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Cure RX Putter Range reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark takes a closer look at the Cure RX Putters, giving his views on their looks, feel and design which could benefit golfers and help them make more of those important putts and eliminate three putts. With massive MOI properties these putter sure are interesting.

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Steve Barnhurst says:

They sound awful! If they putt great then fair enough but doubt you’ll see many in the bags at your local club….

Sameer Siddiq says:

How are these even allowed? Allows anyone who cant visualize the proper line with the club face to do it by just placing the putter and walking back behind it. I’d certainly be giving my friends a hard time if they tried this.

John Lawson says:

Same length Irons & now this !… This Guy would sell his soul to the Devil for a quick buck lol.

PkGam says:

A putter so heavy it stands up? Neat! Like’ the sound of it too.

Brad G says:

any chance of doing review on Directed Force Putters?

Graham Streek says:

Astonishing how many people dismiss these putters offhand just based on looks. If I have to choose between 3 whacks with a pretty little Scotty Cameron putter or 2 with a brick on a stick I’ll take 2 all day long.

Cinnamon Mon says:

I have an RX3, had to order online as not available here yet so shipping added a lot to the price. Was brilliant for pace control but I really struggled to line it up from 10 feet and in. Also never got used to the sound, it’s odd sounding at best. The science behind these is sound though and it is nigh on impossible to mishit a putt. I’ve since gone down the Edel route so probably won’t go back to the Cure but they are at least trying something different and worth a look if you can.

Paul Bannister says:

too pig ugly

Simon Ford says:

Picked up a RX5 after trying one out on a practice green.  Back and through.  Makes perfect sense………. to me anyway…..

Pete Kenny says:

put one in your bag take it on course mark be interesting

Zach says:

1st comment, Dats embarrassing

James Ashworth says:

can you please watch my recent golf videos!!!

John Lawson says:

Imagine turning up at the first tee wearing the, golf boots, same length irons, one of those putters, & wearing a big stupid Elmer Fudd/F.J. hat…. Hahahahaha…

D Jones says:

Hi Mark, my understanding is that you need a lighter putter for slow winter greens. How would this putter work in this situation?

Ronald K says:

Imagine you’d have to carry that heavy putter on a carrybag… already getting a sore back of the idea haha

NSHB says:

Man, they are ugly.. If you cant putt not sure you need to draw more attention to the weak part of your game

Canopus says:

Another course clog soon?

Petey1686 says:

They look like a science project gone wrong

Adam Bennett says:

Is the RX3 face balanced like the others?

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

I like a high MOI putter. I had a Cure putter but couldn’t get over the sound. I now use a SeeMore Giant FGP. It is big with high MOI and makes a much better sound.

Matty says:

My eyes, my eyes!!!

ESikora12 says:

I own an RX3 and added some weight in the toe section to give it some slight toe-hang properties. You do need to be alright with not having the prettiest putter out there, but the tech under the hood exceeds near everything out there

Ernie Mangus says:

I used one all this season. Was very effective for my putting and saved me about 5 putts a round. Two faults: 1. The sound is loud. 2. The putter being so huge takes up a large part of the bag. Really gets in the way when it covers up the wedges.

Thomas Barker says:

Google Roger Evans Stand Up putter. Perfectly legal and been around for years

dcx45 says:

Been trying to get them, couldn’t find stockists in UK?

Ornby1 says:

Mark , please avoid saying “pudder” …

Mike Kefer says:

I seem to remember that any putter that stands up on it’s own is immediately non-conforming and illegal in tournaments. Maybe not?

poe's ReLiC says:

looks really big even for a mallet putter, I’ve come to like lighter mallet designs more. I feel like you can put a smooth roll on it while getting the benefits of the moi.

Johnny Greig says:


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