-handed drill (Put your right hand on top of your shoulder and roll a few putts with just your left). Dave went 960 straight holes on tour without a three putt. Dave’s book & instruction changed my outlook on putting. I used to hate it, now I get a little bit excited when I get a gir because I know I have a good chance of rolling in my birdie no matter the distance.

Jimmyheb7777 says:

I recently was fitted for the e-3 and it made a noticeable difference in my putting

NSHB says:

Did you not like the round grip?

doublet91 says:

Should try Cleveland 2135!

metamurph says:

quintic true roll is pretty cool stuff and edel is really making beautiful gear. I really will be interested after your next 5 rounds how is it changing your putting stats. — now you just have the ball you like sound feel wise with this 🙂 or like you said just get used to this

Stu Dunn says:

Nice man! Been waiting for an Edel video for awhile. The fitting process is definitely unique.

OOT Golf says:

New putter for Parfield! Looks very nice but I thought your versa odessey putter was for ever??? #loveloss ?

Adam Flynn says:

interesting but…i like my putter (i putt well with it) and i dont want to put an edel putter in my bag…would they fit another manufacturers putter or do u have to have an edel putter? (i am assuming u have to buy an edel putter)

Monty Norman says:

Never knew Adele made putters – thought she was just a singer/songwriter. Woman of many talents…..

Beach Fraser says:

So Marc, lovely putter but whats going to happen to your “Lovely Masters Grip “???? lol

trojan615 says:

Mine was good for the first month .. then no joy

Jacob Poole says:

I just opened my mouth expecting to burp but I vomited all over the floor.

Charlie Littlewood says:

Why aren’t you using this mark?

Mark Bond says:

was that a baby tribble on his jumper?

Ben green says:

If you tap in on youtube making an Edel putter – cut from a solid block with about five engineers making it a quality item.

Antony Osborn says:

be interested in how long the black finish lasts I’ve got the bronze finish and it wore through in a few weeks

T.A. Fossett says:

Maybe you need to do an intervention for Coach and get him fitted up? 🙂

Michael Lindo says:

Will there be a new putter in the bag?

Cinnamon Mon says:

Was fitted for an E-1, has made no discernible difference to my putting. Was always a decent putter but I was looking for better pace control particularly from long range. Edel claim they can do this with the weighting that Mark was talking about but I’ve seen no difference. I’ll keep it in my bag because I do like the look and it hasn’t made me worse but not the improvement I was hoping for either.

Emil Skydt says:

How much was this lovely putter?

fraser carnihan says:

I know he lives in Thailand  now smashing long balls near fairways but the Edel Putter transformed Buzza’s putting!

Cace Smith says:

Love the feel off the Edel putters but it’s definitely one I’d have to go through a fitting with in order to get the right set up. That blacked out version looks amazing. Throw the Masters wand on there and watch out Lockey Army!

Jalan Hart says:

Question for Mark,
Can you get an Edel putter with a head that doesn’t keep ball speed the same off the face?

sparko2012 says:

why did they put that e1 logo on the face? too much

TheBunyip23 says:

are you still using this putter ?

Barry smith says:

Hi mark what’s the average price of them

i Mc says:

Did you try different line up markings?

Craig Berry says:

Mark do you use the Edel putter now?? Im thinking of getting one…

Matt K says:

Why no gamey anymore?

Steely Meely says:

They are excellent putters. I was always hot and cold with my old putter but i switched to an edel putter and I’m much more consistent now.

Steely Meely says:

Mark, whats your handicap

Alex Profke says:

Next you’ll have Parfield embroidered on a Tour Bag

Gav Xample says:

Where can I try one of these?

Nigel Wadsworth says:

More tech to show us – yeah!! Will you be getting Coach on the SAM gear?

David Lee says:

The sadness of data – I’m a truly miserable lousy putter (average over 40 putts per round) but my SAM stats are better than yours – an excellent putter – in just about everything other than aim – golf is hard 🙁

TheUofAfan says:

I only play Edel wedges

Mediocre Golfer says:

Nice Pudder

Andrew Green says:

Great review Mark, You sounded as if you bought into its tech, so what has stopped you bagging it? keep up the great work!

onelove says:

Mark after watching your course videos, I’ve forgotten how good of a golf instructor you are. Great putting video. I’ve been watching you videos for a few years and it has brought my handicap down from 19 to 13.3 (also got fitted for Ping G driver & Ping G irons).

Matt Gardner says:

Really interesting to see that an excellent putter like Mark has, in theory, some “flaws” in his strike/impact. Just shows that the “perfect” way isn’t necessarily the best way.

Ben green says:

He has to wait six weeks for it like I did … he has had it 5 minutes – interesting no lines on it

Pz Fred says:

I thought you could not change the grip on Edel or it will mess up the weight of the putter and you will lose your distance control…

Tuams Mark says:

Will you be putting this in your bag?

Donny Wilcox says:

Is it true that alot of the best putters of all time tend to strike it towards the toe of the putter?

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